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    From the album: Personal Art

    And now the act you've all been waiting for...
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    Art Fight attack to frozenstar1249 on Deviantart. Open YCHs: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery.....33490/Open-YCH Commission Info:https://www.furaffinity.net/commiss.....s/blacktiger5/ You can contact me on Furaffinityor on Twitter (@Blacktiger5_)
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    From the album: Dragon Worlds Calendar 2020

    This is the April picture from my new calendar project. My new dragon calendar is live onKickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dragonanatomy/dragon-worlds-calendar-2020 This pre-order is really exclusive. Each supporter will get an extra Dragon-Card from me. The first 50 will receive a signed edition!⠀ This is the start into a new year, with mystical worlds and fascinating dragons! ⠀ Available in many different languages & countries.⠀ Two Sizes: Small Dragon Worlds calendar: each page 28cm x 22cm (8.5”l x 11”) open 28cm x 44cm (8.5”l x 22”) ⠀ Large Dragon Worlds calendar: each page 36 cm x 28 cm (11”l x 14.25”) open 36 cm x 56 cm (11”l x 28.5”)⠀
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    From the album: June

    A quick little doodle of June enjoying some rain!
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    This is a thread all about awesome space ware. Issac Arthur's video essay on Space suits. Design wise spacesuits can tell you a lot about the setting. Their angularity sets visual tone and their bulk speaks to the level of technology. Here are a few i dig. Sharee yours and tell us what about their design grabs you!
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    From the album: Personal

    new oc
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