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Lance x Cynthia How They Met

So now the time has come for the story of Lance and Cynthia I've had in mind. I've always viewed them as a couple and Pokemon Masters made this vision more of a reality. Now is the time to tell the story taking place after Falkner and Skyla along with Volkner and Elesa first met but before those 2 couples hooked up. Enjoy. X They say life can give you unexpected things both good and bad. And that was what was going to happen for two people in particular in the Pokemon world. It all started with Lance, the Kanto Champion arriving in the area of Aspar, which was new to him but the male human had heard of it. Nestled between Kanto and John, it had been established some time ago and had started out as a few houses. Now it was larger than a town, but not quiet a city yet. However this area had a number of things to do already like a beach nearby, some shops, and of course places to battle. The woods nearby were another area to fight and explore and catch Pokemon like the beach and sea. And of course the paths that went away from Aspar not just to Kanto and Johto but the high mountain where one powerful Trainer had been found and of course the Indigo Pokemon League Building. But the most important area was the castle that one could see in the distance. It was there that two powerful Trainers lived there named Nicholas and Corrine. They had both fought against Lance and had beaten him. Not that he had minded, it had been two great battles. The Kanto Champion knew he would have to pay them a visit. Because nothing was going on at his League, Lance figured a little vacation here was needed. Especially when hearing that a few others, including another champion would be here. If what he heard was true, that other Champion was Cynthia herself from Sinnoh. The two had seen their pictures at the Pokemon World Tournament in Unova and knew about the other but had yet to meet face to face. Lance then checked the small pamphlet that had a map of this place and saw the hotel he'd be staying at was in the town square. It was easy to find because of the large fountain that had stone carvings of one water type Pokemon from all the regions and even Galar. "Guess I should check in," Lance thought to himself as the guy made his way to it. Arriving Lance wondered how his cousin Clair was doing. She wasn't here but he knew that she was also taking a vacation herself. She was going to Galar herself after hearing about the Champion Leon there and the eight Gym Leader and how that guy had based his outfit around Lance's. The male human figured it'd be good for Clair to go there and maybe learn a bit more of what she was missing. Lance then made it to the fountain and saw how majestic it looked and the shooting crystal clear water. Just then the guy got the feeling he was being watched. Lance turned his head to the left and saw a female human about his age dressed all in black with long blonde yellow hair that had some kind of hair accessories in them. Part of the hair covered the right side of her face but Lance saw one grey kind eye looking at him. The male knew in an instant that this was Cynthia. She in the meantime had been in a corner looking around until she had spotted Lance walk up. Like him, she recognized and knew this Champion from the World Tournament in Unova and had heard about the guy but had never talked to him as mentioned before. But now that he was here, Cynthia figured she may as introduce herself now. Lance had the same idea. "I seem to run into others I know and recognize today," the female Champion stated with her usual smile. "You're Lance right?" "Yeah, and you're Cynthia right?" he replied with his usual smile to. "I recognize you and have heard about you along with your work in Pokemon Mythology and History." Here the two shook hands, one Champion to another. And up close like this they could see the other's features more clearly but no spark had happened. Not one of romance yet. "So, what brings you all the way here?" she then asked. "A vacation; me and my Pokemon need it," Lance answered. "Same with you?" "Yeah. Plus with Nicholas and Corrine living nearby it's a great chance to see those two again and maybe even battle them." "Heh, you took the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking the same thing." "Well before any of that, I need to sign into the hotel and my Pokemon to," Cynthia said. "Same with me," Lance commented. "Plus seeing them will have to wait. It's the afternoon and there's not much to do before it gets late." With a nod the two Champions made their way there. Little did they know this would really be the beginning of something new for them and in a good way. X So like all chapters, the first one is short and sweet to act like the intro. And this won't be the only story that comes. This is going to be fun. Previous: https://furrylife.online/gallery/image/45982-lance-x-cynthia/ Next:

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