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  • Content Upload Policy

    1. All Media
      1. You have a right to submit your work; we define this as work that you have created yourself, or work that was created for you.
        1. Work that was created for you must come with credit for the original creator.
        2. Work which is not created by you, referred to as the work, content, or media of “others” may be defined as but is not limited to: stock and reference images, media created by others for free use, media created by others for paid use, memes or media created to be altered slightly and posted by you, etc.
      2. Submissions may not be malicious in nature. This includes, but isn't limited to content that is intended to harm or distress others.
      3. Visual Media
        1. Visual media must meet a standard of quality; it may not be blurry, badly rotated, improperly scanned, or in some other way be of a quality which impedes viewing or appreciating the work.
        2. Works which contain a majority of stock images or stock media (defined as 50% or greater) are only permitted when the original stock owner gives permission, and they must be credited.
        3. Heavy referencing is permitted only in certain cases, which include but are not limited to:
          1. When a stock or media reference is used, so heavily that it is impossible to deny the reference used, the image must be credited.
          2. When the content used for reference is copyrighted media, and is being referenced within fair use laws, the media must be credited.
          3. When another person’s content or media is used as a reference, the content submitter must obtain written permission for this and post that permission, along with credit, with the submission.
        4. Memes are allowed only when they contain a significant portion of your own work; memes which are purely a reposting of the work of another are prohibited.
        5. Visual media is for visual depictions; textual elements must not make up a majority of the submission. Please reserve textual media for Literature Submissions.
      4. Written Media
        1. Written media should be reasonably spell checked and reviewed, and should not be submitted in a form which makes it difficult to read or comprehend.
          1. Poetry, or other abstract forms of written media, may be exempted from this on a case-by-case basis.
        2. Written media cannot be copied from or contain a majority of copyrighted material, including but not limited to song lyrics, quotations from existing works, etc.
          1. This does not apply to copyright content which is within fair use, or for which you have obtained written permission from the copyright holder for your usage. This also does not apply to works within the public domain.
        3. Literature Submissions are to be used for literature; fiction or nonfiction, written by or for you. Please do not use Literature Submissions for updates, journals, or broadcasts.
        4. Do not include personal information or information which could be used to personally identify someone.
    2. Generally Prohibited Content and Behavior
      1. Any Media which promotes, glorifies, encourages, or in any way puts forth in a positive light, and includes but is not limited to: terrorism, illegal acts, hate speech, hate groups (such as the KKK, Nazism, Fascism, Authoritarianism, the Alt-Right, Q-Anon, All Lives Matter, Back the Blue, Kekistan, etc.), harm or abuse to minors (including nsfw "cub" art), animals, or adults, spam or deceptive media, harassment, or human trafficking.
      2. Media must utilize the tagging system and the content guidelines marking system properly; this means that all media which is submitted to this site should utilize both systems to most correctly identify itself.
        1. The tagging system should make use of standard words or phrases which may identify what is going on, what is depicted, or what is contained in the displayed media, and allow content to be filtered or organized by its type.
        2. The Content Ratings system should be used to place media correctly. The guidelines are available to the right of this text.
      3. Tracing and Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
        1. Tracing is defined as any media which has been in some fashion traced or copied by you, and is only permitted with written permission and credit to the original artist.
        2. Plagiarism is always, fully, wholly, and completely prohibited.
      4. Copyrights and Trademarks must always be considered and followed to the best of one’s ability, and a violation of either is grounds for immediate removal of the offending piece of media.
      5. Generally Prohibited content, across all types of media, includes but is not limited to:
        1. Content which is offensive or hateful towards any person, group, or is otherwise harmful.
        2. Content which is federally illegal is fully prohibited in photographs, and may be prohibited in other types of media as well.
        3. Content depicting real-life animals, found in our world and present in their natural body shape, in any material that would be defined as Mature or Adult content.
          1. This does not include fantasy animals, such as: High fantasy creatures (dragons, griffins, etc.), furry anthropomorphic characters, cartoony anthropomorphic characters, aliens, cryptids, fantasy media IPs, animal media IPs where the canon forms are altered to anthropomorphic forms, and dinosaurs.
        4. Content including minors is strictly regulated, and should be kept wholly to images of a SFW nature. Certain exceptions may be made for content including breastfeeding or other related topics, however this is to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis if the nature of the media is questionable.
          1. If there are questions regarding the nature of the media prior to upload, please contact a staff member.
