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Me x Jessie My Promise and Love

Okay so now the time has come to not only introduce someone new I love but a new series. Changeling Tale is the name of it and while it is true it's an adult visual novel that you click and follow a story, what got my attention was more the setting, art, magic, and of course Jessie. So what is it about? In a nut shell you return from the battle field of World War I in Scotland in the year 1919. Coming back home where you grew up there will be 11 stories and romances when this game will be completed in 2021. Right now at the time of posting this nobody's path is completed but you have three options at this time. Three sisters with Jessie being the middle. However all three, no matter who you choose, will be changed in more ways than one, taking on an animal form. Jessie being my kind of girl (Yes the she wolf form helps), was the one I went for. However while there will be a story, first I want to finish up some fun time period clothing pics of me and her. Then I wish for the game to be fully completed before doing the story which will allow me to finish up some other things. While this story will mostly be the same my self will be coming back with the character you normally play as because we became good friends in the war and since there is nothing for me back at my home, I decide to star a new life in his home town. It's there I met Jessie and unlike Changeling tale which takes place over a mater of days, this story will take place over a mater of months. And here with my hands I comfort Jessie letting her know how things will be and my love for her. And for that, she's very happy. So if you like transformations, history, magic, great art and story, or a combination consider checking it out and supporting it.

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Changeling Tale

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