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Erevin Redesign - Original Character
© Creative Common License (no modification, no usage in any way, no attribution, no reposting)
Credit Alita_Berserker

Erevin Redesign - Original Character

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This drawing has been previously released on Patreon!

This is one of my relatively new characters called Erevin :3
And I've finally been able to design her in her (true) dragon form!
Here's her humanoid form if you're curious :3

She's a Lantern Dragon like Evelar and Naaroma, but is... Quite different.
She's been generated by an anomaly of the MetaUniverse (in my setting, the place where dead Souls should return to be destroyed and sent back into the Universe, as a reformed Souls.)
For this reason, she is mentally unstable and can use her powers with no limits.
The two strangest things regarding her appearance are the completely skinless skull and the fact she walks on her wing arms instead of her real arms. She hates to be touched by others and can have a mental breakdown in that happens. Unlike all other Lantern Dragons (Evelar is a good example of the average Lantern Dragon), her scales are dark, her hair is light-purple and has a total of four ears instead of two; her Lantern lace is around her tail instead of the neck and her lantern is soft and weak, it can be easily damaged by phsysical attacks.


She has been found by Evelar and her daughter Naaroma who decided to take care of her and teach her how to be a Lantern Dragon and control herself.
The primal instinct of this race is eating unbound Souls to guarantee the correct functioning of the MetaUniverse and that's why Erevin devoured so many souls in her past and created a death zone in Space for a long time (she is 121 billion years old).
She has also another feature: she manifests some autistic syndrome traits. It's really hard roleplaying her even after reading and studying some medical papers; for that reason, Erevin is a character still in development.

Ps: I don't have anything against autistic people. I'm just really fascinated by mental illness. It's interesting observing why these people behave in a certain way, how their mind works and how they can get through obstacles and situations. I'm still really sad for people who unfortunately suffer for that.

: ©Alita_Berserker
Erevin, Evelar and Naaroma are part of a setting I'm creating with FyreDraygg, who's helping me to develop and improve her and our Universe~

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© Creative Common License (no modification, no usage in any way, no attribution, no reposting)
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