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Matthew Ref Sheet

I accidentally a new fursona

My username originally came from a Mary-Sue character (Mattie) and me being a weeb trash baby and not knowing that -kun is a boy's suffix. It went from Mattie, to Mattie-kun, to MattsyTeh[Something or other, I can't remember], to MattsyKun.

Then I realized I kinda wanted a fursona that actually made sense with my name, so Matt it is. XD

Not that I'm suddenly not going to be using Kimiko, but it'll be nice to have another character I can draw! Matt's a good lad, a bit chubby and small, and just as magical as Kimiko is.

Maybe he'll be a side character in my webcomic, who knows? IDK. XD

Art (c) MattsyKun
Character (c) MattsyKun

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