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I'm probably going to lay down an unpopular opinion, so please bear with me. This will be the first time I've expressed this on any furry site, but it has been on my mind for about a decade, so please hear me out.


If you do a YCH or any other auction-based thing, part of the money should go to the site. This is the only thing I actually feel strongly about. Most furries that I've talked to in the past two decades simply want to just post their stuff and be seen. If something comes their way that can make them cash, so be it. But those that actively advertise, use bandwidth on large pictures, etc... Some of that profit, even a single dollar of it, should go to the site.


I know this is likely a very unpopular opinion - "It's my work!" And the site you're posting and advertising on is the work of someone else and it costs them money to show off your stuff. You expect this site to do work for you that you haven't done yourself? You'd best be well-prepared to pay for that work it does for you when it actually benefits you.


I've had no money made from this site, and yet I will throw money towards it to ensure it works right and succeeds. I like this site compared to others I've been on or seen/visited.

That is UTTERLY RARE for me. Take note. I don't toss money or the desire to toss money towards a site very lightly.  I'm using 30+ years of experience and history to judge this.

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