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About This Club

For Pokémon Go players to connect and chat.

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. These are from today’s community day!
  3. Hello! Here’s my code; I’ve been more active recently, so I’m pretty consistent with giving gifts! (^w^)b I also just recently found out about inviting people to raids, so I’m always keeping an eye out for when folks are online so I can invite them to join in on tougher raids! \(^w^)/
  4. here is mine!! i send gifts frequently as well as invite online friends to raids
  5. i like shiny pokémon, so show me your favs that you’ve caught!! or any new ones that you get and are excited about — i am most excited abt this one!! my first ever legendary raid catch, and my second legendary raid. (first was a rayquaza who got away) these are my newest!! of course shiny porygon-z from yesterday’s community day, and a random encounter sunkern today!!
  6. Here's my code!! I'm going on a trip in a couple of weeks and looking for friends to send lots of gifts too!! I try and play daily. I'm also adding everyone who's already posted here, but if you see my code and don't have my added, feel free!
  7. Team Instinct here! 5193 9453 0183
  8. Strongest/Highest CP: Best Catch: Favorites: (why the Flareon, aside from my obvious bias? Check out the catch date.)
  9. My strongest right now is a 3308 Rhyperior, but I think my best catch is a shiny Bagon I'm slowly trying to level. My favorite is a 770 CP Magby I have, just because Magby is one of my favorite Pokemon in general. Kind of tempted to evolve him though!
  10. Feel free to add me! Always looking for more raid friends!
  11. Definitely needs some XP ?
  12. My trainer code is 3642 1834 9318
  13. 4102 1276 6856 My ingame name is Skyeberus so if yall see a req from that name its me!!
  14. hello!! my fc is 8954 5870 7460
  15. hi everyone! my code is; 3770 8778 4861!!
  16. fashionably late! my trainer code for anyone still around is 1159 1897 9520 : )
  17. Welcome to the club, everyone~!
  18. Feel free to add ^^ 7529 5150 8230
  19. My Trainer Code is: 2627 5394 2412 Feel free to add me. >u<
  20. I accepted your friend request. Welcome to the club~! ?
  21. Hey, my code is 8781 1125 2838 Seems like a good time to share with the new gift event starting!

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