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Alikreukel Operculum

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Todays piece is one for the sea going critters among us!^^ I always enjoy a bit of beach combing - the quiet thrill of never knowing just what little natural treasure the tide may have brought in that day, or even that very moment. This beautifully preserved operculum is made by our indigenous giant periwinkle, the Alikreukel, and has been in my collection for a while while I've been waiting for a unique idea to come to me to turn it into a necklace. So what is unique about this piece? It's a simple enough tube setting...but unlike a normal tube setting, for a cabochon for example, this setting is 'double' set. I filed a sloping edge on both sides and using jet set putty and patience, hammered the edges in till the silver bracket was folded in around the operculum. Keeping with the organic theme, I used the hammer marks as part of the design; lightly polishing the piece afterwards to keep the textured surface. What I like about this piece is it's visual simplicity and the versatility afforded by the contrasting colour and patterns of the back and front of the operculum. It's like two necklaces in one. All you have to do is turn it around and you have a pendant for a different mood or a different outfit. Time taken: 9hrs Cord: silver grey satin Cord length: 62cm Operculum size: 3.5cm tall Price: R1600

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