        5. Images which are intended to induce seizures in others are prohibited. Images which have the potential to induce seizures in others should be appropriately tagged and marked as such, and may need to be removed if their intent becomes questionable.
        6. Reminders for adoptables, auctions, or other media or merchandise, may only be posted 24 hours after the original media is posted, and then not more often than once every 24 hours, with no more than 5 Reminder submissions for any one piece of Media extant in a gallery at one time. 
        7. Media must have artistic merit, meaning that it must contain something within it of some kind, and cannot be empty image files, and media must not be uploaded as duplicates, meaning that images which are perfect copies containing no discernible difference are prohibited.
    3. Screenshots & Copyrighted Content
      1. Content which is copyrighted is prohibited from being uploaded as your own work.
      2. Screenshots are prohibited unless they contain user-created content, such as a draw-over or a user-created character for the purpose of reference.
    4. Music & Audio 
      1. Music and Audio media must be of a significant quality such that it does not contain distorted, low-quality, or static to the point of impeding the work. Submissions which may be considered “Lo-fi” or other types of intentionally mildly distorted work will be considered within their genre.
      2. Music and Audio media must not contain a significant portion of sexual and obscene sounds, bodily waste or bodily function sounds, and this media may not be purely of this content.
      3. Music and Audio media submitted to the site may contain copyrighted material only under the basis of Fair Use. Uploads citing Fair Use that come under review/are reported will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
      4. If uploaded media contains copyrighted material and cites Fair Use as justification either comes under review or is reported for a copyright violation, the uploading User must provide all reasoning for claiming and proof of Fair Use to the Staff. The Staff will accept Fair Use as justification for use of copyrighted content should the submitted proof and reasoning be sound. 
      5. If the submission contains any material from others, this must be accompanied by a written permission for use as well as credit to the original creator.
    5. Photography
      1. Media must not be blurry, grainy, or otherwise distorted unless the distortion is part of the presentation of the image; this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
      2. Media may not contain sexual content which includes humans or animals. Media may not be indecent; meaning that photography containing or showing genitals or nudity is prohibited. This includes skin tight or otherwise outlined bodies. Exceptions may be made for swimwear in appropriate situations.
      3. Media must not contain adult toys or paraphernalia which are being worn, which are in use, which appear to have been in use, or are in any condition which may not be described as clean or pristine.
      4. Media which contains adult toys must only be uploaded by the original modeler, caster, or creator of such toys.
      5. Media may not contain bodily fluids or secretions, blood or gore, death or dismemberment. This includes human as well as animal subjects.
      6. Media may not contain or depict, in any fashion, federally illegal drugs, child abuse, animal abuse, animal or human injury, gore, death, etc.
      7. Media may not focus on nor solely contain animal genitalia.
      8. Media which shows taxidermy must do so in a finished and reasonably polished manner; including pelts, mounts, bones and parts. Raw or wet pelts are prohibited, as well as in-process taxidermy.
      9. Media that contains stage makeup or other alterations which reflect real-life blood, gore, or depictions which would be otherwise unacceptable under the terms of this content policy, may be submitted with a clear description of the nature of the media, as well as proper tagging and filtering.
      10. Media which displays or contains nipples in non-sexual scenarios is permissible on a case-by-case basis, such as at protests or parades where such display is reasonably acceptable. Utilizing this rule to bypass 5.2 is not permitted, and may be punished more severely.
      11. Media which contains the work of others is prohibited; this media must be created by or for you. Incidental appearances of the work of others, such as posters in the background of a photograph of a fursuit, is allowed, with reasonable credit to the creator of the work.
    6. Streaming 
      1. Stream notices must be posted in the appropriate location with appropriate tags, and a new notices may only be posted either once every 24 hours or once the original notice has been deleted. Stream notices may be bumped (by way of comment) once every 4 hours by a single individual. Purposefully entailing the help of others to bump a stream more often than this is prohibited, and the poster may be limited in their ability to post content or media if proof of this violation is discovered.
      2. Links to streams may not contain or link to sources which contain or display copyrighted media, misleading media, or media intended to cause harm.
    7. Clubs
      1. Clubs are a self-contained subset of the site. Users are permitted to create their own space and rule-set to go along with that space, as well as promoting their own moderators and enforcing the rules within their space.
      2. Clubs, however, must at base adhere to the ToS and CUP as well as all other established rules of the site within which they operate.
      3. Clubs may not violate the most basic tenants of this CUP, which is not limited to but most especially includes: not setting out to, or intentionally harming others, promoting or glorifying or encouraging the things which this CUP and the ToS stand against.
