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2.5 Years Later Quality Check

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My Teespring Store: https://teespring.com/stores/uluri
10% off with the code TIME until July 4

This is just a Quality of Product Check up from when I initially got these over two years ago to see what I wanted to use.

On the Left with Sin is a Basic-Brand "Classic-Tee" T-shirt that I got to compair with the Premium tee. The Artwork on the Sin T-shirt Has faded a good deal since I got it. The feeling of the shirt is what you would expect a cheaper Tshirt would feel like indeed. I am very confident that the quality and fabric of the shirt was the reason it faded pretty quickly. It was obvious very early on after I got this shirt. This shirt is still in one piece, though XD Aside from a chew mark from my rabbit.

On the Right with Uluri I got a "Premium Tee" T-shirt. The feeling of this one is very light and Airy compaired to the other. It was much more comfortable for me to wear. As you can see after Two whole years, the artwork on it has held up very well, and felt like it was stuck to the fabric really good. It is only a little crumbly even after all these years of thrashing it got, and the color is still pretty strong. I am confident it'll still last me a while longer, too.

I quickly decided that All my shirts will be the Premium Shirts in my store. The Sin shirt in my shop got exchanged out to be a Premium quality shirt, so rest Assured on that XD. This has been a very worthwhile look at how both held up over time. Both shirts have been worn very frequently during the time I got them as I'd wear one the day after the other to make sure they were treated the same. Forgot to mention that.

My Teespring Store: https://teespring.com/stores/uluri
10% off with the code TIME until July 4

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Gotta turn your printed Tees inside out before you toss em in the wash, only use cold water, and dry on delicate. This will extend the life of any printed Tee significantly. 

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