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Part 1 - Giving In



As the cool wind caressed his dark fur, Jinx's sobs grew heavier. It had been two days now since the passing of his beloved mother, and the pain still burned inside of him. Every time he felt the sorrow recede, her glimmering green eyes would appear in his mind and he would fall to pieces once more. Here behind their familial home where he had spent his youth, taunting his sisters and learning to hunt with his father, he felt that his grief would finally abate. If his tears could nurture the woods where he had lived almost his entire life, then perhaps his sadness would amount to something worthwhile.  

        Jinx knew it sounded dumb, but he could not shake the feeling that here among the trees he was not alone in the pain. The very air seemed charged with the sound of weeping, almost as if the grounds themselves pined for the vixen's return. A light rain began to fall, matting Jinx's dark fur and making beautiful music against the parched leaves of the myriad of trees- now even the heavens shed tears for the flame that had been extinguished. Here in his solitude, it seemed the whole world related to his pain. 

        It was as he sat reflecting on the fun times with his mother that he heard the first whisper. 

        It began as a light chuckle, a faint laugh just behind his ears. He sat upright and looked around, sniffling softly, but his keen eyes saw no living being. Jinx turned back and kept his ears strained for any noise outside of the rain.  

  "Tell me, handsome, why are you so sad?" 

The voice he heard was gentle and sultry, almost a deep purr. It was strikingly feminine, and called to mind images of soft sheets and hushes trysts. Even in the midst of the tragedy, he could feel something stirring inside him, something that was not pain or sadness. Something primal.

         Jinx turned his head, his brown eyes falling upon a pair of shining silver orbs watching him from the darkness of the woods. The fox rose to his feet and approached the otherworldly lights with caution, his tears forgotten for the moment as his curiosity got the better of him. 

  "Is... Is someone there? You're trespassing on my property, and if you don't get the hell out of here I'll-"  

        The orbs began to move closer, towards a bright shaft of moonlight filtering through the green canopy above. They were the eyes of a voluptuous seemingly-human woman, whose violet skin glistened with droplets of rain. Fine scales adorned most of her tender flesh. She was swathed in a sheer black gown that left nothing to the imagination, the gossamer cloth fluttering softly in the breeze. Everything about her was sensual, from the way her hips swayed when she walked to the perfect pout of her black lips. Underneath Jinx's sorrow the flame of lust bloomed large enough to block out all other emotions. He wanted this strange creature with every fiber of his being, but he knew better; he must restrain himself.  

There were bigger issues at hand. 

  "I... My apologies, miss. I wasn't aware... I am weeping for my mother. She- she passed away. We were very close."

 The woman nodded and reached for his arm, taking it in her slender hands. Her flesh was hot to the touch. She led him over to the fallen log he had been resting on and gestured for him to take a seat. She went behind him and began to massage his muscular shoulders, a consoling look upon her flawless features.

   "That must be awful for you and your family. Do you need to talk about it?"

 Jinx shook his head.

   "No offense to you, miss, but I'm not much of a touchy-feely sort of person. I prefer to keep my feelings to myself, if it's all the same."

   "Believe me, Jinx," she said softly, "I understand. I'd still love to help, though, in any way I can..."

 Jinx was very keenly aware of the feel of her breasts pressed against his back. Her nipples were pert beneath the soft drape.

   "...It was cancer, you know. She'd had a brain tumor for years and we never knew. We weren't poor, by any means. We had insurance. She just refused to go in... By the time her vision failed, we were too late.  None of us questioned her clumsiness or pain- she'd take painkillers, but we just assumed it was for the usual aches of her age. No one in her family has had any form of cancer, and my father's side is clean too. I just don't understand it, miss...?"


 Jinx paused, looking back at her with curiosity.

   "That's a rather unique name."

   "I'm a rather unique woman," she replied with a smirk.

 "Please continue with your story. I'm dying to hear more."

 Jinx sighed.

   "There's not much more to hear, thankfully. The doctors claimed to work hard, blah blah, all they could do, terminal, et cetera. I know, right? I understand how deadly cancer is. I know there isn't a cure. That doesn't make it hurt any less. No matter how hard they tried, they would get nowhere. Why bother telling us they did when it was useless?"

 Jinx hung his head, his black hair falling into his eyes. His shoulders slumped. Ylluurieth leaned in close to his ear, her lush lips soft against his fur.

   "Do you think she suffered, Jinx? Do you think she begged for release in the end? ...She did, Jinx. She asked them to remove her IV and let her bleed out. She was wasting away and she didn't want her family to see. How does that make you feel, my little fox? Your mother thought you would be ashamed if you saw her broken, fragile, and worthless. She would rather die than say goodbye as her brain devoured itself."

 Jinx whirled around, knocking her hands away.