      4. Clubs found to be in gross violation of the ToS or CUP or other rules of the site will be terminated immediately. Smaller violations will be treated similarly to individual user violations, with clubs which accrue too many infractions being suspended or completely dissolved depending on the severity of the infraction(s).
    8. Profiles
      1. Avatars, Profile Pictures, Header Images, Signatures, or any other publicly accessible images fall under this category of Media.
      2. This media may not be copyrighted.
      3. This media especially may not be offensive, hateful, or otherwise insensitive.
      4. This media may not be of a type that may cause seizures, which includes but is not limited to: flashing lights, bright colors, alternating lights and colors, or jittery, static pixelation, and flashing images.
        1. Hypno style icons which have calmer, hypnotic, swirling effects in 20% or less of the media (ie, the eyes in a headshot style icon) are permitted on a case-by-case basis.
      5. This media may not be in any fashion NSFW, which includes all of the previously listed prohibited content.
      6. Usernames may not contain words or phrasing of an obviously or overtly sexual nature nor may they contain directly harmful language.
        1. Usernames may contain jokes and puns of a slightly suggestive nature, however these names will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the moderation team. 
      7. Profiles and their subsections should follow the General content guidelines as closely as possible and where applicable.
        1. There are no limits to the number of expletives used on Profiles, however, this does not apply to profanity that is counted as hard language. As a reminder, hard language in the context of this document is in reference to any language derived from sexual themes or content (e.g. sexual intercourse, by-products thereof, genitalia, etc.).
    9. Penalties
      1. Penalties are based on a system of warnings given to a user. These warnings are assigned when a user breaks a rule; known hereafter as an “infraction” generally. Depending on how many warnings a user receives, and how quickly the user receives them, different punishments may be assigned.
        1. An infraction that seems to have been made in good faith may be given a reminder, which is a type of warning containing no strikes. If the user acts in accordance with the reminder, nothing further will happen; otherwise it may be escalated to a minor infraction, or first warning. This is not an option for users which already have warnings or strikes.
        2. A minor infraction will consist of one warning given to the user by a moderator. This applies to non-media violations, such as abusive or harassing comments left by a user.
        3. A moderate infraction will consist of one warning given to the user by a moderator. This applies to blatant media violations, such as intentionally posting content the user knows is prohibited.
        4. A major infraction will consist of a warning given to the user by a moderator. This applies to a blatant violation of the CUP, the ToS, or other warnings and prohibitions provided by the site.
      2. Minor infractions and some moderate infractions (the first, for example) will accrue the user one strike. This strike does nothing on its own; but when a user accrues three strikes, their ability to post media and content to the site is limited for 1 day to 1 week depending on the type of infraction, the frequency, and the severity.
      3. Consistent moderate infractions or a single major infraction will accrue the user multiple strikes, and almost always come with immediate media and content limitations. A series of moderate infractions or more than any one major infraction will cause the user to be restricted from posting content or media entirely, and functionally suspended from the site for 1 week to 1 month depending on the type of infraction, the frequency, and the severity.
      4. Consistent major infractions, or extreme, blatant, forcible violations of the terms of the site will also accrue a user an immediate amount of strikes; however this type is much more severe. The first major infraction may be cause for immediate suspension, and consistent, frequent, or severe major infractions may be cause for temporary or permanent banning from the site.
      5. In general, strikes or warnings from infractions decay 6 months after they are accrued. This may not apply to certain moderate and most major infractions, which may remain on the user’s record for their entire time with the site. Marking an account as “dark” or “inactive” does not remove strikes. Deleting an account will remove strikes; but if a user is found to be evading their strikes or infractions via deleting and creating a new account, they will be permanently removed from the site.
      6. If a user feels that a warning or strike was assigned unfairly, or that they did not violate the rules, they are entitled to appeal this decision.
        1. For minor infractions, or for strikes unfairly assigned, the user is encouraged to utilize the Support Ticket system to submit their appeal.
        2. For major infractions, or if the user feels that they have been unfairly treated by a Moderator, the user is encouraged to utilize the Support Ticket systems “Moderator or Admin Violation” ticket type. However, be warned - if this is found to be used unfairly, for alternate purposes, or any kind of spam or harassment, this is grounds for an immediate ban from the site. This is the nuclear option!
      7. This is a portion of the Warnings and Violations that the site may employ in order to moderate and control the users and content within the site. This is not the whole system, nor the whole document, and more details may be found in the Support System of the site.
  • Content Ratings

