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For fans of mustelids and mustelid furs to discuss and show off their noodly babies! ?

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. hewwo everyone... ive finally opened my merch store!!! (half live, still uploading merch!!) mustelidmeadows.com is our website, this takes u straight to our Etsy! currently we have 2 shirts and an art print up but im in the process of uploading the lanyard and some stickers aaand another shirt design
  3. Suddenly I wanna get a VR set Gosh, it's amazing, the design looks so good!!
  4. By HiyuMarten on twitter. Just thought I’d leave this here https://gumroad.com/l/lzTYd
  5. First off, thank you for the opportunity. Its so kind of you to do these gift sketches! This is my fursona, local friend and ferret, Danny. https://toyhou.se/1697637.danny
  6. G'evening y'all! My name is Leor and one of my two fursonas is a purple pine marten named Foo Diao! ^^ I'm glad to have found this club, but I need to be heading out for my beauty sleep. So, I'll be skulking around over the next few days. :]
  7. I'm so happy to have found a mustelid chat here! I need more noodles! ^^ Here's my long boi, Foo Diao! A silly EngiNerd looking for some fun or things to break/fix. ^^
  8. Mustelids are absolutely amazing! Here's my pine marten, they're smol but swole and love to workout. *flex*
  9. omg this is so CUTE!! also super cool, is that a shiitake mushroom? ive been playing a lot of harvest moon/story of seasons lately (again) and im starting to learn diff mushrooms from there :o
  10. ill start this off my main sona, Honey! shes a pine marten + bat + deer! i love her to absolute bits, like seriously. the amount of serotonin i get from getting art of her is unreal LMAO i have so many sonas, but ill post Honey here for now. u guys should post ur babies here too, show em off!!!!
  11. That's ok! If you wanna come back again when they're designed, I'll gladly draw them!
  12. it's awesome you're doing this! unfortunately my ferret isn't really designed yet, but i appreciate the offer a lot.
  13. YO THIS IS SO COOL!! ill drop some of my babies in case u wanna draw them, theyre all p new so i havent had the chance to get much art of them
  14. Muh boi Henry, hunting mushrooms. I have really been fixating on mushrooms lately after finding a bunch of different kinds around here from all the rain we've had. I wish it would get cooler here though.
  15. I've got this wolverine hybrid for sale! Never nailed down what other mustelid they're mixed with, but I took some inspiration from martens, sables, and ferrets so I'll leave that up to the buyer! I'm looking at offers over $30 rn, and it's one of those deals where the more you offer the more you get. More info here: Not open for trades at this time, sorry! But possibly in the future!
  16. Yup, you read it. I love mustelids and doing requests and gifts, so nothing would make me happier than offering to draw some random sketches of your noodle babies! Just leave some refs in the comments and I'll do my thing! This is not a commission, so you won't have the chance to pick pose or expression, but if you wanna describe a bit of their personality, I'd sure use that! Again, as I do this because I want to, so maybe I won't be able to draw them all... But I'll try! Lil example of my sketches down below! Character belongs to @ Treeato on Twitter. If you wanna see more
  18. Prompt of september 2020 - He's t-posing to assert his dominance over summer so autumn arrives faster but he is a big dumbass so he laughs at himself while doing it (as he should). It was a fast thingy, but I wanted to make something for this month, and the sweater option seemed like a great idea!
  19. Here, you can post your sonas and talk all you want abt them! How you came up with them, how they make you feel, any cute art ya got for em... anything!! Post your TH links here too, it's been so great getting to see all your sonas and dropping faves on them so far!
  20. Here, you can post your commission info! Post your social media handles, your carrd details with your comm info... whatever ya got! We should support each other!!!
  21. Here, you can drop down mustelid related memes!! Share your best >:3
  22. Monthly prompts Here, we will be posting monthly prompts for you to draw your mustelid sona with! feel free to participate if u want, all skill levels welcome! THIS MONTH'S PROMPT Autumn! Draw your sona drinking a nice coffee or a pumpkin spiced latte, or them in a cute sweater, or anything that you correspond to autumn!

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