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does anyone know any guides on like, the most basic digital audio and music production stuff? like assume ive never done anything with digital audio before, bc i havent, and also have a rly hard or frustrating time figuring out computer stuff, witch i do, what guides or toutorials would you show me?
You'll want to look up tutorials for your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), learning how to use your workstation will be invaluable for learning everything else.
yo, finally got up the gall to join here since im pushing myself to do more stuff with my hobbies proper and downloading the izotope bundle. Sup my names flesh i sing kinda and write a lot of unfished lyrics and hopefully? actually sing them and make proper songs soon lmao.
Deckard Holiday
Hey all, just joined recently and figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Deckard, I'm a sound engineer by trade, mostly doing game audio and post production sound work! Trying to get into music production in my free time. If any of you need some help with mixing or anything feel free to hit me up... Read more…
hey, I'm new to the group and I wanna say is nice to meet ya
just call me Bert. I'm now a practising guitarist and owned a synthesizer, happy new years! Read more…
News feed test, this group exists! I wonder if I can find a way to open up permissions here for everyone so that this feed can be used for people to promote their new releases 🤔