Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 2

The Cry for Help​

After pulling out from Yetboto and go back home to Excalavon. EC are now looking for a next target. Looking which country that with plenty of corruption, rights violations or imperials. But first WarWolf must meet Excalavon's President Kassdra Eve. It's a reward ceremony on his victory Yetboto.

WarWolf arrived at the reward ceremony, he saw some the people of Yetboto applauded and troops saluted to him. He went on stage and stand in attention. The applauds settled down and troops at ease. President Eve and Former EC Leader Shelia appeared on stage.

President Eve give her speech
"Hello everyone, I hope your having a lovely evening. Tonight we are here celebrate WarWolf first victory, his liberation on Yetboto. Our influence is already spreading and we will rise against every tyrants who free only themselves but enslaved the people. We will unite the world against tyranny. We will create the technology and machines too create happiness"

WarWolf give a few words.
"To the people of Yetboto, I hope you create a brighter future for your nation. Please do not waste this opportunity. You have such wonderful potential. Do not ignore your past, it the gateway to your future."

WarWolf went home and plan for his next crusade

--Two days later--

Two aircraft head towards Excalavon's restricted airspace, they barely stayed in the air then crashed land on a civilian airfield. Both pilots are critically injured but they survived. They were taken to the medical brig for now and they will be question. Excalavon National Guard secure both damage aircraft. The airfield was quickly repair and went back to normal business.

WarWolf went to the medical brig where the two pilots are and demanding answers.

"You two have enter restricted airspace. I need to know who you are and why you violated airspace.

"Technical Sargent Datar Samson of Orovlovskia Aerial Force." The first pilot answered.

"First Sargent Ashes Sharpfire of Fire Kingdom Phoenix Force. We were sent to Excalavon to call for help hoping the EC will help us to fight the Imperial Onslaught. Our leaders went missing. Please help us." The second pilot answered.

"I'll help your nations and rescue your leaders. Tell last location of your leader."

The pilots give WarWolf Map data on leaders last known positions. WarWolf is preparing EC to move out. EC Navy and Marines will head east to reach the shores of Orovlovskia and work our way up north towards the Fire Kingdom. Meanwhile the airborne-carrier Wing-Diver will find the leaders and dispatch a elite squad lead by WarWolf.

WarWolf brief the elite squad called "Tracker."
"Listen up we are looking for two VIPs. High Minster Bluenevolent, a blue protogen with a strong desire justice and King Pyro, a black and red pyromancer cat with a strong command of fire. Both of them are deep in Imperial Onslaught territory. We'll be landing 15 miles at their last known positions. We'er going to land so ready your weapons."

WarWolf and Tracker squad landed and proceed to move forward. When they arrived they hear an active firefight going on. They are still and putting up a fight. They only have about 8 body guards. WarWolf and Tracker squad rush in to rescued them. The Imperial forces surrounded them. WarWolf and his squad took Imperials by surprised and kill them all. Now the area was secured WarWolf approach to High Minster Bluenevolent and King Pyro.

"Thank you for reusing us. I assume that you a plan to get us out." Said Bluenevolent

"I do but first the medic will patch both of your injuries." WarWolf replied and order the medic to heal Bluenevolent and Pyro

"I don't get I thought EC hated Monarchs. I help me too?" Pyro asked

"It's true that EC hate monarchs but you are not like the other monarchs who don't care about the suffering of their people. You are the few monarchs that take care of your people and don't let power get in their head." WarWolf answered

Pyro was surprised by his answered but also liked it. They have reach the landing zone. Two VTOL transports have arrived. Everyone made it out okay. Bluenevolent and Pyro injuries are healing okay. Everyone arrived at Wing-Diver to ensure that VIPs are will heal faster. WarWolf planned his next move to push the Imperial Onslaught out. WarWolf need Pyro and Bluenevolent help coordinate better defense and launch a counter-attack until EC reinforcements have arrived. Both them agreed in cooperate. WarWolf establish communication to their generals and organize their forces.

Meanwhile EC Fleet Admiral Gils, a fearsome shark is have been trying push through the Onslaught Blockade so that EC marines can reach the Orovlovskia eastern shores. She had to contact WarWolf to send in Wing-Diver to destroy Onslaught ships. Unfortunately WarWolf was not able to send Wing-Diver due to two VIPs on board but sent fully loaded attack jets and fighters.

WarWolf send in two squadrons. Attack jet "Arclight" squadron and Fighter "Zoom" squadron. Arclight squad will focus on destroying Onslaught ships and Zoom squad will cover Arclight to ensure their success. They are on their way help. When they arrived the saw large amounts of Warships. Admiral Gils order both squadrons to focus on the cruisers and destroyers. They fly at low attitudes to avoid being a massive target. As both squadrons destroying the Onslaught warships, they started to retreat. The Onslaught fleet is in full retreat. Admiral Gils fleet head towards the eastern shores of Orovlovskia.

Admiral Gils contacted a general named "Samson" to send his marines. The EC marines head rapidly capture the Eastern shores advance 100 miles west and they used the rivers as an advantage to cut them off by using attack boats to harass them. Now the rest of EC troops are push will push back Onslaught. Some EC troops headed up north towards the Fire Kingdom to also kick Onslaught out. They have been giving specialize combat uniforms by the Fire Kingdom Royal Army due to environment not suitable anyone not resistant to 145F(62C) it will keep the EC troops cool.

At Orovlovskia, EC troops ensuring stability within the states. Civilians militants put up fight against Onslaught. Those people have a strong dire of justice. They work together and hard to keep Onslaught on their toes and they respect each other. The people of Orovlovskia are very cooperative to each other. That's how EC troops easily push Onslaught out. Shorty after they were push out, EC started to repair Orovlovskia and try put this federal parliamentary republic back together but it will take while due to being a complex system. Bluenevolent return to his Capital house where so that he can unity the people and the government.

High Minster Bluenevolent united the other states. They listen, listen to each other regardless of political party. The states work together and instead of act foolish to support their view like any typical politician. Bluenevolent have his mind on his people and refuse to be corrupted or bride to deviate his will to help his people. Value his people over money.

Meanwhile at the Fire Kingdom, EC troops have a harder time moving towards the environment but thanks to Royal Fire Army they help EC troops to the best routes. Thanks to their special forces called Pyromancers they make sure EC troops are safe from hazardous environment due to a strong command of fire and lava. Onslaught have brought Cyro-base weapons. This have cause plenty of damage to the Fire Kingdom thermal power-plants. It was cold as dry ice but Pyromancers manage to melt it all and restart the power-plants. King Pyro return to his palace and started to established order.

King Pyro controls all political power. Despite having all the power in his nation he still care about his people unlike other monarch who only care about other wealthy people. His people love him greatly. Despite being a monarch the people live freely and is well care for. Some Crusaders are wary of King Pyro, thinking that one day that power will get in his head/

EC spent a year pushing the Imperial Onslaught out of Orovlovskia and the Fire Kingdom. Onslaught fully retired back to their homeland and on the defense. EC is preparing a full on invasion ready.
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