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Do you tend to be nocturnal? Does your sleep schedule just not match up with what society typically expects? Just like to be up late? That's nightcrew!

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  2. I like. getting into prime 'awake' hours rn. and everyone else has been in bed for like four hours. I hate havin to be quiet because ppl gotta sleep for work
  3. its 3 am were i live and i am not tired im just chilling how r yall
  4. Been nocturnal forever, like since I was a little kid. My biggest issue is that I can't turn it off but if I try to go in a diurnal cycle I'm sleepy. Being nocturnal results in me missing a lot of social interaction and just generally having to get up at the most inconvenient times to do basic chores and errands. If I had it might way I'd go to bed at 9am and wake up at 5-6pm but now it's more like getting up at 4am and getting to bed at midnight and I loathe it.
  5. Im up due to having Fibromyalgia and not fit to work, so doing very little makes me more awake (but my body isnt able to do a lot of normal things without feeling sore or immediately tired). my meds make my sleep wacky; wake up at 3pm sleep at 7am. I have no energy and my body doesn't really let me be productive through the day, so im either watching stuff, playing games, or drawing. inconclusion -chronic fatigue -insomnia -funky meds -always feel bored (stay up late if i feel like i haven't done enough with my day)
  6. Whenever I have the next day off from work my body simply wants to stay up all night,, I don't make the rules
  7. Cant sleep due to sleeping on and off all day after an er visit lol, despite having work in 3 hours rip
  8. making bad game choice decisions by playing ranked league of legends
  9. i'm hanging out with my girlfriend! we watched some owl house together and are playing minecraft before bed :>
  10. Looking and thinking about binders.. I can’t find my first one and I’m really thinking about getting a new one but they’re kinda pricey for me rn
  11. Does anyone else have problem waking up at a certain time for "normal life activities?" idk why but alarm clocks have never worked for me. Doesn't matter if I've had 3 hours of sleep or 15, when the alarm clock goes I don't even hear it. I've had 5 going at one time; 1 on my computer, 1 on my phone, one on my TV, one on my Google home, and a regular night stand alarm clock and I still can't get up. kinda makes living a structured, scheduled life nearly impossible.
  12. I'm in the EU-- Iceland. I'm usually up when a lot of my US friends are asleep. Yay for time zones!
  13. i don't feel fully awake and functional until after 10pm and i don't feel ready to sleep until the sun comes back up
  14. XD aparentaly I have one of those insomnia weeks just drawing
  15. yo why you up? im just up cus i wanna vibe and used to work late ass hours, suppp?
  16. It's morning at the time of writing this, but last night I signed off of a call early to focus on thumbing/sketching some spooky art and ended up going ham to the point of staying up til 4AM, lmao. If it's not art, then it's either insomnia or morbid curiosity getting the better of me.
  17. Fucked up my sleep schedule
  18. i'm working on some seasonal YCH avatar templates tonight, hoping to open them up tomorrow or the day after so i can do some when my next cluster of streaming days rolls around
  19. Sometimes I random wake up very early or just dont sleep , Iam more creative at night for some reason
  20. I'm definitely more comfortable with digital than watercolor; doing this piece in full color is gonna be... something lmao

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