   "Shut your mouth. My mother was strong. My mother was brave."

 Ylluurieth laughed, her silver eyes dancing in their sockets.

   "Oh, my poor child... Your mother was weak. She was a pathetic excuse for a vixen. The world is better off without her, wouldn't you agree?"

 The fox struck at her, his claws begging for blood. No one would get away with insulting his saintly mother, not even someone as beautiful as the woman before him. She dodged his attack with the barest effort, smiling as he glared hatefully.

   "Have I struck a nerve? I'm sorry. I've crossed the line. Will you forgive me?"

 She made a face like a sad dog, batting her eyelashes and pouting her dark lips at the black-furred fox. His rage would not be distracted, however. He lunged for her with a roar, aiming for her throat with his powerful paws. She sidestepped again and placed a hand between his bare shoulder blades. Jinx halted in his tracks, staring at her with wide-eyed terror.

   "What have you done to me?!"

 His hatred was being forced down, buried beneath a sea of hot lust and morbid inquisitiveness. He had no control over his emotions- it was obvious who did. Ylluurieth. She smiled and tipped him a knowing wink.

   "I want to help you Jinx, I really do, but in order to be of any assistance you need to let me in. I can show you things that will change your world and drive your pain away. Will you allow me to, Jinx? Will you allow me to ease the suffering? Will you let me in to your soul?"

 Jinx chewed at his lip. The woman's strange mannerism shifts troubled him, but he could not ignore the desire lurking in the corners of his mind. If he allowed her to read his innermost emotions, something so intimate to him that he had never even spoken of his emotions to anyone else, what would she think of him? He turned to her and gritted his teeth.

   "Al... alright, Ylluurieth. What do I need to do?"

   "Relax, my pet. Just feel. That's all I need you to do."

 She placed an elongated hand on his head and began to chant softly in a language utterly alien to him.

        Everything was bathed in a dark red glow. Nearby he could hear a river rushing furiously past, along with a rhythmic pounding as if of a tribal drum. He tingled from head to toe. Suddenly a white-hot agony lanced through the very core of his being- something was chewing on his arm. Jinx tried to turn and look, but he could not; he was rooted in place by some form of tether. Thousands of tiny needles tore into his flesh, exposing his vital workings to the general bacteria lurking in the warm liquid nestling his trapped body. He tried to scream, but he could not. He wasn't sure if he remembered how. Memories began to fade and the tingling grew stronger as lightning arced above him. Blackness began to overtake him as senses misfired and functions were forgotten. Everything was spinning. His vision was beginning to dim. He felt as though he were melting, burning in a lake of molten steel. He was frying. He was dying. His host was dying too. He fought back weakly, twisting and writhing as he tried to devour the insufferable trespasser. He threw everything he had at the attacking mass, but he was too late. His body shuddered once as the blackness coated him completely, and then he was suffocating.

        Two men in long white coats sat around a wooden table, lightly sipping at steaming mugs of coffee. The circles beneath their eyes were dark. One of them was human, the other was a stoat. Papers were strewn across the table, various carts and test results with the image of a beautiful vixen gracing the margins. This woman is Jinx's mother, and these two men were her doctors. One was an oncologist, the other a neurologist, and both were severely overworked. The human sighed deeply and took a long drink while the stoat watched him intently.

         "You know there's nothing we can do, right Jeff? These nineteen hour shifts are just going to make it harder on us to keep her strong. Why don't we call it quits? It's terminal, there's nothing we do now save for making her comfortable on the way out."

        The human nodded; his expression somber.

         "I feel so awful for her family, Creed. You can tell in their eyes, especially that boy of hers, how important she is to them. It makes me feel, I dunno, useless. I can't stand to see a fine family suffer like that. I know it's beyond our control, but-"

          Creed held up a hand to interrupt the good neurologist.

          "Jeff, if we just keep her numb we are doing more good than we ever will by tearing our hair out all night. Believe me."

 Jeff turned his blue eyes down to his mug and sat in silence, watching the steam twist and curl as it escaped the scorching liquid.

  "I... You're right, Creed. That poor woman has suffered enough. I'll start a higher dose in her drip tonight, and she'll drift off into a warm eternal sleep feeling no pain. There's no way you can ever understand how much I hate doing this, but... if we don't, she'll beg us to in the end anyway. Everything will be better for her this way."

 He stood up and abandoned his unfinished coffee. Jinx could feel himself being pulled away from the scene as the doctors faded from his view

 Doctor Jeff paused in the doorway, and turned back to his furry companion.

   "Besides... Fuck that old bag." He grinned maniacally.

 Jinx howled, hatred coursing through his veins as he tried to leap toward the pair.

   "They didn't even TRY to help her... they KILLED her! I knew it, I knew it all along, those bastards!"

