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About This Club

If you love imvu and enjoy it or are even a creator, please feel free to come in! Post your re paints or find friends!

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  2. Hi! my name is Ace. i had an old account on Imvu a long time ago but i sadly lost it. so i made a new one! and have used it to make various furry oc's for roleplay and stuff like that! my IMVU name is acejt i mainly enjoy imvu for its freedom of expression and how easy it is to get into :3
  3. Hey there! my name is Kita, I have been an IMVU user since 2004 and Have loved it ever since I made my first account! currently I am a learning Dev and have a nice sized shop! Feel free to check it out! I also Do IMVU repaints for profile pictures and Custom Stickers for homepages My imvu name is VictorialRose I DO rp just not very often, always looking for new IMVU friends! I mainly use my IMVU to play dress up with my character! and model my imvu avie. What do you like to do with IMVU?

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