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A group for any and all artists! Post your commissions, inquire about art trades, ask for tips, and more! No hate speech, LGBT+ friendly, site rules apply

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. hi there!! i currently have a few slots open for some busts/icons, with simple/flag backgrounds. fully lined, colored, and shaded! price is $36 (12 Ko-fis) per drawing! my profile can be found here: https://ko-fi.com/charliechase feel free to DM me! ^_^
  3. I have an adoptable for sale on here as of right now, and they currently has no bids!
  4. Adding some examples of different icons/styles! Still open for business, if you want a quick freebie feel free to get in touch! Looking forward to getting to see some of your interesting characters.
  5. Hello! I am doing simple icons/pfps like this one I have on my profile. If you want one please feel free to contact me! I'm a new artist so I can throw in a bonus as well if you decide to try my art out!
  6. hi there!! i apologize if my formatting isn't proper im still learning how to use this site >w< as the title says, my cute lil icon commisisons are open! these tiny sippy bois can be sippin on anything you want and are 500x500, perfect for twt or discord! if you're interested, feel free to pm me or check out my twitter and kofi for more info !!!
  7. After 7 longs years I have finally achieved my dream of becoming an animator and I am apart of a team working on an animated series! I am very excited to launch my career off the ground but I currently need your help! Since I am now apart of a professional environment and will be working remotely from home I need to upgrade my equipment so I can make my work so much more mainstream! For years I've been working from my cheap laptop (which still works fine) and my Wacom Bamboo tablet since I was 14 (so for 10 years!!) If I am to be working full time I need to upgrade my workspace alon
  8. I’ve got some cheap OCs for sale! Check them out here: https://toyhou.se/dreamiivee/characters/folder:717420
  9. Hi! Two character flat fullbody would be $35, or two character shaded fullbody would be $50 here’s my website with examples! https://dreamiivee.weebly.com
  10. Hey art pals! I've only just joined up here on FLO so my profile is a little sparse. I've also only really been getting back into the art game and posting on socials/etc again in the last couple months. SO! To practice a little more, get back in the flow of doing art regularly and beat the art block I've got goin' on, I'd like to do a few icons! Or headshots, small busts, whatever kind of simple stuff that I can experiment with. If you're interested, let me know! I'm open for about 5 to start with, so feel free to reply here or send a private message or even hit me up on my social me
  11. Need $30CAD fast so I can buy new wrist braces since I lost one and the other is falling apart as I've had it for over a decade Please buy some characters so I can get things i need for my wrists
  12. Not an emergency, but it would help us conserve some more food while we wait for the food stamps card to come in the mail! But I mostly wanna treat my husband to a nice lunch today, so I was hoping to get some money sent to my venmo, and do some art in return!
  13. LF a quick turn around vent piece to be done! Fullbody, 2 characters One character is mine the other is my best friends, both refs will be provided upon finding an artist. Budget: $40-50USD max Sorry im in Canada, conversions bite
  14. Hi there, I'm Buggy! I have all my commission information up on my weebly site! Check it out if you're interested! »» Commission Website «« A few examples:
  15. Hello everyone! I'm a traditional and digital artist who has been doing commissions for quite a long time. I've got a website with my terms of service and prices, which can be found here: https://inksmudge2.wixsite.com/inksmudge/commission-prices I have a gallery section as well on that site where you can view multiple examples, but I'll include some here as well. You can contact me via here, or on any of my other social medias that are listed on my website if you have any questions or would be interested in commissioning me. Thank you so much, have a wonderful day <3
  16. I've got a lot of OCs that are just gathering dust, and I'd love for them to get new homes! https://toyhou.se/Silvo/characters/folder:755497 Feel free to DM me if you're shy, I don't bite. :>
  17. Hey guys! I'm Wysh, and while I'm new to FLO, I've been doing commissions for a while now. Being an artist that's not super well known, and with COVID being a thing, it's been hard to gain commissions. But I'm still tryin'! If you're interested or have any questions, please let me know! Here's the commission sheet, Telegram Sticker examples, and enlarged versions of some of the items in the commission sheet :3
  18. ______________________________________________________ Finished examples:
  19. Hey everyone! I'm an embroidery artist and I make custom patches of sonas, eggs, maws, NSFW, etc! All my patches are stitched by hand and can have any type of design, including blended colours (gradients/ombre) and detailed markings. I'm attaching a couple images here, but I'd love to do more of these! Please check my profile for full details on commissions as that will always be the most up to date information ^^ Patches are roughly 4" in size (larger sizes are available!), made from embroidery floss on linen with an iron-on backing. Payment plans? YES! Accepting trades? YES!
  20. Hey folks I just opened up a bunch of slots! Check out the info here!
  21. Bomi

    Monthly Art Exchange


    ;w; im excited to host this! If the applicants are uneven ill figure something out ^^
  22. until

    hell yeah!!! i'm psyched. :D i'd love to do this.
  23. until

    I'll think about it. I'd prefer a way to communicate with the person off of FLO, like Twitter, Telegram, or email As for art, I'm not usually too busy with commissions and day job. I'd offer a headshot or chest up art of the character
  24. until

    I'm not a great visual artist, but I'd be happy to participate. If the person is open to receiving physical items, I could do small quilted items based on their sona, since I'm a textile artist.
  25. PupSonar

    Monthly Art Exchange


    Super fun idea ! I'm in :D
  26. until

    I jst chose maybe because I am a beginner artist and unsure if anyone would want my art. >.<

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