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I like the "Totally 80s" and go there all the time, but I didn't know how much the feeling was mutual until I couldn't go to a medical condition. The club's owner e-mailed me wondering why I hadn't been there of late. That put a lump in my throat and I've never forgotten it.
The folks at "Totally 80s" rock club love me very much. They've tweaked my snout from time to time by playing such bear themed songs as "Bear Necessities" and "Preacher and the Bear".
After speaking with Venthas and things be passed on to the moderation team... I will post some of my work here again.

That said, I am positioning my personal site to be the MAIN location for my comic and novel. Things will be posted here on a delay, and some things will be left ONLY to my website.

So... give me time to set things up again. This year has been -stressful- so finding motivation has been difficult.
Streaming on on Twitch for longer(?) than usual this afternoon, starting at 1 PM PST:
I guess I should have mentioned that, I deleted the server dedicated to my wolf project and went to rework my older discord server I have had for years at this point.

Anyways the link is found here- https://discord.gg/AtqeS2f5vB

Join if you want I'm not forcing you to

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