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About This Club

Bats! Big bats! Little bats! Fruit bats! Vampire bats! All kinds of bats!

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. (Already posted my bat OCs here) But I got a photo of some bat babs you'd all appreciate while at a wildlife park this weekend. Enjoy!!
  3. This my fursona, Taloola! She's a vampire bat!
  4. not mine but it rules https://picrew.me/image_maker/462342
  5. ABAB all bats are beautiful
  6. these are all excellent bats ???
  7. This is Muna, He doe snot wear pants. #NoPantsclub
  8. This is me boy andré and he is .bat
  9. Everyone's bats are so cute oh my gosh!! ? I need to get around to making art of the bat character that's been flapping around in the ol brainmeats...
  10. stream now live drawin the bats~ twitch
  11. Uni

    Holiday cheer

    Some holiday inspired bat designs I did around December last year.
  12. Uni


    Arctic inspired bat design I did, I’m a little bit obsessed with designing bats
  13. Uni

    Funky little bat

    It’s freakin bats, another oc
  14. Uni


    Bahama in my cubic style
  15. Uni


    Petsite overlay art of my bat boy! His name is Bahama
  16. A few shots of my leucistic Egyptian Fruit bat. :3 These are by ZeroDraggy, HoneyPuckle, and Finnov/Baelfin
  17. I'm a little hesitant of uploading art that isn't of my main sona on this website tbh but anyways,, This is my secondary sona Caelum, who is a bat!! I didn't have a specific bat species in mind when I created him so he's just a 'long eared bat'. I love him a lot. Bats are super cool and underrated, I love seeing other bat furries ?
  18. yessssssssssss all the bats~
  19. Hi hi this is my newest bat bean I drew up. He is an albino vampire bat and doesn't have a name yet so if you have ideas please feel free to share. :]
  20. I have two, Lethia my vampire, Ghost Bat and Voltaire my "Vampire" Bat. Chibi art by me, ref base by https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ninjarose23/ and edits by me, traditional drawing by https://www.deviantart.com/multifreak99
  21. Here is my fursona, Zyn. She's TECHNICALLY a hybrid (cat/bat/dragon), but she is part bat (the ears and sleep schedule) and I love her to death!! ;v;
  22. hecc yessss~ good bats all around but we need more
  23. Haven't done much with my bat form so far, but here it is! (Sketch by Dracodare)
  24. I haven't uploaded my whole backlog yet but I have...several bats There's Crucis who's a cyborg and doesn't have any character development My character Neetch has her own batsona...his name is Zephyr This fellow appeared in my head when I was laying down to sleep one day, I think he's a jazz drummer. There are more but I don't wanna hog the colony
  25. Personally, I plan to dedicate my stream that night to drawing bats. Anyone else think they might do something special to mark the occasion?
  26. The night of August 29 into the morning of August 30 is International Bat Night! This annual event is mostly geared toward raising awareness and conservation efforts for bats and bat rescue, research, and rehabilitation organizations around the world, but we can also have fun with it and use the occasion to celebrate bats in our own ways! More info: https://www.bats.org.uk/support-bats/international-bat-night

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