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commission + raffle streaming!

-back from vacation and the holidays
-commission boss rush starts Now
-starting with november raffles, moving on to november commissions
-thatll probably be it for today
-16+, mic on, music on, rin fronting (echer cofronting probably), zen and como will be there too
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    • StellarGryphon

      Its my birthday! I'm 19 now!
      · 1 reply
    • FloralTrash

      I really dont use this as much as I ought to
      · 0 replies
    • roninhunt0987

      Artic Prower: Where are we going from here?
      Where do we go?
      Are we all blinded by fear?
      How do we know? How do we know?
      Where do we go? Where do we go?
      How do we know? Where do we go?
      Where are we going from here?
      How do we know? Where do we go?
      Artic Prower: Where are we going from here?
      Do we let go of all we know?
      Are we all blinded by fear?
      Where do we go when we let go?
      I feel I'm falling from here, don't let me go
      Is it the calling we hear, we hear?
      How do, how do we know?
      · 0 replies
    • roninhunt0987

      Alone at tranquil twilight
      A distant church bell tolls
      The wind forms a ghostly choir
      To summon lost and wayward souls
      Snow drifts down from the heavens
      Like ghosts lost in the night
      Ice crystals cling to trees
      To set the woods aglow with light
      Along a forgotten forest path
      There stands an arch of ancient stone
      And amidst the hallowed ruins
      A solemn figure stands alone
      Snow comes to rest on raven's wings
      Covering black quills in ivory white
      And peace settles upon the earth
      Beneath the ebon shroud of Winter's Knight
      · 0 replies
    • stitchedimp

      so the middle of last week i was sent home from work to quarantine (since literally the whole house was sick, some still sick?) and I'm not on the schedule at all for next week which means i wont be paid again til the 25th. (since ill probably be able to go back for sure the following week? i gotta call tomorrow and ask) 
      soooo basically im making a reminder my commissions are open! i have some money still from my check for groceries but need to make sure i can have money to cover my bills next month too since theyre all due before the 25th (all but 1 is) 
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