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Are you getting a new console? If so, which?

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  • Staff Team

Im an xbox ho because of the game pass, tbh. But I probably wont pick up a new series x until the new year, due to how wild everything is.

Will any of yall try to take advantage of Black Friday?


Which games are you most looking forward to, indie and AAA?

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None of the new consoles are appealing to me right now. I typically wait until there are enough good titles that interest me before I make a decision. I am only just now considering getting a Nintendo Switch, which came out 3 yrs ago. So I am way behind the curve.

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I already have a really beefy and expensive PC, so I'm holding off on getting a Series X until later. I plan on doing that monthly payment plan since I already pay for Game Pass Ultimate anyway. 

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Notwithstanding that I'm financially tight rn, I'm more likely to get a new project car if I could, but otherwise I'll have to see. I'm content with PC, thanks to its nature being inherently the most flexible (hence why the majority of game mods are on PC because heck, it is what it is), but if there is a good reason for me to get a console, I'll get it. I can see the appeal of a Switch, so maybe that. But I do have years-old (tells you how long I've been drifting lol oof) plans to get a 3DS and a Playstation Vita (SONY had a good thing going for it, why they just neglected it when it had the potential to live up to its predecessor the PSP, if not surpass it, I still don't understand)

- Xi Yao

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