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  1. Today
  2. pilotpigeons

    For Others

    Pieces of art I've done for other folks
  3. Yesterday
  4. Patters

    pompadour fool shark

    here's a practice thing i did recently! this is my uselessly buff anthro shark oc who needs a name, and im taking name suggestions! he cares about two things: his muscles and his pompadour and also tipping every customer service employee $100.
  5. Goob

    Goob's SFW Commissions

    Commissions I've done that are purely SFW.
  6. a thingy i made to post on pixpet.net (which is the website that the character is from) my username is Pixelated_Prophecies on pixpet if you play it too! YouTube- Twitter - Curious Cat - DeviantArt - Weasyl - FurAffinity -FurryLife -NewTumbl

    © Character belongs to pixpet.net

  7. Saucy

    SFW For others

    Art for others, either gifts, commissions, or requests! All sfw.
  8. FurAffinity | DeviantArt | Weasyl | Eka's Portal/Aryion | Inkbunny | Tumblr | NewGrounds | Instagram | Twitter | FurryLife | Telegram Channel Telegram sketch for River and his friend Fletch:3 I did this free sketch for a special offer on my Telegram channel (AlitaBerserkerArt if you're interested ^.^) Characters: ©River and Fletch Artist: ©Alita_Berserker Materials: United Office smooth A3 paper [100g/m²], F STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph pencil. Commissions are open! Commission Prices | Commission Status Consider becoming a Patreon to get early access to drawings, see WIP and have more benefits! www.patreon.com/FyreAlita If you like our work please consider supporting us! Ko-Fi | Shinies Any critique/suggestion is well accepted! DO NOT USE, UPLOAD OR MODIFY THE PICTURE WITHOUT MY WRITTEN CONSENT.

    © Creative Common License (no modification, no usage in any way, no attribution, no reposting)

  9. Spazz Dragon

    Scraps and other SFW things.

    For stuff that just doesn't fit in my other albums.
  10. PixieCatSupreme

    Annoying npc

    She'll give you annoying quests with little rewards
  11. Mouse Paws


    prime (( floof )) very lovely
  12. WickedCityy

    Misc OCs

  13. FuzzyMaro

    The angel hyena

    Watercolors, traditional painting. 24 x 32 cm Yuetu- the character belongs to charizardman Used: Watercolor paints, black fineliner, white gel pen, salt


    reference sheets (old and new) of my sonas and characters
  15. Alley

    ARPG content

    Images and/or lit done for closed species/ARPG groups.
  16. Alley

    SFW Creations

    Safe for work art for myself/others
  17. Just uploaded some art and new music and I'm actually pretty happy about it ^w^

  18. Last week
  19. For GoldNeko over on TH ^^ Love doing painted busts, and this Citykings design is gorgeous * - *
  20. So, since I'm SUPER in debt and rent is on it's way, I'm opening emergency commissions. I have no slot limit, so just DM me and we can get everything set up! NOTE: the prices on the image are still the same. I just set the advert price to $5 because I don't know how to get the appropriate setting on this (I'm an idiot XD)
  21. Ciela Lithelle

    My Art

    All my art
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