 Before he could dwell on the betrayal of these two trusted medical officials any further, the world was shifting again. He could feel his lunch churning in his stomach as it threatened to revolt against him. As he fought to keep his feet steady, he found himself falling prone regardless. The thick smell of wet earth and rotting flesh assaulted his sensitive snout, and he retched. Hot bile rushed from his mouth and splashed against the still form lying beside him, coating its tattered gown in a warm, sickly mess. Jinx tried to sit up, only to bash his head against solid wood. He was trapped beneath the earth.

         As his eyes adjusted to the blackness, Jinx could see that the shape beside him was a body. It was feminine, from the curves and head of lush brown hair, and vaguely familiar to the young fox. He leaned in closer, stopping an inch from where the body's head rested and gazing over the marking on her brown fur. There was a patch of red fur behind her left ear, hidden by a lock of dark hair. Jinx screamed.

         Before his eyes the flesh of his mother began to rot and wither, crumbling and melting and filling the tiny casket with the stench of death. Jinx vomited again, the muscles of his stomach clenching painfully as tears streamed down his face. The corpse's eyes opened wide and she smiled, turning to face him. She was missing four of her upper teeth.

  "Jinx, my poor baby... stay down here with mommy forever. You'll love it. Stay with me, sleep with me, and lay by my side while the earth rots and burns. We will be happy forever, Jinx, and your sisters will join us beneath the soils. We'll be a family until the last star dies, here below the corpse lights. Will you do it, baby? Will you keep me company?"

 A desiccated claw shot forth and latched on to his wrist, pulling him closer to the waste-soaked corpse as he scrambled and kicked in a vain effort to free himself from his reanimated mother. His screams were shrill and mindless as he struggled, lashing out wildly, trying to beat the monstrosity back to its eternal slumber. He was gaining no ground. Jinx managed to bust the coffin open, sending rancid earth flooding over the pair. It wound its way into Jinx's nostrils, spilling into his lungs like the sands of time.

         When Jinx opened his eyes he was kneeling in the moonlit forest once more. Ylluurieth knelt beside him with her hands resting upon his sweat-soaked back, her eyes alight with molten silver. Jinx threw his arms around her and began to sob, overcome with emotion. His nightmare was over, and she was here to comfort him. The exotic woman stroked his hair and shushed him, grinning to herself as his shoulders shook with his cries.

   "My god, Ylluurieth, it... It was awful. I saw such terrible things!  My mother's reanimated corpse, the doctors, the tumor... It was horrible. Please, just, just hold me..."

She obliged him willingly, placing his head against her bosom. As she breathed he could feel the heat of her skin beneath her ornate wrapping, and he began to forget his terror. Her scent was intoxicating; like lilacs after the dawn's first dew. Every inch of her was smooth, soft, and glistening with a fine sheen from the rain. A drop of water fell upon her collar bone. Jinx was keenly aware of it as it traced its way down the curve oh her breast and dripped to her exposed naval. The warmth was back, flooding his loins and spreading toward his extremities.

 She was beautiful.

 Another fell, this time choosing to alight on her breast itself. Before he could restrain himself he ran his tongue over her flesh and caught it, savoring the taste of her skin. The damage had been done. He lowered his muzzle and began to suckle her violet-hued teat. His hands kneaded the meat of her flesh, massaging while he lapped and nibbled at her perked nipple.

   "Take me, Jinx. Embrace the feelings inside of you. Join with me tonight, before the gods themselves, and become unstoppable!"

         Ignoring most of her strange speech the fox tore his pants from his body and set upon her, tearing his claws through the gossamer cloths and kissing every inch of her exposed skin. No inch of her was left unexplored as he traced his hands along her body; no inch was left untasted by his longing tongue. Ylluurieth was like wine to him, both intoxicating and alluring in a way no other woman had ever been. She guided him with a gentle hand, shoving his head down to her most private of areas. His tongue darted back and forth, drinking in her juice as he pushed up against him. His fur was soaked from the falling droplets splashing against the naked pair as the weather held steady, but he did not care- all that mattered now was Ylluurieth and their shared pleasure.

 As he buried his cold snout in her loins, she gripped a handful of his jet-black hair. Jinx's scalp stung but he did not stop. He didn't think he could pull away even had he wanted to.

         Jinx's amber eyes locked upon Ylluurieth's glowing silver spheres, and for the first time he noticed that they pulsed with literal silver flames that danced and beckoned to him alluringly. Before he could process what his body was doing he had crawled along the length of her body and began to kiss her, gripping her soft hair as his slick tongue penetrated her full lips. She kissed him back, digging her black nails into the tender flesh of his ribs.

