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  2. As an anthology, TheMoonlitPath follows the lives of a whole bunch of aliens. Here is a collection of art with information about them to learn about each one.
  3. My sincere apologies for using the first animal allegory that came to mind. The context I was going for was that of someone too violent to be reasoned with, and didn't think much of other implications at the time. I'm not American, so I wouldn't know much on that front beyond what gets filtered across the border. I hear they're all pretty terrible however, and Wilsonian Interventionism is a practice that you guys are 100 years overdue in nixing from your foreign relations policies. My main beef with the subject matter isn't necessarily towards "leftist" political thought as a w
  4. Nothing wrong with that!
  5. Mine is just a bunch of blueberries lol
  6. OKOKOKOK NOW THAT ive cleaned my room and slept anf i have the new cords i can FINALLY get down to bisnuess drawing fuuuuuckk yes here we go babyeeeeeee

  7. TaliFox

    Art for Others

    SFW Art for Others Album Includes gift art, trades and commissions
  8. I've got 3 fursonas. My first Real fursona was a phoenix I chose it cuz I wanted something that was about growth and change. I had been trying to figure what they'd be for a while and eventually I got the idea of an egg being like a cage holding them back, and things progressed from there until they hatched from the egg and came to represent myself as an artist. With the 2nd one I had been drawing sceptiles cuz its my favorite pokemon and it became pretty easy to see a sceptile as myself. The third one was made the most deliberately, I went with a werewolf to represent my sexuality cuz I didn'
  9. Videogames are fun! What'd you play? Australia huh? I haven't chatted with anyone from Australia since I was in Team Fortress 2 roleplay miirc chatrooms! and we must work together and support each other through mutual aid campaigns and various other grass roots movements! A better world is possible, and there are lots of people fighting for a better future, don't give up hope!
  10. I mean, I should probably know more about US politics seeing as I live in the US LOL but I will admit politics gives me a big headache and I don't like having to listen to stuffy old people talk for ages about one thing ... so that's on me for not knowing haha And I'm glad you're feeling a bit better! I wish you much luck in trying to relax!!! you got this!
  11. Henna

    Fursona - Aly

    Commissions and personal artwork of my fursona, Aly. Some of the older images may be of older designs with slight differences. The up to date design is listed on my profile (Fursona Reference) and shown in my profile picture! Aly 32 F/She/Her Ace Lesbian Anthro/Feral (Skunk x Ermine) 5'7'' Anthro If you have any questions about Aly, send me a message!
  12. Won a friend's raffle on twitter so I'll be getting more art of Alf soon!

  13. Kolo

    Mags (doodles)

    These are my main OCS... I love them Album is exclusively my art, since I doodle them a lot If you're curious about what/who they are, check my Toyhouse (it's harder to store OC bios here haha)
  14. Kuraiscreatures

    Draw the Person Above You

    Pieces in Draw the person above you games, whether its here on FLO or on Discord.
  15. If you want to know the honest to goodness truth the reason my current fursona is a dog was initially an in joke gently poking fun at the fandom (ie: "You can be a real furry until you represent yourself with some type of canid /s"). Things got out of control though because instead of doing the lazy route of just making them a wolf or a fox or something else people associate with being "generically" furry I looked into actual dog breeds and found one that I felt best represented me. You see the basset hound is a French breed with not particularly great legs with an overall kinda goofy a
  16. Today
  17. The fur above me eats gravel to cure their chronic indigestion.
  18. If you are one of the following, you are toxic and need to be removed:
    -Assume the worst out of everyone
    -Not willing to understand people
    -Don't believe in forgiveness
    -Don't give second chances
    -Selfish Narcissist
    -Moral Abuser

    Not everything is about you. DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE!!!

  19. A flat commission with a complex background for Forgotten_Melody on FA!

    © CasioGremlin/Sybilich

  20. Casio

    Sango Freebie Headshot

    An Oni Freebie for CarrotPatchQueen on FA!

    © CasioGremlin/Sybilich

  21. Casio

    Ruby Da Cherry~

    A Ruby Da Cherry piece from a Drawpile session today~!

    © CasioGremlin/Sybilich

  22. An Oni Freebie for Joycube on FA!

    © CasioGremlin/Sybilich

  23. An Oni Freebie for Kylodious on FA!

    © CasioGremlin/Sybilich

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