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    • Tianti

      I know it's terrible, but I still love that someone said "Go with the Flo!"
      That's a thing now. We're going with that.
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    • Hi all! There are new filters in place for NSFW content across the site. Accessing the filter is easy, and you can edit your preferences by editing your Profile on your Profile Page. There is an option there to enable NSFW, which grants access to the NSFW gallery, a few additional NSFW forums, and the NSFW commissions area. Be aware that your age must be 18 or over to access these areas. Accounts which are not over the age of 18 will be locked out of enabling the filter. Regards, Tianti
    • If you require a subforum for a particular roleplay, please use this topic to request one be made. Fill out the form and make a post below! [b]Forum Name:[/b] (Your RP Name) [b]Forum Description:[/b] (The description of your RP) [b]NSFW:[/b] (Yes or no. This will limit your RP to those with NSFW Enabled if yes)  
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