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This group is home to fellow furs who follow Paganism! If you'd like to learn more about it, read here! https://www.allaboutspirituality.org/paganism.htm

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  2. In my experience, each person's peak hour is different, because everyone's natural energies peak and fall at different times. For me, personally, working at night, between midnight and 4 am is my window for most things that require some ritual to them. Like carving sigils or tying knotworks. But for just off the cuff blessings and whatnot, it doesn't really matter when I do it. And divination tools tell me when they want to be worked with. For instance I have our three pendulums pinned to my bedside lamp, if they've gotten all twisted up or are moving on their own, I know I need to take down the one that's making the biggest fuss and listen to what it has to say. ((This is usually my oldest Crystal. She's quite opinionated and very loud about wanting attention.))
  3. Hello! Just joined the whole site, but I've been practicing magick and following a pagan/heathen path for over 20 years. Currently, I am a follower of Loki. Mythology, culture, and spiritualism are all special interests for me, and I'd love to get to know other furs with the same passions. ^_^
  4. Thank you for creating this group. My name is Lupa. I am a white tigress with cyan stripes and emerald green eyes. I have been into spiritualism since young, but never actually gotten into paganism till much later. I am still learning about this belief system.
  5. Henlo! My name is Alex. I'm pretty new to this stuff. I don't magic or anything (unless creating entire worlds in my imagination counts). I don't really know if I can't as pagan. I believe in multiple religions and I love learning about more. I mainly believe in Greeks, Norse, and Egyptian deities. I really wish I knew how to do magic! It's nice to meet you all!
  6. Hi! I don't practice magic or anything like that (as far as I know) but I'm not christian. I believe in multiple gods. Does that mean I count as a pagan? I've never really asked anyone about. I'm comfortable enough in what I believe that I'll tell someone what I believe if they ask, but nobody really asks. I'm sorry if I'm insulting anyone somehow! I've never really talked to anyone about it.
  7. This is partially for help in making spells, partially for my own curiosity. I've seen people saying that High Noon is where Magick is at it's highest potential, some say night, some say the Witching Hour/Twilight, some say whenever, really. I'm curious as to when you guys think it's best to work Magick and when you prefer to do so. I tend to do all my work between twilight and midnight, but that's mostly to ensure my privacy.
  8. Hi guys, I'm Xamtac, I've been practicing magic for almost a year now. I mostly do focused meditations with candles and crystals, and I like dressing up for the holidays.
  9. Good suggestion with the offering plate! Make sure to just make it your own and for whatever purpose you want it to serve. I personally believe here is no right or wrong way to practice as long as you make sure you're being safe. Don't burn your house down, do your research, don't use hazardous materials, don't let offerings go rancid/moldy, ETC. My altar is very low maintenance and simple. Usually just a candle (actually gets burned and is usually rain for Thor), a cast iron mini mortal and pastel in the shape of a cauldron (used to burn, crush, and offer in), white dollar store candles with runes carved in them (never gets burned). I have a special box I put the rest of my supplies in and that stays safe in a closet till needed.
  10. @RedPandaAsca @WolfKiddAl @PETERPARKER @Darkwizardjamesmason It's so nice to meet you all! I hope you had a lovely Solstice, and that you are having a lovely summer!
  11. a common thing that most people don't think about is an offering plate, or a little bowl to burn things in. We just went to a goodwill and picked up a little metal bowl, to put old incense sticks, matches, or offerings you need to burn in safely! Here's my altar for an example!
  12. Hey all! My name is Asca. I'm a 29 yro Norse Pagan witch practitioner from New Jersey. I've been practicing for roughly 15 years.
  13. Hello everyone! My name's Anthony/Ant! I'm 18 years old, and am a transman and demi/pan. I've been on and off practicing for upwards of 4 years, I believe? I was young when I got into the community, and for the majority, I've only met people on tumblr, so other communities will def help me! I mostly consider myself a newbie witch, that works with crystals, green/kitchen magick, and divination. I also try to worship Hestia and Bast, who are the two I feel the strongest draw to. I've tried my best to study, but unfortunately I struggle to stay up with my studies. If anyone has good advice on how to stay up with their studies, I would love to hear your ideas/advice!
  14. i'm just a babey witch, i've only identified as one since sept. 2018, but i'm devout and i'll be getting my own room soon so i'd love to make my own altar!!!!! i still don't 100% know what to add??? i kinda have this little list????: - a goblet - a wand - an athame - candles(at least 1, will need more in diff. colors for specific rituals) - incense - matches - a pentagram(either made out of branches or even just a necklace) - my book of shadows/grimoire please let me know if i have all the basics, feel free to recommend substitutions that are cheaper or easier to find/next-level altar supplies, or correct me if i'm improperly representing one(or more) of the four elements(or anything else really. i'm dumb please bear with me)!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could really use some help from older, more seasoned witches/wizards!!!!!!!!!
  15. here's the basics lol: i'm sydney/parker!!! 15 years old, non-binary, a cat momma, and lesbian!!!!!! i'm really just a little baby witch/wizard(i fluctuate between the two because of my gender non-conformity uwu) because i've only been self-identified as a witch and practicing magick since september of 2018!!!! i do already own a really pretty deck of tarot cards, a butt-ton of crystals, incense, and a bunch of candles(still can't find black ones, they're always sold out at the one place i go to get them and it SUCKS)!!!!!!! i wanna start looking for a goblet, wand, and athame for my altar!!! i'm getting my own room soon and it would be freakin LIT to able to make my own little area for spells/rituals and full moon celebrations ;v; (i am also open to advice from older witches because i'm.....babey)
  16. Happy Midsummer everyone! I did a small ritual to celebrate fire, and I hope you are all having a great day as well!
  17. Hiya! I'm Tianti (You can call me Alex though!). I've been a practicing Druid for about 10 years now, but have been a practicing pagan for 14. I primarily work within the Celtic pantheon, most notably with Brig, Macha (an aspect of The Morrigan, power over sovereignty), Manannan Mac LIr, and Danu. My primary focuses are ritualcraft and tarot reading. Mainly, I enjoy writing rituals and spellwork. I am a member of Ár nDraíocht Féin (A Druid Fellowship), and have been since 2010. If you have any questions about ritualcraft, I don't mind discussing it!
  18. I'm James, I haven't done magic stuff but I want to, Also I worship baphomet. I've done some drawings of a baphomet character.
  19. Hi! I'm Sel, and I've been a witch for about 13 years. I specialize in Divination, spirit work, and dragon magic. I've worked with a couple different deities over the years, Odin, Bastet, Anubis, Isis, Osiris, Artemis, The Morrigan, and a dragon who has no name, but I call The Watcher of The Cliffs. I also do a lot of kitchen witchery, where i use cooking to help power spells. In divination I can read runes, Tarot, pendulum, and I crafted a black mirror for past life divinations. I'm always happy to chat with people about things! It's nice to meet you all!
  20. Welcome all and thank you for joining our little group here I do believe introductions are in order, so I'll begin~ My name is Ciela and I'm still "relatively" to Magick, but I've already developed a bit of an affinity for anything related to Love, protection, and/or crystals. I do have a habit of calling on Aphrodite for a lot of my work, but I'm not sure if she'd be my matron. I'm still foggy on that. Really, though, I went into witchcraft just to help others from the sidelines and see relationships bloom ^w^. It's a pleasure to meet you all

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