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About This Club

This is a place to advertise your commission examples and prices, or on the other paw, find an artist to commission!

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I'm currently open for commissions! Feel free to comment or message if interested <3
  3. I'm always open for Pixel Art Commissions, so if you ever want to order something, feel free to contact me.
  4. taking 2 slots for SFW coms
  5. our jack o’ lantern YCH’s are available now!!! they come in animated or still and you can pick either type of cut. for a little extra, we’ll even change the raven colour to fit your oc or change the glow colour! i’m really excited about these ones, can you tell? also, turnaround is within 3 days right now! get your spooky stuff like /right now/ pm me for details <3
  6. YCHs that are currently up for sale/auction. Any sold ones will be removed.
  7. Hey everyone! I'm Sparx. My primary platform is twitter (@ _CreativeSparx), but I am always open for commissions here as well! I draw most things- anthros, feral, humans, pokemon, digimon, etc! For most commissions, I have a pretty fast turnaround; usually less than a week. I have a basic ToS [here]. I take NSFW commissions as well, subject to my ToS (which has a link to my Will Not Draw list), but I do not usually post them publicly. Please feel free to reply or send a DM here or on twitter if you are interested in my work! Thank you!
  8. After 7 longs years I have finally achieved my dream of becoming an animator and I am apart of a team working on an animated series! I am very excited to launch my career off the ground but I currently need your help! Since I am now apart of a professional environment and will be working remotely from home I need to upgrade my equipment so I can make my work so much more mainstream! For years I've been working from my cheap laptop (which still works fine) and my Wacom Bamboo tablet since I was 14 (so for 10 years!!) If I am to be working full time I need to upgrade my workspace along with a pr

    © http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/

  9. Three fun fall themes ychs. Line art changed on all the reflect your characters! Please no mecha for these :> If interested, Hit me on insta or twitter at MistDecay
  10. These are just $10! Shading and everything else included. +5 if you want a background.
  11. Commissions are open to help me be able to afford food and still pay my bills! all the infomation can be found here After bills i can usually only afford to buy groceries from the dollar store and theres only so much i can get, while trying to have money i can save for other needs like, getting a new phone and visiting a doctor!
  12. Hello, my girlfriend and I make furry art together. We have all sorts of commissions available and several YCHs that haven't sold. Feel free to take a look!
  13. I can make about anything! If you have questions, please ask!
  14. can do either anthro or feral, dm for more info all prices are in united states dollars
  15. Also offering a deal on a fullbody and icon combo! Please take a look, I'd love to draw for you!
  16. hey guys, my partner needs to have some dental work done over the next few months, and it's going to be pricey even with insurance. i'm not able to work retail while taking online classes, so i'd appreciate any commissions we can get to help cover the costs! feral fullbody: $10-$15 depending on complexity anthro fullbody: $10-$20 depending on complexity anthro halfbody with background: $25-$30 depending on complexity dm or comment to offer!
  17. Hi there, I'm Buggy! I have all my commission information up on my weebly site! Check it out if you're interested! »» Commission Website «« A few examples:
  18. Prices in USD. Contact me here or on any of the places I've listed on the sheet; I check Discord the most.
  19. Hello! I'm Hearts (aka Winterymint), and my commissions are currently open! My art takes inspiration from 80s/90s cartoons, video games, and graphics, and I'm always looking for ways to improve my technique. All of my commission info is located below: https://winterymint.carrd.co/ There may be a small delay to orders as I settle into my college schedule, but not by much!
  20. Please feel free to PM me @ raccoonsnuggles on here or telegram for inquiries
  21. -i draw more than just bikini outfit of course! -any gender -no copyrighted character - $35 on paypal (usually aks for payment BEFORE i send the finished pic) - few days to finish one PM or EMAIL ME (pms can be disabled and i prefer emails) heartcollar.art @ gmail. com i work on ONE art for one or two days
  22. Hi, I'm Merimutt and I do all sorts of digital art commissions! I can draw furries, humanoids, ponies, all kinds of body shapes and sizes~ I can also do a whole range of styles, I'm transparent with communication and have a quick turn around time (maximum 2 weeks unless stated otherwise, usually less than a week) and I'm very flexible, so if you're looking for something specific or have a tight budget I'm always happy to work with you ^w^/ I consider myself a professional artist, so that is the experience I strive to provide! You can find all the information, examples and my general pri
  23. My current commission Prices! Feel free to DM me or shoot me an email. I have some commission examples on my page here and also on my website -> jefferydraws.ca

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