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💎 Sky 💎

💎 Sky 💎
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AGE: (mentally) 17

GENDER: Pangender (He/She/They)

SPECIES: feline

BREED: snow leopard / tiger mix

SEXUALITY: pansexual

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Taken by his dummy boyfriend Snoww


  • Sky is a big, strong, long soft and fluffy fur leoprad, with a puffy cest and a thin large and soft tail. Sky has medium sice legs, but big puffy paws with retractible claws, she may be drawn with long saber tooth teeths, but its optional, Sky has 2 long scars on her face, that goes all the ways across her left eye and nose.
  • Sky`s personality is very excited and positive, but also very sensitive at times, can cry very easily, but she`s more likely a momma personality kind, very protective with her children (friends/relatives) and so much loving and caring. She likes to stay by her own at times, taking long walks on forest or playing in the grass or running in the snow, but also enjoys being invited to pass time with her friends/relatives.
  • Sky is deeply, madly, forever in love with her boyfriend Snoww, they both have meet eachtoher for 6 years already, since 2014, they meet first on internet, and became good friends and then best friends, and time passed by until they finally get to meet for real in 2015 and again on 2016, until they became to know that they had a crush on eachother. Snoww have been there for here since always, froem they`re first meeting on internet, until the very, to this days they`re so madly in love with eacother and being supportive to each one of them, having plans to getting married in the future and  thenmoving on together, living a happy life as a married couple.




Gore: okay

Candy gore: okay

NSFW: Okay

Shipping: Okay

Anthro art: Okay

Feral art: Okay

Drug usage: Not okay

Fetish: Not Okay


¨Global Permissions¨

  • DO NOT claim any of my characters as your own.
  • DO NOT draw any of my OC's in romantic or sexual situations with your own characters, unless SPECIFICALLY STATED that this is okay.
  • DO NOT draw my characters if you intend to use the drawings as your profile picture, or to sell the drawings for profit on merchandise or anything similar. My characters are very special to me, and I get very uncomfortable when I see them being used by other people. Even if it's of art you made of them. If you're the type of artist that does this, I ask that you refrain from making me anything.
  • You can draw my characters interacting with yours as long as it is in a friendly manner (unless stated that NSFW is okay)


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