Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 0

Fighting for others Freedom

The Egalitarian Crusaders or EC for short, are a small yet powerful force with the most advance technology. Their origins came from the technological nation called Excalavon. Excalavon was a dictatorship where the people suffer and the elite thrive. A powerful and wise Kitsune called Shelia founded the EC and successfully rebel against the dictator call Kizer the ruthless bear. Now Excalavon is now a democracy where the people live equity utopia. Shelia was force to retire due to mental health declining. Before Shelia retired she past the torch to her successor. Her successor is called WarWolf and now he leads the Crusaders.

The Egalitarian Crusaders wanted the world to be free but WarWolf knows that equity can't spread every where be cause the hatred will be here and greed will overtake some. EC wanted to share their tech to impoverish nations so they can finally thrive. Purify corrupted government that refuse to serve their people. Dictators will die and people will become free. They'll encourage others to fight for liberty and create happiness.

Egalitarian Crusaders wanted to ensure that no one suffers under brutal dictatorship. Monarchs will be force to care for their, not to noble elites. EC believes that no one should go hungry, suffer slowly to lack of healthcare, or be mistreated like a lesser being. The world have plenty of room to grow. Science and progress will prevail. Excalavon will bring reach the stars, bring new resources and expand to other worlds.

Right now their are 23,000 nukes in two superpower country's. Those country are Democratic-Republic of Amkana, the corrupted democracy and Union Federation of Rapolo the corrupted oligarchic. They each have 11,500 nukes and are very hostile to each other. WarWolf worries that they will destroy the world but EC doesn't have the numbers yet. They will be the endgame and their nukes will be dismantle. EC will make sure no country has a nuke. Uranium will only use to provide power not to kill others.
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