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    From the album: Pokemon

    Name: Ruko/ Roku Nickname: Ruko Age: 27 Height: Ditto/4 ft Dewott/4 ft Togekiss/ 5'6 Gender: Genderfluid-technically genderless Species: Ditto Hometown: Olivine City Birthdate: December 1st Nature: mischievous Personality: Balance is important to the soul. Ruko is a gentle but tough character. Coming from a traditional family, she has learned many lessons on balance. The inner warrior has many opposites and conflicts. That Ruko has yet to fully understand and sometimes ignores when it comes to themself. Whimsical at times yet stubborn and unmovable at others. She likes to let curiosity and wonder guide her as knowledge is important. Still learning when she's pushing it and having to flow with the river of life. Moving slow and enjoying herself. Books are a very easy way to get information and she will rarely turn one down especially if the information holds to the question they are asking at the time. If not, her resolve can even result in some sneaky forms of eavesdropping. While normally at ease, and allowing themselves to flow, Ruko is stubborn about her form as well as a few other things. and will not even admit to her reality on anything but a legal document. Especially since they know the truth. Her dewott form is much more rigid at time, choosing to usually to do something productive or train and practice things that they have learned growing up to stay centered. Competition easily getting their attention and luring them into situations not normally encountered. Her togekiss form is actually fairly timid in comparison to her normal persona. Not nearly as likely to actively share information or ask questions. Moveset: Transform Oshawott/dewott-Razor shell, aqua jet, night slash, fury cutter Togekiss: extreme speed, aura sphere, light screen, Dazzling gleam Ability: Imposter History: The buds of flowers were exploding into petals, a sign of spring, overtaking the land and bringing new life. However, in the dark of the night, bodies literally the halls, as if a murder was occurring. Yet no blood had been spilled, just many unconscious forms. Moving among the dark halls to the room with a crib. The babies being put next to each other resulted in one, turning into the other. A clone of the original, not a trait different. Whining when the other child and the dark figured disappeared from view. Never to see the figure with the new child. The family unsuspecting of the switched raised the young replacement as their own, unable to tell the difference at such a young age. The child became Ruko from than on. A family of Samurott, with many traditional habits and traditions. The arts, performance and combat, all displayed by the family. Martial arts tournaments, tea ceremonies, and even theatre such as kabuki. The family was part of a small network of clans that were to uphold older traditions as best as possible. Sure, some thing have been modernized but much was still the same. Water types were very common on house grounds. Ruko having learned many of these traits since infancy as was very quick to pick up anything that was taught. Private school was surprisingly modern despite the settings, making a great contrast for Ruko growing up. Computer and technology becoming more important to education, the family having the basic at home to allow the children to do homework and assignments in peace with easy access to help. Everything was normal up until those teenage years, the time of change for many. Many were experiences changes that Ruko herself was not exhibiting. The family was not concerned assuming a late bloomer. Ruko's worries seemed to start a transformation at school after being made fun of for hit. Laughing it off, she made it to the bathroom trying to keep everything down and noticed something odd in her fur. Excitedly touching at it, she realized it wasn't a patch of fur, it was ooze, and it spread slowly the more it worried her. Almost sending the teen into a frenzy. Driving her to skip the rest of the day and run away. The woods were a safe place away from any type of eye. Trying to meditate and think the problem away just didn't work. She was unaware of the search party looking for her and out of shock jumped into the river when she heard the voices of her family. She swam. A fear of being caught having taken hold of her. The paws of her father had gripped her and pulled her back up to the surface. To saw the least, Ruko had the biggest scare in her life in that one moment. After being set down, she saw her reflection in the water. The same as how it had always been. Never had she been so happy to look the same. Weeks afterwards, Ruko decided to test what she had seen. Having been losing form during little bits of time and having a half heart attack getting herself back into form. She was able to lose the Osha form and look like an off colored ditto... Having no-one to help with learning, she proceeded to try and turn into things. It really didn't work out. She wasn't even sure how she was able turn back into an oshawott. It was close to impossible for her to take any other form, just bits and pieces from her memory. Taking days out of her week to explore this power in the woods resulted in her discovering new things. However, a dead togekiss, idle and freshly killed from a battle with another feral, sat beside the river. Touching it as gross as it seemed, allowed her to become it but only for a while… it didn’t feel like a strong form, she needed more than to touch and so- A bite-and then more. Her body practically engulfed anything that was put into it. It was food after all just uncooked and as soon as she felt disgusted she also felt…. Full. Her form was solid, her genes stronger and doing what she could not before. At this point, it was running around flapping her arms as a feral and not at all getting off the ground, but it was a start. Learning the new form and flight was an ordeal in itself, as well as turning the form from feral to anthro, and with graduation of the school, they new at least how to stay in one of the two forms. A lot had been learned even with keeping what she had learned a secret and she felt all the better for that. SHe had felt it was time to move on, and set up herself to go to college away from home to learn more about the world and follow a career. And mostly take on odd jobs, despite having school paid for. Having pretty much a home to return to if anything happened. Ruko has been more interested in finding herself then settling down and expanding the family. She has drifted by springleaf by chance and is looking for herself in the city. Hobbies: Reading-Exploration-Swimming-Theatre-Combat (in formal settings)-Fishing trivia: Ruko is terrified if her family finding out she is a ditto and think it is a secret best kept. Ruko is actually from a wealthy family and most things have gone her way due to this. The manor has dewgong, slowbro, walrein, samurott,floatzel, and primarina lines. Ruko is fond of lighthouses Ruko is able to eventually take a feral creature she's devoured and turn it anthro. This does take a lot of trial and error on there part with the form. Sometimes limbs don't want to work in upright positions. She can also adjust and age the form forward from when she gained the form. Slowly of course. It's not easy for them to age cells to look older and will look for anything to help with the process including grabbing more information for others in that form. Ruko will not be known as a ditto unless she transforms or tells you. So unless your character is aware of what they are by her telling, being seen or mind reading. Ruko had pretty much unlearned how to use transform and is relearning how to use the natural ability of the ditto.
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    Soo I'm just gonna keep this as a bit pile of pokemon stuff even though I wouldn't treat them normally in the same category. I don't do to many pokemon anymore.
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    Weasyl✧FurAffinity✧DeviantArt✧Inkbunny✧Picarto✧Youtube Ko-fi✧Patreon✧Paypal Tip Jar✧Open YCHs✧Commission Prices Feel free to suggest tags/Keywords to my artwork. It is very much appreciated! Uluri © Uluri New pixel icon for myself for some of my art sites. Finally an icon of Human Uluri.
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    From the album: Pokemon

    I'll submit some meme things I did not show on da and what not here. WHy not.
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    Aleluya! It's raining men, aleluya! The user below was banned for microwaving aluminium.
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    Some OC designs from a while ago I wanted to spruce up!! Moth/beetle cross and mantis girls named Dottea and Dialup ✦✦✦ Interested in a Commission? I have > Commission Info ✦✦✦ ✦ Patreon|Ko-Fi✦ ✦ Art Tumblr|Twitter✦ [Do not repost my art on any website! Do not recolour and repostmy artwork it on any website !]
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