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Leftist Furs

For the defeat of Capitalism and the betterment of all Mankind.

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Happy International Workers Day, everyone!

Hope its been a nice day for everyone so far.
Hey folks, I wanted to make some cool drawings for worker's day but I'm all out of ideas. So... Does anyone has any cool ideas for illustration to comemorate what people have achieved when working together against capitalism? Or maybe something to raise awareness about the need to cooperate... Read more…
That's a great question!

Honestly its been a rough string of years for everyone, the last two especially. Focusing on the necessity of organizing and unity and showing our small victories may be nice and refreshing for folks.

Lots of people drive themselves to negative nihilism in these times, to defeatism, to despair. We must combat this, to give up and be spiteful of the world only increases its immiseration.

Even for not politically active folks, im sure we have all seen peoples behavior as of late. Especially during this pandemic, especially in the US. It can make you feel scared of your fellow man.

This is no good for a working class movement, and only causes a cycle of immiseration culturally, where we eat ourselves apart.

This would be why I think a positive statement should be important to this piece if possible, to perhaps open peoples minds to collective healing - or at least comfort them in the thought.

Thanks for asking, good luck on the piece!
Every day I see the Bread Club group and I have to refrain myself from talking about The Conquest of Bread in there
Hello everyone, I saw a post earlier in the forums I had to remove due to breaking the rule about wrecking, but it brought up a legitimate concern in regards to including reactionaries in this space - so I will address it.

This space is currently designed around a mass, educational platform. A... Read more…
Hey everyone! I wanted to mention that the current logo and banner for the group are placeholders. While I think they are neat, historical items - they certainly aren't tailored to our fandom specifically (which would be my hope eventually). So if anybody knows of anything we could replace them... Read more…