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Subscription Changes


Good afternoon all!

As we announced on the Discord yesterday evening, we have a few changes to Subscriptions. These are:

  • Amethyst Subscription has been retired. It is no longer available for purchase or renewal. All Amethyst subscribers have been bumped up to...
  • Sapphire Subscriptions price has been lowered to  $3/mo (Originally $5/mo), the benefits and rewards remain the same. All current Sapphire subscribers were bumped up to...
  • Emerald Subscriptions price has been lowered to $5/mo (Originally $10/mo). Emerald Subscribers are now also able to create unlimited Clubs.

Any currently active subscriptions have been updated to reflect this change. If you had selected other types of renewals, these were applied during the update (For instance, if you had purchased a 3 or 6 month subscription, that has been carried over).



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