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Expired Commissions {open}

Price: $20.00
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About this advertisement

Here are my commissions! 


-I take paypal only + USD

-I can draw feral, anthro, monsters, and I can draw humans though I do not expect taking humanoid requests on a furry site haha

-no refunds or chargebacks, I do get it done in a timely manner and if not please talk to me we can have a discussion than a sudden chargeback.

-I can do NSFW commissions but I have things I am and am not comfortable with I'll link a list of what I am and am not comfortable with on this with my rules regarding NSFW. THIS ALSO INCLUDES THAT YOU ARE NOT A MINOR. https://sta.sh/0agm8d8y9qn DM if you are interested I will not post NSFW on this account but I can DM examples if you are an adult.

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