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Art Crits by Tuna

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I saw a crit forum here and I remembered that I use to give some pretty comprehensive crits on another site! So uh, free crits! Here are the types:

General Tips
Ask a question or ask for advice on something specific and I'll try to connect you with a solution.

Part Crit

A general 'what I feel and see' response. Like what someone would typically write as a casual comment. If you just want to see a reaction to your work ask for this.

Full Crit
A 5 part crit explains with what I find successful in your piece, why its successful, what is unsuccessful, why its unsuccessful, and possible solutions.

- - -

   My art background is mostly from years of independent study. I do not have complete classical training and my point of view on art typically leans into fundamentals. There are certainly gaps in my knowledge and if I ever feel like I'm coming up short on advice I'll tell you as much. I might not be able to directly advise in all situations and I may instead link you to other resources. I have 0 intentions on misleading others to seem smart.

   My solutions aren't god and neither are my observations. You should think thoroughly on any crit you receive in your career. Not all crit worth taking and it'll only ever be useful if you can identify what you want to improve and find a method of practice. I believe that a crit's strength is entirely in the fact that its a set of observations made by an outsider; you are the primary determinant of what is good about your work, what you want to change, and how you'll change it.

   I hope that even if my crits (despite my best efforts) come out as biased nonsense that some use would be found for them. Even if only to prove me wrong.

- - -

A collection of resources will go here :3
Tutorials.. Book lists.. Whatever

- - -

Crits are free but they take me a while to write! Its very likely that I will get busy while working through crits, especially if I get stuck.
Thanks in advance for any patience allotted to me.

If you want to give some support I have a ko-fi and a TH list of characters that I accept gift art for!

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