"Reality" is a technical term that applies to a subdivision of Teradawa (the all-reality). At this moment, most stories take place in a single reality while another one is referenced in passing once in a while. However, an infinite number of them exist, each containing their own universes arranged in unique ways. For now I'm focusing on the Miwa-Hahe reality which has a known structure and a number of known locations. Once again, the Miwa-Hahe locations explored here are but the few known ones, many more exist beyond these. Also note that all these locations are not literally separate places as shown in the illustrations. The graphs are merely a visual aid and realities do not occupy space in the conventional sense.


Miwa-Hahe Reality
The Miwa-Hahe reality is made up locals, each local contains their own realms, and each realm is made up of individual universes. Universes may be anything from a simple pocket dimension containing a single building to a whole universe with a myriad of timelines. Each universe, realm, local and reality has a distinct "mental state". Thus, the boundaries between universes and other locations are defined by their difference in mental states, a difference that makes them unable to directly interact with each other.

A local with three major realms attached to it: Dawa, Tarãwa, ILanatrôn

Paadawa, Dawa, Hetedawa (Former Dawa, Dawa, Post-Dawa)
Dawa is the primary realm from the perspective of the people of Alzbaraya. This realm houses six major universes:
1 - Alzbarareth: Alzbaraya's nearly heat-dead universe and timelines;
2 - Wokareth: a somewhat experimental universe created by Anonthera Timeline Alzbaraya (ANÇ-Alzbaraya);
3 - Saksera: a universe jointly created by midemanôn (humans), alzbaranôn (illegal rogue group) and the zalnathazo of Tenazalina;
4 - Midoureth: or "Indigo/Eighth Universe", Tenazalina's home, an experimental universe created by ANÇ-Alzbaraya;
5 - Minereth: or "Magenta/Blood Universe", a ruined timeline of Tenazalina transmuted into one of Earth's;
6 - Safosina: some random pocket dimension that serves as the (meta)physical entrance to Saksera.

Dawa has gone through changes over time, from its own perspective. These changes have had non-chronological consequences on the universes associated with Dawa. Dawa is largely abstract and Dawa's metaphysical processes permeate through all of its universes. However, a portion of Dawa manifests as a small universe known as Dawareth whose mental state is so similar to Dawa's background field it is effectively undetectable. Dawareth was used as a base of operations by the people of Alzbaraya, but later the majority of them moved to the various dimensions of Wokareth.

Designs that symbolise the realm of Dawa.​

The home universe of the alzbaranon, where the Alzbaraya homeworld is located. By the time life arose on Alzbaraya the universe had already depleted all of its resources. Except for a few dozens of stellar remnants, no higher structures like galaxies are known to exist in Alzbaraya's neighborhood or elsewhere. Alzbaraya orbits a small artificial brown dwarf, Minunsaska.

The Titan-like homeworld of the alzbaranon. Alzredj life is somewhat rare outside metropolitan centers as the custom of living in cities is limited to a subset of the world population. This is in part because children need to live in large forested areas in order to thrive and grow, and in part because most alzbaranôn are not interested in socialising. Alzredj life is also not limited to dry land as they are both amphibious and aerial and many also retain their original aquatic forms.

A series of dimensions created by the alzbaranon, the first universe to be crafted from scratch rather than by emulating another pre-existing universe. This is the definitive residence of alzbaranon, or at least the alzbaranôn who decided to move here. Most of the local alzredj population no longer exists as individuals but rather as abstract forces continuous with the fabric of reality itself. They now influence the growth and evolution of structures and entities in the various dimensions of Wokareth.

Wokaya 6
So far this is the dimension I spend most of the focus on. It is about 29 times the size of Earth in terms of surface area so there is a very good chance I will never actually explore every corner of it myself. Anyway there is a landmass on it that is the real focus so far. I am still not entirely sure what language I should be using to name locations in Wokaya, Romari or Tuwasa, so for now the landmass is nameless.


This landmass is quite the rocky place, pun intended, as it has seen at least one serious crisis involving various species, misunderstandings feeding into xenophobia and the corpse of a dog.


There the dog.​



For now it is a peaceful location and the dog's corpse hasn't been forcibly reassembled since. It has, however, spontaneously reassembled itself by natural means, sometimes merged with a specific alzbaranôn.


Like this. Wokokina, a manifestation of Woka's sense of self combined with Kokiri's metaphysical processes. This type of manifestation carries Woka's sense of self but often nothing else so they may not be able to remember who they once used to be. These Kokiri-associated manifestations are also unlikely to be permanent due to Kokiri's fleeting nature as a decaying corpse with no sense of self-preservation or will to live.


Alzbaraya's reality-warping technology was stolen or irregularly used to create this universe. Given the conditions at the time, including a whole crisis preventing direct communication with Alzbaraya, this isn't surprising. In the end, Saksera ended up being one of the places where third parties gained access to Alzbaraya's technologies.


