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The Prayer

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Cel had heard so many different prayers, ones from blessings for their families to even blessings for a murder. Of course, Celcius never answered those. But this one was different, one much more wholesome.


“My friend has cancer and I wish for it to be me instead. She doesn’t deserve it and I want her to have a full life. While I, well, I have nothing to offer for this world. No one will miss me. But she has so much to give. Please, Celcius, goddess of our great forest. Please hear my prayer and save her.” 


Celcius was taken aback when she had heard this prayer. Never before had she heard such pleading and even desperation. She wondered if this is what true love looked like, and even felt like. She sat near her shrine, tails feathers rustling with the wind as she ran a talon along the concrete that was the foundation. She was thinking, thinking of what to do with this prayer. She wanted to answer it, to fulfill this duty. But a part of her told her that what if this person did not deserve to die? After another brief moment of collecting her plan, she decided that she would pay this mortal a visit. Her great wings spread wide as she walked into the middle of her clearing. They swooped down with great force, the sound like a sonic boom. Now in the air, Celcius let her wings stay spread as she flew towards the village of her followers. It won’t be hard to find them. She just hoped that they hadn’t done anything to themselves yet.

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