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What helped you realize you're trans?

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i could say it was one of those "create a new trans fursona, realise you're trans too afterwards" stories but that would be like 10% of it. i've been transing my gender without knowing it for So Long now

like my first fursona (i didn't call it a fursona but now i Know it was) was a genderless creature that canonically reproduced asexually (btw i'm ace so i just used to mix these two feelings all the time). it was like a decade ago and i was already Actively Avoiding Gender. when i learned what nonbinary was, i went "cool! i also like to avoid gender" and i casually grabbed they/them pronouns for myself

the shitty thing is that irl it wasn't that easy, no one cared about it and we didn't have equivalent pronouns in portuguese yet and everyone kept seeing me as a boy so i just felt Fake. plus i was experiencing dysphoria and i didn't know how to go with that. i knew i wanted hrt but i didn't consider myself trans bc 1) i thought i had to like Be A Trans Girl to be trans and that was too scawy 2) i had friends that actively told me i couldn't be trans

at some point i decided to bite the bullet and create one of my current sonas, Nicole, who's a deer trans girl. it was just "oh, you know what? that's literally me. i'm a deer trans girl too". felt a lot of gender euphoria for the first time!! like, sure, my mom hated it when i came out to her as trans, i got kicked out of home, lost friends, was already jobless, pretty much restarted my life, but heyyy i got to finally surround myself with the Gays and present as Girl and be Lesbiab. i also got my legal name change and started hrt by then which was nice

after i started making more trans friends, i realised i relate a Lot more to the concept of being trans than, like, Women. but i still connect with Girl and hrt makes me feel good and i relate a lot to lesbians-- oh wait, i can be a nonbinary lesbian? well great then! by then neopronouns in portuguese were spreading out rly quickly and so i just grabbed one for me, which made me comfortable using they/them for myself again, so hey! it was like going back home but now i possess Gender Wisdom. i still consider myself a Trans Girl at times but i'm more Trans than i'm Girl, if you know what i mean

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Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club LOL  When Haruhi was like "being a girl or a boy... Why does that matter?" My 13 year old self felt that. 

honestly the biggest trans Mood i remember having growing up was playing a male side character in a middle school shakespeare play...i remember feeling so comfortable and excited that i almost went by

For me personally it was the feeling of just feeling I "existed" I didn't feel as if I matched the expectations society expected of me and got to questioning myself after talking to my gf and going by

im not too sure? around the time my sister was questioning her gender she told me abt it nd i was like Wait. u mean im not a weirdo for feeling that way?? tbh i got a lot of my information from tumblr which was. questionable. but i learned some useful stuff.

i identified as a guy for a while but it didnt feel right. i was cool w he/him pronouns & whatever but the idea of being Male just..was Not me. over time i figured out tht i was nonbinary & that this weird sense of masculinity was bc i was actually a butch lesbian. it was a rly weird journey but im confident in myself now & i know this is where i shld be.

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Honestly I felt... sorta different growing up? But because of the places I spent growing up I never really had exposure to ANY queer oriented language up until middle school when I made friends who were either not straight or trans. Before that I had no idea that I had the option of being different. I came out around late 2014 and, despite living with transphobic family members at the time, started to explore who I was... one friend gave me an old sports bra to use as a makeshift binder (since I was poor and only had regular bras), and two others helped me get a haircut.

Unfortunately, as a baby trans, as I started to explore that stuff I was surrounded by a LOT of truscum, transmed, and anti-nonbinary ideas that I internalized pretty quickly as well as being surrounded by people who had conditional support (as in they supported me being trans but ONLY if I forced myself to conform to traditional [toxic] masculinity in appearance and attitude). I think I only started unlearning that stuff around when I was 17, and it's only been within the past year that I finally felt okay enough to say that "yes I'm trans, yes I'm masculine, but I'm also *just* me. I'm allowed to be comfortable with being nonbinary".

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