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Me x Samantha She comes to my House

Me x Samantha She comes to my House

And now our story really does continue. Yes there is dialogue on the pic but that's part of the fun. X Two Immortals His House It then became March and the grasp of winter had been lifted in the northern part of Silvergreen City. While not summer yet, it was now warm enough for spring clothes. Of course the other reason for warming up might have been due to Samantha's new feelings of love for Nicholas. It was true love she felt. In the past, the female have been very loose with sleeping around, hell even her with her female friends since she was bi. But now Nicholas was who she wanted to be with in both body and soul. While nothing had come yet since that date in February, the two were still in contact. Then one day Nicholas ended up calling her. She answered right away of course. "Hey there!" the female vampire said after the first ring. "Hey there," came his reply. "I know we haven't done anything in awhile but I think we now can." "Oh? What did you have in mind?" "Well the reason it's taken so long was preparing my house for you to see." In her mind a bunch of scenarios began to flash thought the petite vampire's mind. Sammantha blushed but managed to answer. "Oh? That sounds lovely." "Yeah, it may not be as big as my folk's house or even your house. But I'm sure you'll like it and there's a lot to do." "Sure, I can come over." They arranged a time with Samantha using the excuse saying her friends wanted to check a house to move into to her folks, especially her dad who seemed to dislike she was interacting with Nicholas. But it had always been that way with him being an overprotective daddy to his little girl Samantha. But he couldn't stop this love that was going to happen. As always, the little vampire made it by car and saw to her amazement a massive two story house. While not a mansion clearly only a rich person could live here. The driveway they had come to rounded around to the front door. In front of that was a fountain with three levels. Water was here and trickling down each level like tiny waterfalls. There were lights in the levels of water that looking could light up at night. There was green grass in front of this, making a perfect front yard for fun. There were a couple of bushes and flowers on either side of the fountain. But the building itself was a beautiful light grey. Looking showed the main part of the building and that there were two other sections that branched out and went forward. On one side of the house was a place that was the garage with room for cars. Despite the size, there was something about it that made Samantha feel at home already despite it not being a mansion. And looking showed there was land to expand the house on if one wished. But above all, the vampire thought this was gorgeous. She got out with the few things she had brought over and her friend wished her good luck with a wink and drove off. Samantha would be picked up later. She made her way to the front door and rang the bell. It opened to reveal him and the two hugged with warmth and love before saying a word, blush coming onto their faces. "Hey there..." Nicholas whispered into her ear. "Doing alright?" "Yes," she softly replied. "So much more. Thanks for inviting me to your home." "Well, come on in." They stepped inside and Samantha's jaw dropped and her right hand went to her mouth. “Nicholas this is…” she gasped looking to him and then smiling. “This is wonderful!” That was due to the green, blue, and white surface for the entrance way. Looking showed a few doors and a spiraling staircase that went upstairs. There was a hallway that led to a backyard. There were even two cylinder shaped fish tanks in here. And there was a hint of gothic and castle like features in here to. "Thanks, I'm glad you like this," he replied with a smile. "Would you like the tour?" She nodded and he led the way upstairs which showed that there were a few bedrooms to the left and the rest were to the right. The colors in the entrance way were here to. “There’s seven bedrooms,” the male vampire explained going to the right. “They were made so I could have a number of my friends over and even my family if they wanted to come over. They each have their own bathroom and shower so we don't end up having to share one.” "Handy," Samantha commented. “Yes and as an added bonus, you can be as noisy as you want since these rooms are designed so sound doesn’t echo in this place. You can have a sense of privacy.” He then opened the door to the master bed room to show it was his really quickly then it was back downstairs and to the tanks. “These are so pretty!” the female vampire state aid looking and seeing the colorful fish and fake coral. There were some other structures in here that looked like ruins, castles, and temples. There were even dragon figurines in here and other symbols of vampires. Next came the kitchen which she also loved with the dinning room being next-door with a big table and chairs. Then came the hallway that led to small closets for storing things. It was also here that an office space had been set up where Nicholas could take care of paper work, calls, and other things like that. Then came the basement which had a place for pool, air hockey, a huge screen T.V. with a DVD player and gaming systems, a shelf with video games, and another for DVDs, a laundry room, and a few other things to keep the large house running. THere were even a couple of rooms here as well. "These are for the servants from my folk's house that come over to help me clean this place since even I need help," Nicholas explained. That was one thing Samantha had noticed was how clean and neat this whole place was. She was a neat freak despite being lazy. Seeing this left her even more impressed with the male vampire. They then went to another part of the basement that had the workout room that had free weights, a few machines, two bench press machines and even a treadmill here. “Hey this is great!” Samantha stated. “I can stay in shape here if I want to and do dancing!” “Yep it's why I had this built,” Nicholas said. “You’re free to use this room whenever you want while here.” It was then a quick run upstairs and then they were outside. Samantha could see the backyard with a wall surrounding it. There were a couple of trees with plenty of space with grass, and looking showed Nicholas’s bedroom window could look out at this. There was plenty of flowers and grass with the former benign to bloom with a good sized pool here and large grill with a good sized table, chairs, and lounge ones to sit at. However due to it being spring the pool was covered as it wasn't hot enough yet for swimming. Still the whole size of this was perfect for a good number of people. “I definilty will have to swim here when the time comes," the little female commented. “Yeah, and maybe join the pool parties I'll have this year," the long-haired male commented with a grin. He then took them to the living room where there was a fireplace, a couple of sofas, a table, and chairs, all matching the surface color which was the same as the entrance way like the rest of the house. She had also notice pieces of art were hanging on the walls, other antiques on stands, and a couple of swords that were medieval and katanas were around the house as well. It was here that Samantha met the servants who helped Nicholas clean this place. They were nice and very polite. And now it was time for fun to begin for them. X Whew! That was quiet a long chapter and there are still more pics to go. I'll try to get them all up but we'll see. 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