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Alright this should be interesting. Hi there, just give me a little bit to figure out how you go about posting art here :)
Welp Season 2 has wrapped up posting, with a Season 3 coming up at some point. Season 2 is the Last time we hear of "The Rebels of Gaia" Before it transitions to "The Heroes of Gaia" Onward there are more seasons after the 3rd one and I hope that more people who will be reading will be in for the ride.

Until Then See y'all later until the 3rd season announcement at some point.

Also Yes i did post the remaining 3 episodes today cause why not.
The next installment of El Indon is here! In the aftermath of ... whatever that was, different characters grasp it in different ways...

📚 Catch up with the story in Chapters 1 to 7:
📖 And get Chapter 8:
since i know this wont get filled from just twitter imma post this here to! gimmie ur oc's ur ur a mutual!

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