Egalitarian Crusaders Chapter 3

Imperial Onslaught Fall​

After three weeks EC push Onslaught out of the Fire Kingdom and Orovlovskia, they prepare to invade Onslaught lands. Capture their capital "Nemesis" and Emperor Orcono. Emperor Orcono is a very egotistical loud mouth Fox. WarWolf send in several recon units to find any strategic targets and they found a lot. EC troops have received their ZG-8 Main Battle Tank and EW-7 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. ZG-8 have a 125mm cannon, 20mm autocannon turret and .50cal HMG. EW-7 have a 25mm cannon, medium machine gun turret and carry eight passengers. WarWolf loved the new vehicle.

Now EC is almost ready to invade. Before the invasion starts, all recon units sent locations of strategic targets to artillery units and attack jets squadrons. Artillery focus on fortified defenses. Attack Jets squadrons focused on factories, outpost and bases. Bombardment lasted about 5 hours. EC is now ready.

"WarWolf to Invasion force. You are clear to move in and attack Imperial Onslaught forces. Go go go!"

EC troops head out. EC troops do their best to trying not to cause unnecessary destruction because these are peoples homes and jobs. EC troops push rapidly in their lands, the resistance is mild, Onslaught forces keep falling back and some have surrendered. As EC push in deeper, Onslaught grows more desperate. They fired mortars at EC troops to slow their advance at the cost of their own forces. They done more damages to their own forces then EC troops.

"Recon Zeta 2-1 to WarWolf, Come in WarWolf!"

"This is WarWolf, what is it?"

"We spotted Amkana Army and Rapolo Army have near Imperial Onslaught land's and approaching rapidly. I suggest you send bombers to destroy to bridges to slow their advance."

"Affirmative, laser-mark the bridges so bombers can drop guided bombs"

"Understood sir, were marking the targets now"

WarWolf called in multiple bombers with fighter escorts to destroy the brigades. He order them to hurry. Imperial Onslaught is falling apart and WarWolf does not want Amkana and Rapolo get any of Onslaught lands. WarWolf also ordered EC troops to hurry. Bombers have flew fast, drop their guided bombs and destroyed all bridges that Amkana and Rapolo to advance. EC troops have finally made it towards the capital Nemesis and Captured Emperor Orcono. Of course Orcono was not happy, he kept yell, screaming profanity and very enrage.

EC troops founded valuable intel on Onslaught scientist. WarWolf send out special forces to capture them. Unfortunately Amkana and Rapolo have found another way in to Onslaught lands. They are rapidly capturing their land. EC special forces manages to capture but 5 out 7 of the scientists but Amkana got one and Rapolo got one. Despite of EC best efforts the only manage to secure 2/3 of Onslaught lands. Orcono is answer for his War crimes. Crimes against peace, wanton destruction, and attacking his own allies. He was sentence to 30 years of prison and he'll be headed to Federal War Prison at Excalavon.

WarWolf setup a video conference. He'll be contacting his superior Excalavon President Eve. The Conference started

"WarWolf, what happened at Imperial Onslaught" President Eve asked.

"Amkana and Rapolo showed up unexpected and tried my best to halt their advance without harming them but those parasites took 1/3 of Onslaught and two scientist" WarWolf reply.

"Secure the boarders. I don't want any surprise attacks from those two idiots. Relief supplies will be sent to you. You know what to do."

"Understood Ma'am, I'll get the job done. WarWolf out" The video conference end

WarWolf focus in rebuilding and aiding these people. WarWolf wanted rename this land. Imperial Onslaught is now Harmonvolent. The people were very appreciative on their liberation. Several people rise up to become leaders and politicians. WarWolf was unable to completely pull EC troops out of Harmonvolent due to Amkana and Rapolo being a potential threats. A garrison have been deploy to guard the broader between Harmonvolent and what's left over on of Imperial Onslaught.

Now WarWolf will make new plans for the Egalitarian Crusaders to grow.
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