    General (SFW)

    The General category contains no mature or adult content. Content must be suitable for all audiences.

    • Media may contain expletives; however language which focuses or is derived from sexual themes or content (intercourse, by-products thereof, genitalia, etc.) is prohibited.
    • Depictions of mild violence are permitted so long as the focus of the submitted work is not on blood and/or injuries. Imagery and depictions of injuries that may be disturbing to some users, such as in horror or fantasy contexts (e.g. mild body horror, anomalous body forms, etc.), are permitted.
      • Content submitted that contains gore, extreme realism, and/or violence which is sexual in either an explicit or inferred nature, is not permissible in this category.
    • Submitted works may contain nudity of a non-graphic nature. Nudity of a graphic nature in this context refers to depictions of, but not limited to: genitalia, sheaths, bulges, camel-toes, genital slits, detailed anuses, etc.
      • Depictions of nipples are permitted, so long as said depiction is not overly detailed, nor is it the focus of the content or work.
      • The presence of clothing does not automatically make the content appropriate for a General rating. Depictions of the outlines of genitalia, or bulges of an inferred sexual nature are prohibited.
    • Depictions of drugs and drug use (including alcohol and tobacco) in submitted works and media are permitted, albeit on a limited basis. Instances of drug use should be kept mild or implied.
      • Depictions of street-manufactured drugs and their use (which include but are not limited to: crystal meth, cocaine, heroin, etc.) are prohibited.
    • Depictions of sexual fluids and bodily waste are prohibited.
  • Mature (18+)

    The Mature category contains adult content that is not overly explicit and is presented in a tasteful manner.

