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Valentine's Day 2020
© All characters © me.
Credit Artwork by me, Pheanir.

My first post on this site, yay ~ A lot of people use this 'special' day to show their loved ones how much they appreciate them. Various shops ganied millions from people buying stereotypical presents for this day. But for some the most sincere way to express their love is to tell them what they think about them - even if it's only in writing. Maybe there is that special someone you always like to spend time with or who actually is with you and you love everything you could share with one another. Or maybe you discover that you've got a secret admirer, but - to be honest - you feel greatly uncomfortable knowing that you are someone's crush who creeps you out? Then again, maybe you are one of those super popular persons, who gets so much attention that you could literally bathe in it; whilst loving every moment of it. However, there is also a chance - a slight chance - that you feel completely left out. Maybe there actually is somebody you have feelings for or you showed your appreciation, but you didn't get a response... or maybe it was just bad luck? Maybe something went wrong, but you feel like watching people makes you realize that there are so many people out there, who are together, but you are still alone...? Valentine's Day has never been something I paid attention to. I'm not really sure why it is such a big deal, because I think I could make every day a wonderful day for my special someone. Right? I won't judge people who enjoy it, though, that would be horrible. Love should be 'celebrated' in my opinion. =) This picture went surprisingly smooth, except for Throne's sketch. I used a reference to get his pose right and re-drew it, like, at least 8 times to get it as close to the reference as possible. I'm really glad I didn't trace it in the end, but it was pretty hard. Also, I have been neglecting 'mah bois' - as per usual - so it was time I gave them some love again. What better way to do that than on Valentine's day? =) (Little fun fact: Kenji's birthday is on February 14th.) What do you think of Valentine's day?


Artwork by me, Pheanir.


© All characters © me.
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