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Still open for commissions! I currently have four available slots. All types of commissions are available, including icons and ref sheets.

If interested in a commission, please check out the link for ToS, Prices, and form to request a commission. Responses responded to with in 24-48 hours.

i have some undertale multiverse art i havent uploaded here just bc im too shy, mainly when it comes to posting here smh

guess im reluctant since this is a furry site and i might only post furry art here not sure
M1L35 M4R54L15 wrote on Nyne's profile.
I just saw your art in passing, but do you have an FA account? Or a gallery account in general? Your art is amazing.
If anyone has a better alternative to FA that isnt FurryNetwork or FLO I'm actively looking! Please throw me some suggestions. Thank you.

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