Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 1

The First Crusade​

WarWolf is about to began his first crusade. The target country is Yetboto and corrupt Prime Minster Gavie the lazy bird. It's a multi-island nation where 1.2 million people live and it notorious for it's cruel prison system. It also keep people in jail for years for those who are awaiting trial. People are very neglect so bad that crime rate is high. WarWolf will start the uprising at the biggest prison. It's called Deep Steel, where all escape attempts have failed and riots are suppress quickly.

WarWolf send in Breaker squad to break in Deep Steel and set up a mortar team out side to take out those towers. They sneak inside through the storage area. They move quickly to the control room and free the prisoners. Breaker squad override the prisons lockdown and order the mortar team to destroy the towers. Breaker squad lead the prisoners away and establish a forward operating base. WarWolf came to the base with reinforcements and starts looking for strategic targets.

Their are multiple poor areas that are need of utilities. WarWolf have send in relief supplies and utility workers in to provide electricity and clean water. Some of the poor wanted to fight. EC are gaining support fast and could be start a uprising. Two days later their is civil unrest and 3 weeks later their is organize militia. WarWolf have train them well enough to overthrow the Military Police. These poor area are important because where raw material is process and now Yetboto have lost it to its people.

Two more major targets. The Capital city: Yanavo and Fort Forge a massive military base with a few experimental weapons. WarWolf will send two battalions to the targets but first to smaller base must be taken out. 5 air base must be taken out before WarWolf can send in the Battalions. Fast light armored vehicle are being sent in to deal with the air bases. The vehicle being sent are called Raptors. It's top speed is 155 mph(250 kph), equip with twin 7.62 medium machine guns and its armor can take 40mm High explosive grenades.

Multiple squads of Raptor are now being sent to the air bases. Their objectives is to destroy enemy aircraft so that EC attack helicopters can neutralize the rest. They moved in destroy any aircraft that was about to take off. Raptors destroy the rest that are in hangers. One of the Raptor squad saw something in the distance, something massive. After they destroy the enemy aircraft they reported to WarWolf and told them about the massive object in the distance. WarWolf send in a recon drones to see what they saw. The massive object is airborne aircraft carrier and it's head towards the FOB. WarWolf grew agitated and decide capture it. WarWolf will lead a platoon to capture it. They took the a VTOL to get their

WarWolf launch a attack on the carrier. He order a launch of a few cluster missiles to destroy the SAMs. WarWolf and his platoon boarded the carrier, order half of the platoon to secure the aircraft and arsenals while the rest will take the bridge and reactors. Unfortunately enemy reinforcements kept coming and WarWolf hold him off until the platoon secure the objectives. They were well-trained but Crusaders are better. Hostile have started to abandon carrier. They have secure the carrier. It's now called Wing-Diver. It will be use to support the battalions assault

WarWolf started to briefing the Battalions.
"Listen up! 1st Battalion will assault Fort Forge. Capture or destroy any enemy vehicles and eliminate the base commanders and high-ranking officers. 2nd Battalion will assault the capital and capture Prime Minster Gavie so he can order his military to stand down. Do not cause any unnecessary damage to the capital. You can only attack buildings with hostile in it. The airborne carrier Wing-Diver will provide air support to both battalions. The assault will start in three days, so get ready!"

--Three Days later--

Its early in morning. The battalions wake up, they eat breakfast, eat until they are full. WarWolf hopes that there will be a victory today.

WarWolf got on the radio to issue a order "Attention! This is WarWolf, all battalions start the assault now! GO GO GO!"

Both battalions got in their vehicles and aircraft and head out. WarWolf is in the command center corroding the assault. The battalions tear through the enemy lines as they push ruthlessly.

"Zeta 0-1 to Wing-Diver. We spotted multiple enemy helicopters at the parliament try to evac that prime minster. We can NOT reach there. Requesting Fighters to disable them.

"This is Wing-Diver, request confirm. Two fighters are on their way to the capital."

Fighters went to intercept and fire missiles load with EMP at Gavie copters, he can't go anywhere now and now trap. 2nd battalion push more aggressive and manage to capture the capital but 1st battalion still fighting hostiles at Fort Forge.

"1st Battalion Commander Finser to WarWolf, we are engaging large amount of enemy armor and low on AT weapons and ammo. We need more AT weapon and air support.

"This is WarWolf, request granted! I'm sending copters with your weapons and I order Wing-Diver to focus all attention to hostile at Fort Forge"

WarWolf send a large group of utility helicopters to send in weapons to the battalion. Wing-Diver send in dive bombers to destroy enemy tanks. When the battalion got their AT weapons they unloaded quickly and fire away. The dive bombers and the battalion quickly sweep away the enemy armor. Now Yetboto is secure and it's time to reform the government and cleanse its corruptions.

It took 6 months to clean up Yetboto. Everyone at Yanavo has been replace with more democratic leaders. Yetboto people now have improve its conditions. Crime reduced greatly due to rehabilitation, Deep Steel have shut down and dismantle. The Egalitarian Crusaders left to go home. Now they decide their next crusade for freedom.
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