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    hey,, my name is marceline and i have like 1 furry friend. i need more furry friends that i could actually talk to about furry shit yknow? feel free to introduce & drop some contacts! i use discord & telegram. my telegram is sleepyvampires you'll have to ask for my discord for networking purposes: i draw for p cheap and i also do nsfw content if you'd like to have a friend who you can readily art trade/commission
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    Hi! I can never have enough furry friends! I can only have furry friends online since I'm the only furry near me. I hope you're having a great day/night/whatever time it is for you!
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    I've never played it but i've watched a few youtube videos of people playing it. I really like the music that fans make for the game! The music is so creepy and it's even better when people animate a video for the music!
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    Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 40 cm Tabitu is a character I created very spontaneously. After a very inspiring day I decided to sit down and paint something colorful, expressive and fast. I ended up spending few hours on it and making way more detailed painting than I expected. I called her Tabitu, she's a calm traveler and a wild beast at the same time. She travels between worlds, dimensions and realities. Head is based on african grey parrot. Body is feline, a jaguar-like. She has no wings.
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    Full HD NSFW versions are available on my discord by supporting me in Patreon https://www.patreon.com/join/blitzdrachin? (in case you cannot enter my discord, PM me on patreon) By supporting me on patreon this month (February 2020), you get: $5 tier: -Comic pages: Page 20, page 21, page 22, page 23. -Access to private art streams on my discord server Gay Lucario x Charizard Gangbang on F Vaporeon Gay Helioptile x Heliolisk Straight Lucario x Lucario Female NSFW version of this pic. $10 tier: -Pics from previous months (HD Version). -Everything from $5 tier but including the alt gay/straight version of this pic. (male version on this case) -Access to all my comics (HD Version). $25 tier: -Everything, including all my animations! Posted using PostyBirb
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    Do we display our OCs or not? I hope I don't come off as rude, because Im curious!
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    You can if you like!
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    Ay, new here and bored. Being bored is sorta why I'm here at all honestly so, if anything down there looks like something you could chill with then hit me up. Anyways! The goods I'm Redd, 18, single, use any pronouns and I'm *cough cough* distressed gay. I want to be an author so bad it hurts, it's my number one passion and all I think I was made to do (in a good way). I'm an avid character creator and I take it very seriously, I'd even go so far as counting character creation as an art since not everyone can do it well and it takes practice to do "right". But I won't rant about that cause I could go on forever honestly~ I'm a gore enthusiast!! Not in a weird way, I just really think that that stuff is fascinating to look at and I have an obsession with understanding negative emotions like pain or suffering so- i just think it's neat~ Oh and i'm obviously edgy as hell. Sorry about that. I can tone it down if you ask since I know not everyone can stomach or feel comfortable around people talking emo and gore bs. Other stuff about me: - clinically have anxiety, depression and ADD. I mention this only to prove that I have the doctor's note that says I know what that stuff is like. I'm a big mental illness awareness advocate but that means I crack down hard on people that don't know the difference between sad and depressed or people using mental illness as a personality trait. I think it's an awful thing that a lot of people don't fully understand so they make mistakes by self diagnosing themselves and that gets confusing and can take away credibility towards people with actual illnesses. BUT!!! I'd absolutely love to help you if you feel bad!! I'm not the best at comforting people but I have a good idea of the type of stuff to say that might make you more at ease and I really don't want anyone to have to deal with that stuff alone if I can help it! Even if you aren't mentally ill, I'd love to help~ - I LOVE CATS. The only kind of gore i can't handle even a little is irl animal gore. Well, with pets at least. I hate seeing animals hurt;; - my recent fav aesthetics are: scenecore, coffincore, grunge gore (obviously), cult/heretic aesthetics (also obviously) and voodoo with a hint of neon tokyo vibes in there somewhere (i love japanese aesthetics so much;; ) - i dont believe in kin stuff. just a personal opinion. i wont bother you or question what you think but i, personally, call bs so i'll probably be less likely to talk to you if that takes up like most of your conversations due to the fact i have nothing to really say about that stuff;; - i live in jesus country aka southern america and yet i am. not religious at all. but feel free to believe what you want - i'm gonna be a psych major in the fall~ - i have one inside cat but we have at least seven barn cats that have been drop offs at our farm;; we love them all even if we didn't ask for them because there's no such thing as a bad cat~ Also have a kitten named Egg and she's the best girl in the world - I RP!! My furry characters at least. Which is all i'm gonna put here so my human writing oc are safe lol - I watch edgy anime from time to time like devilman crybaby, tokyo ghoul, castlevania or black butler. I don't stray out of pretty looking stuff often r.i.p - for someone that can handle irl gore just fine, i hate needles and have a fear of the dark. I get vertigo easily but I dont count it as a fear of heights. Also hate spiders cause. Frickin' hellions. I?? Think that's all I'm feeling apt to put here so...see some of you around!
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    do u have a telegram or discord? owo
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    My sona is Snowey. He's pretty antisocial, but he will talk your ear off once you get to know him. I've got a ref for him, but I need to rework it, haha!
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    It's 7 days since joining, and 50 content items or more.
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    Hi there, Im chloe I came from FA, though im active on there as well as on facebook, twitter, telegram Im pretty friendly and I love making new friends as well as going to some cons I live in the upper midwest in illinois. Midwest furfest is my home con! My sona is a pink and white foxy who loves playing in shaving foam. Ways to reach me: Telegram @Chloefoxie FA: Chloefoxie Twitter: @Chloefoxie
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