    • Media may contain non-limited expletives, including language which focuses or is derived from sexual themes or content (intercourse, by-products thereof, genitalia, etc.); however expletives still cannot be used in a directly sexual context.
      • Descriptions that include explicit or graphic themes, including but not limited to, of sexual, fetishistic, or other such themes are prohibited.
    • Depictions of violence (e.g. fights with superficial injuries, roughhousing, bloodied knuckles, etc.) and injuries are permitted so long as the violence and injuries depicted are not severe (e.g. fatal wounding, injuries leading to disfigurement or maiming, etc.).
      • Content submitted that contains gore, extreme realism, and/or violence which is sexual in either an explicit or inferred nature is not permitted in this category.
    • Media may contain full nudity including but not limited to, fully exposed/exaggerated outlines of  genitalia, sheathes, or bulges.
      • Depictions of full erections or arousal, sexual acts and fluids, or the use of sexual toys, are prohibited.
    • Depictions of drugs and drug use in media are permitted on a non-limited basis, including substances such as: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, hallucinogens, pharmaceutical drugs, etc.
      • Depictions of street-manufactured drugs and their use (which include but are not limited to: crystal meth, cocaine, heroin, etc.) are prohibited.
    • Depictions of sexual fluids and bodily waste are prohibited.
  • Adult (NSFW)

    The Adult category contains content that is sexual in nature, explicit, or contains content not suitable for the other categories.

    • Media may contain any number of expletives, including in a directly sexual context.
    • Media may contain scenes of intense and/or graphic violence, and subjects that might be considered alarming or upsetting to some users, including but not limited to: mutilation, dismemberment, physical torture, etc.
    • Depictions of explicit nudity in media are permitted.
    • Depictions of sexual activity in media are permitted.
    • Depictions of drugs and drug use in media are permitted (e.g. and including but not limited to: crystal meth, cocaine, heroin, etc.), including street-manufactured drugs.
    • Depictions of sexual fluids and bodily waste are permitted.
  • Tagging and Fetishes

    We understand that fetish and kink content make up a large portion of the content submitted to the site. In order to help users determine where content belongs in the rating system, here are some rudimentary guidelines to follow:

    • We understand that fetishes and kinks may not always be inherently sexual. However, due to the nature of their content, both explicit and non explicit depictions of fetishes may not be posted under the General rating.
    • If the submitted work contains content previously mentioned in the content ratings (e.g. an erect penis, nudity, etc.), the aforementioned rating criteria shall take precedent when deciding content rating.
    • If the submitted work contains content pertaining to fetishes of an inferred sexual nature (e.g. a chastity cage, latex hood, feederism, etc.), the content will at least be rated Mature.
    • If action is occurring in and/or between the character(s) depicted, and said (inter)action can be inferred to be of an inherently sexual nature (e.g. touching and related actions, fighting, stepping on, etc.) it shall be rated as Adult.

    In addition to these guidelines, in order to help users utilize the filter system, the following content must always be tagged appropriately, so that users that wish to avoid certain content can. These are displayed as Tag: Content

    • AgePlay: Content depicting characters of (presenting) legal age, dressed or acting in infantile fashions
    • BDSM: Content depicting any bondage, dominant/submissive pairings, and/or sado-masochism
    • CGL: Content which depicts characters (of legal age) engaged in a pairing in which one partner functions as a parental figure and the other partner functions as an infantile or child-like figure
    • Gore: Content with depictions of injuries greater than superficial, as well as viscera, excessive blood, bodily mutilation, surgery, physically traumatic death, etc.
    • Hyper: Content that depicts abnormally enlarged body proportions of any variety that would normally be impossible
    • Inflation: Content that depicts a character being inflated to an unnatural or significant size through any number of various means, including but not limited to: air pump, cum, food, liquids, or any other means
    • Macro and #Micro: Content that depicts characters of an unnaturally or impossibly sized nature
    • Noncon: Content which depicts or includes any character which appears to be engaging in non-consensual acts, which includes but is not limited to: sexual activities, transformation or alteration of a character, drug administration, etc.
    • Scat: Content which depicts characters interacting in any way with solid bodily waste
    • Farting: Content which depicts characters having and/or with flatulence. This includes content such as skunk spray and content analogous to such
    • Vore: All vore, including soft or hard, should be marked with the Vore tag. Content which depicts activities involving characters consuming or absorbing others by various methods
    • Watersports: Content which depicts characters interacting in any way with urine
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