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  3. LorgeVeeMoon


    Commissions and doodles of my main sona, Moon!
  4. takkun

    senka bust

    rkgk Posted using PostyBirb
  5. Awakeningwind

    War paint GIF

    Finished YCH for milkwhisk Posted using PostyBirb
  6. maaan did this site rlly try winning me over, as much as I like the different UI it feels rlly *slow* as a platform. I doubt I'm going to be using it anytime soon

    Updated my socials in case anyone would like to follow me on there

  7. It literally read to me like an extempore clobbered group. It's either going to be the defining characteristic that breaks (rift over differences in leadership) or makes (the great uniter, where people are brought together over their differences over a greater goal/principle) it if it makes it, it will be one hell of an interesting uphill battle to watch (shrugz) - Xi Yao
  8. I know, I forgot about this site again, but... it's my birthday! I'm officially 23 now!

  9. woffpls

    sketch/ unfinished/ etc

    for lower quality random stuff, intentional or not
  10. I don't think you should necessarily reach out, but debating them and trying to change their mind is definitely better than letting them stay insulated and constantly reassured.
  11. Pyotr

    Pyotr Art

    A collection of art featuring my fursona, Pyotr
  12. I like to imagine that when William helps out with raking leaves (or just messes around in them), he tends to get lost. It happens so often that Kevin's made a game out of it :3
  13. December 4th is International Cheetah Day, established by the Cheetah Conservation Fund for people all around the world to come together, raise awareness, and celebrate the cheetah. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the CCF's invaluable conservation efforts, and to celebrate, I'm partnering with RamTheDragon to bring you a charity livestream event all weekend! You can check out our website for more information about the livestream as well as a full schedule of events: https://cheetahday2020.weebly.com/ We also have stickers, pins, and face masks available for purchase, with 100
  14. low-keyfur

    Low-Key (SFW)

    bigendered ♛ she/her or they/them ♛ ferret playlist pinterest voice claim (lydia, beetlejuice) Low-Key's name is actually a pun because she feels things quite high-key. She likes to affectionately play bite! She has a habit of coming off as quite intimidating or snappy, when in reality she is quite empathetic and strives to try and be kind. Her septum piercings gives her confidence! She doesn't always make the best choices, but always tries to fix her mistakes the best she can. Low-Key is constantly striding the line between antisocial and social. TRIVIA: Low-Key is the most
  15. December starts tomorrow and for me that's when the count down to one of various religious holidays around the date of the winter solstice begin. Don't care what religion you might be but most likely it's time for the big holiday event of the year for you. Me personally i got my toenails ready but obviously for most English speakers they're waiting on Christmas (the one that's in December, you know, Saint Nicolas' Day). it may be grotesquely chintsy and ghourdy but that's the point. cold nights, warm drinks, twinkling lights and shiny things, songs, stories and food that's
  16. Shifting Left and Right all the time is causing us to inadvertently dig ourselves Down just from the movements. Why not a Forward Party?
  17. takkun

    old BunCafé - Ttalgi

    tigger (乂☉ェ☉=) Posted using PostyBirb
  18. I'm going to be the first naysayer and put forward that maybe all of us who voted against Trump should support the viable and experienced Democratic Party which held onto the House, won the presidency, and could win the Senate in January. I'm also suspicious of the lack of a coherent party platform from the Great America Party.
  19. Adding on to what I said earlier, I've been talking to and trying support someone who was a Trump supporter during the election and had been involved with Altfurry members at one point another furry forum. About year ago, they were saying that hate speech was free speech and raising talking points about forced multiculturalism; Islamophobia was a frequent problem with them. However, as Trump's time in office went on and he pursued anti-LGBT policies (this person is gay), they started to seem to wise up more and other forum member reached out to them to try deradicalize them. A lot of the bad i
  20. Hey, no worries. Like I said before, your experiences with conservative on this forum and in this fandom may have not been the best, so I get being defensive. There are many bad actors on my nominal side of aisle at the moment and they're causing a whole lot of pain a damage across the country at the moment, possibly well into the future if I'm cynical yet honest. There is even good debate over whether the majority of Republican Party has lost its way, in my opinion. I think some suspicion is healthy under those circumstances. That being said, maybe I can make a better impression on
  21. Saya

    Streaming Icons and Emotes!

    [h2]" We are going live ?" [/h2] Come chat (´?`) or ask away about commissions! I have a price sheet so if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask in stream, or note me! [h1]Come on, join! [/h1] https://www.twitch.tv/sayyuri https://www.twitch.tv/sayyuri https://www.twitch.tv/sayyuri
  22. A commission for SmallerGod and Alpha-baisse on FA! Jenny and Claire enjoying some 'za at what is totally not a retro Pizza Hut. Characters (c) their respective creators! Posted using PostyBirb

    © Jenny (c) SmallerGod. Claire (c) Alphae-baisse. Art (c) myself.

  23. woffpls


    I love designing characters bro
  24. Keave had to hold on to the bathroom door as he pushed it open, then leaned back against it and held it shut with his shivering body. The dog swallowed, panted, thumped his head back against the door, squeezed his eyes shut, shivered again, ran a paw across his forehead – why now? he thought, another convulsion racking his body. It wasn’t supposed to kick in for – for another three or four hours… With a bit of difficulty he managed to pull his way away from there and over to the sink, gait wide and uneven, where he had to clutch on to the sides for support. Again he pulled himself up, swa
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