The origins of Saksera lie in the Magenta Universe. Saksera started out as a detachment of Garbe's largest city, Lisbon, and surrounding areas from the rest of Iberia. After a period of troubled development it was then expanded into a full blown world in a fully formed universe. Nevertheless the universe still functions as a pocket dimension and access to it is limited to a few options, one of them using Safosina's pocket dimension as a bridge.

Both the universe and world are called Saksera ("Greater Serafinaland"). For the purposes of disambiguation, Sansasera ("Serafina Metropolis") can be used for the world instead while Sensesera/Sensezera ("Serafina Village") for the archipelago. Much like Safosina, humans, sribanôn, alzbaranôn, zalnathazo and many other species populate the world. The Calliopist, an above-average srib, has considerable influence as they were the most apparent driving force that improved the land from a small pocket dimension to a universe. In reality it was a group project that took one thousand years to complete (from Saksera's perspective) and many parties were involved.

This universe is the hypothetical young version of Alzbarareth created by alzbaranon using their own universe as a basis. As such its size and geometry aren't as limited as Wokareth's, Wokareth being built from scratch with different processes. Midoureth was significantly battered by Dawa and ILanatrôn's (assumedly) defective self-preservation processes, resulting in one of its timelines to splinter into a different universe, Minereth. Also, although Tenazalina was fated into existence, its biosphere wasn't and life grew without Alzbaraya's supervision (because Alzbaraya was also being battered).

The homeworld of the zalnathazo and the biggest zalnathazo political entity for a good while. Tenazalina is very similar to Alzbaraya in terms of chemistry and atmospheric content. Unlike the people of Alzbaraya, the zalnathazo of Tenazalina have historically built long strips of urban growth not unlike humanity. Overall, zalnathazo are considerably more social than alzbaranôn, or at least adapt better to areas with high population densities.



Formerly located in Tenazalina's system, the world later drifted across reality as a pocket dimension. At one point it split into two separate worlds. The one arising from the eastern hemisphere came to be known as Sakkpahë while the other inherited the Pramaya name. Sakkpahë then settled in Dawareth while Pramaya's fate is to this day unknown.


Western Hemisphere


Eastern Hemisphere

View attachment PrayaSkkph.png

One of Tenazalina's timelines were transformed into Earth's universe, presumably due to Dawa's at-the-time associated metaphysical structures. In Minereth is Midemazo, a world consisting of Midemaya and Chaskaya (called "Earth" and "Moon" by midemanon). Midemanon actually consider Midemaya to be a "planet" and Chaskaya to be a "satellite", a somewhat strange classification system they use. Some midemanôn have worked with zalnathazo and alzredj groups the solve the Dawa Crisis, which ended when Dawa's presumably defective systems were dissolved or replaced by more stable and passive ones.

According to Tenazalina, Midemaya has four worlds: Midemdj Mainland (Midemareth), World of Water (Salnareth), World of Water Ice (Midjolnareth), and Lesser World (Shareth). These midemdj concepts are somewhat equivalent, respectively: Afro-Eurasia, America, Antarctica and Australia. A curious thing about Midemaya is that although it is based on the original human homeworld they do not appear to have any connection to them. To be fair the only original humans capable of reaching this corner of reality are all cosmic abstractions with their own agenda. It's likely several different branches of humanity are silently competing against each other in the background.


The Land of Sparks. Basically the same as Midemaya, really. It has a single major landmass, also known as Chaskaya. In many timelines Chaskaya develops advanced telidj technology after stealing information from a rogue alzbaranôn's onoidj core (either directly extracting data from the core or indirectly via timeline-hopping spies). Telidj developments culminated with a project that reprogrammed Chaskaya's core into a srib-like structure, although this was supposedly a failure in almost all timelines that attempted it (in reality the srib sentience born out of it just pretended to be inert).

A relatively tiny pocket dimension containing a single major island about the size of Karpathos or Fukua. The name is a terrible pun on Lesbos and the Omnarom word for "night" (savos/safos). Although Safosina may appear small, it contains various parallel dimensions. This mini-universe's most notorious feature is the fact it functions as a gateway to Saksera, a universe that normally cannot be accessed by other means.



A mysterious and presumably artificial "metaphysical machine" that is capable of "printing" versions of Earth. At leas three conscious manifestations are associated with it: Karina, Charlotte and Tiramisu but they all go by various other names as well. It's established that this realm is home to human communities/universes aside of the ones in Dawa but I haven't explored the concept much yet.


At some point Tarãwa developed a conscious process, also known as Tarãwa, who mistakenly sent subjects of their realm to Dawareth, specifically Sakkpahë. Unfortunately Tarãwa's subjects did not want to leave Dawa's realm and the resulting mini-crisis included the involvement of Dawa's conscious process, at the time controlled by alzbaranon.


This local has a dominant conscious manifestation often known by the Portuguese spelling of the local's name, Narxa. At least one universe is known to exist and that it houses at least some of those who were not content with Alzbaraya.
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