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What Are You Listening To Right Now?

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Made this thread so we can all share songs that we're currently listening to! It's also a good way to maybe find new music or revisit a song you forgot about!

If possible, please include the band name, song name, and genre of music.


Here's what I've been listening to on repeat a lot:

"Blue Ridge Mountains" - Fleet Foxes (Indie Folk)


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Found this song the other day and have been listening to it on repeat since  

"All Men Are Pigs" - Studio Killers (Electronic)  

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4 minutes ago, Zyn said:

Take That - SOS

I guarantee this song will be stuck in your head for hours on end.

You have a good taste in music! I like everything you've posted so far.

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in the wake of needlejuice records BASICALLY announcing a re-release of lemon demon's brilliant view-monster, here is a song that i desperately hope more people will listen to as a result.

this song taught me the word solipsism lol.


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Aimer - Last Stardust


Fate is such a great series, currently finishing up FGO/Babylonia. Taking a short break to listen to this masterpiece, check messages and get some water. 

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Been re-listening to this a bunch, loving the guitars and keys melting into one another in the background so muchhhh

"Wind in our Sail" - Weezer


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