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A club for those of you who got your start as a furry through Warriors, have read the books, are reading the books or are planning on reading one.

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  2. I'm very late The audio books are very good. The guy who reads them - MacLeod Andrews - does a fantastic job on keeping things clear, concise, and giving individual characters their own voices. It's how I've been going through the books myself c: I'm a new listener. I read through the first couple books a few years ago, and I've been idly watching from the outskirts for a long time. Now that I have access to the audio books, I'm going through it all!
  3. thread dedicated to warrior cats discord servers or forums or roleplaying websites etc!! thought you guys would be interested in one I'm in and well for those who love warrior cats chatting and roleplaying it's cool to have a place to find more cool places to do those things! in case this isn't cool of course I'll delete the thread but I really think it's a good idea :D Coming over here to promote a friend's Warrior Cats Roleplaying server, there's 4 clans with some real fun lore and looking for more cats so we can have our first gathering! There might be some med cat and deputy position
  4. I'm going nuts over your ocs they're so cute, I'll add mine later I have a lot, you should know my main sona's name is Sillystring though that's important they're a Warriorclan cat
  5. My main fursona first started out as a silver tabby named Silverspirit. I don't have any of the art I made from that time, but it's pretty self explanatory with "a silver tabby with a white "v" shaped patch of fluff on it's chest with white toes." I then had an edgy faze and make Skullspirit, who was a black cat with a white skull mark on her forehead and white stripes on her legs and tail. Really edgy. Then here's Palestride, an oc I made for a dead roleplay server on discord. He's would straight up be sus in among us, regardless if he was actually the imposter or not. (base by
  6. AH, everyone should talk about their warrior cat ocs more. everyone has some kick ass designs up in here. I'll brag about my wc oc, Oakstar. They are the leader of the fic. clan, Cliffclan and they are an intelligent, crafty clan leader that isn't above blackmail. They were called Acornkit / Acornpaw growing up until an accident with a dog damaged their face and they were put in the elder's den and renamed Mangledface out of cruelty. However, they weren't going to stand for that ableist shit and began to formulate a plan to get themselves out of the elder's den which definitely does
  7. Yall make me feel so old - I started reading the first book when it came out which is what 2003? And basically kept up with every book as it was published right up until the UH what's the fourth series called? Omen of the stars? I think I finished the first book which introduced Dovepaw + Ivy and I stopped and have struggled to pick up the books since. Which is a shame because I hear the broken code is REALLY good. I keep up w/ the fandom and word of mouth but I'm too busy to read as much as I'd like. I've read most of the spinoffs as well - the manga, special editions, etc - the joys of
  8. Ohhh you should post about your story here somewhere! Bet everyone would love to see it! MILD SPOILERS FOR STUFF AFTER OMEN OF THE STARS Aaaaa you mean Bramblestar??? I didn't know that was an unpopular opinion I thought we all agreed he isn't very good, Bramblestar's Storm made him seem well intentioned and all but I think the books forgive his flaws too much and I was hoping that book would show him grow to be a promising leader or something but it just made him more insecure and undid it to make him more confident and gave him a wife again, the best part of the book were the ot
  9. I've had quite a number of Warriors OCs over the years! Most... were probably not very good, and/or designed to be background characters, but here are a couple I do own currently Spottedwing is based off of one of my own cats. Which is why her pelt is more complex than I usually make Fernheart here is more like a Warriors sona, kind of. She's a warrior who wishes she could've been medcat instead. Both of them are interchangeable with whatever Clans of the settings they go in. I want to get better at designing cats someday, watching Warriors animations and seeing others' de
  10. kangaloon


    woww i love how dynamic this pose is!!!
  11. back before adhd started kicking my ass, i read all 4 main series, all the manga, firestar's quest, bluestars super edition, skyclan's super edition, and crookedstar's super edition. honestly im just not a big fan of the thunderclan leader after series 4 ended, if yall know who i mean. i know thats an unpopular opinion tho so dont kill me lol dawn of the clans sounds interesting so if i do pick up warriors again, itll be that!! in the meantime im working on my own warriors story :3
  12. I have a few that I made and rp'd with. Brindlepelt. Big soft fluff girl who's halfclan. Her dad's actual a loner tom who roams the city and forest. He comes off as like a mob boss lol. A very old pic of my Warrior Losteye. I wanted to draw a serious mood cat with a common trait many people and even casts have which is having a lazy eye. and another old pic from my laptop of an elder that refuses to retire Piketooth. lol
  13. I realize this forum is a little dead, but I want to show off my few Warriors OCs since I'm trying to get back into the fandom! In order they are: Sallowstorm; a former Riverclan warrior gone rogue. Kestrelclaw; a fiercely loyal Thunderclan warrior. Binx; the local curious kittypet.
  14. Do yourself the favor tho, skip spottedleaf's heart. I made a note in the reading guide to what that has in it and like, it's bad scoob
  15. That's a good point! I've considered audiobooks too, now that you mention. ^^; But I'll definitely have a look through the novellas/mangas if I can, thanks for the recommendation!
  16. Aw, you should ask someone to read it for you! That's what I do when I'm having trouble getting through a book. In any case if you ever do have time to read I'd recommend trying the novellas or the mangas, they're very easy reads really!
  17. I started with TPB wayyy back in the mid-2000s probably? when I was just a kid, lol Since then I've made slow progress and I haven't read anything past OoTS for now. It's hard for me to stay focused on books + I can never find the ones I need Aside from the main series I haven't delved into many of the super editions and novellas, but I have read Firestar's Quest, Graystripe's manga trilogy, and part of Bluestar's Prophecy and SkyClan's Destiny. I have The Sun Trail and Tigerheart's Shadow waiting to be read, but I can't really find the time to read much anymore anyway. ;w;
  18. I WANT TO READ GRAY STRIPE'S VOW SO BAD!!! There's a character named bugeater I need to meet them, it'll be so long until I can catch up to it though :C I actually did read Dawn of the Clans!!! I forgot about it tho but it was super good!!! I let someone borrow the 3 first books though so I forget it exists in my shelf hahaha, getting through the super editions is tough too they're bulky and there's a bunch of them! Which did you read?
  19. I'm still reading Graystripe's Vow now! I started back in 2017 with TPB and had begun diving into it hard. I've had a huge kick until late 2018 where I hit a bad rut and stopped reading a bit and tbh a vision of shadows was a rough series to get thru. I haven't read Dawn of the Clans yet either or half the super editions. @[email protected]
  20. Hello! I wanted to come to this forum and talk about warriored kitties and all and I realized just how far behind I was in some stuff :'D which made me think that maybe this could be an interesting discussion to have here? Which book did you first read! What was the last? How do you get your warriors fill? Go off! Personally I started reading in 2011 when the 2 first books from Prophecies Begin had been published translated to Brazil (they have not translated more than the first series as far as I know and I don't know if they plan to) and eventually switched to reading the books in engli
  21. Was feeling nostalgic so I went back and watched some of flightfootwarriors videos recently
  22. Was feeling nostalgic so I went back and watched some of flightfootwarriors videos recently
  23. ? it won't let me submit directly to the gallery so now im here forced to resubmit it smh This was for an Ashfur thumbnail contest! The quality winded up a bit off for a thumbnail which is my mistake but I was quite happy with how it came out!

    © warriors (c) harpercollins


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