 His flesh parted and he cried out with a snarl, pulling his head away from the naked woman and feeling his side with one free paw. It came back damp and red; he was bleeding. Ylluurieth gripped him harder and pulled him closer, wrapping her long legs around his waist. Jinx's pain faded as he became increasingly away of her wet flower grinding against his eager manhood. She was warm, almost hot, and he felt as though all the heat in his own body were slowly being drained away. If he did not join her, his fire would be lost forever.

         Jinx could stand it no longer. With a forceful push he entered her sacred garden and was immediately assaulted with sensations he had never experienced before. The scorching heat spread to his body, enveloping him in a blanket of ecstasy as he pumped his hips against the moaning goddess lying in his arms. Every inch of his skin crawled with tingling lust; it was as though the organ was alive with the passion coursing through the young fox's veins. His panted breaths seemed to taste of fine wine, and the air at his back was revitalizing. He had found heaven with this strange purple woman, and he would die before surrendering it.

         Ylluurieth rocked her hips and gripped her partner's black fur, moaning her best as she clenched and loosened her carefully controlled muscles. Their rhythmic sex was wild, primal, and violent. She tore into his skin with her needle-like nails and he nipped at her exposed flesh with sharpened canines. No blood was spilled, but bruises and scratches surfaced dark and heavy upon their skin. Jinx gripped one of the woman's taught buttocks with one paw as he messaged her considerable breasts, squeezing and scratching the thin, silky flesh as he thrust himself deeper into her vaginal passage. He leaned his head back and screamed as only a fox can, a high-pitched heart-stopping sound that would weaken the will of even the sturdiest of men. It echoed through the storm-drenched forest hauntingly.

 The woman joined him, leaning her head back and letting forth a howl to rival even the fiercest of jungle cats, a sound not quite shrill and with a strange inhuman resonance. Their noises mixed as their passions picked up speed and they gave themselves over to pure instinct. As they howled Jinx slipped out of her dripping orifice and turned her over onto her knees. He raked his claws down her hindquarters as he shoved his erect member back inside of her, growling and snarling with desire as once again he began to force his way in and out of her tender lavender flesh, lost in a sea of greed.

         Ylluurieth shoved back against him, driving him deeper inside of her as she fed off the power of his unchecked emotions. She could feel his limbs beginning to tremble as he neared the peak of his endurance and took the opportunity to turn herself on his erection. She was taking it well, giving him the illusion of dominance as she supported herself on perfectly formed arms, but there was only so much time. It would have to be soon. With a well timed shove he freed herself from his avarice and pushed him to the ground. He sat, stunned, and she climbed onto his lap. Very carefully she lowered herself back down onto his eager prick and began to ride him slowly, propelling herself with her powerful thighs. Up and down, up and down, while she rubbed her breasts again his sweat-matted chest. His brown eyes never left her; it was almost as though she were putting on a private show just for him. His pleasure began to rise once more, having dropped when they parted even though it was only mere moments separated. He drank in the sight of her, his dark cock entering her alien cunt one thick inch at a time.

       A shuddering moan escaped Jinx's lips and the young creature could tell her partner was finally about to finish. Like lightning she forced herself down to the base of his manhood and tightened her muscles from her ankles to her stomach. Jinx howled as he exploded inside of her, flooding her with his hot white seed as his own member clenched and released. At the height of his orgasm Ylluurieth sank two glimmering fangs into his muscular neck. Jinx's pleasure turned to agony as he began to scream in horror.

          She withdrew her long fangs, dripping with Jinx's hot blood and smiled down at his hysterical form. Jinx shoved the strange creature off and rose to his feet, clutching at the bleeding wound.

         "What the hell have you done to me?"

           Ylluurieth lay on the ground, cackling, her fiery eyes tracing glowing red lines of venom as they snaked their way around his body from the wound. Jinx could not see them.

            "I am helping you, as I promised. Now you belong to me, Jinx."

       Sharp pains wracked Jinx's body, dropping him to his knees as he began to weep once more. His snout felt as though it were on fire, burning as his skin began to crack and split. Something was attempting to push its way through his tender flesh.

         Six sharp horns began to tear through his snout, one after another along the length of his muzzle. Hot blood splashed down from the fresh wounds, dripping down onto the naked body of the horrid seductress lying at his feet. The droplets traced their way down the curve of her neck and breasts, leaving a faintly pink trail as they mingled with the rain. More and more welled up from the depths of his skin, splashing down harder onto the woman waiting eagerly. She ran her hands through the warm liquid, rubbing it over her pert nipples and licking it greedily off her unnatural fingers.

Jinx began to gasp for air as his chest began to swell with sulfur. His eyes bulged as he struggled to breathe through the searing gas tearing its way through the tiny vessels in his lungs. Smoke roiled from his blood-matted snout as he coughed and sputtered. Was this how dying felt?

         As he began to lose consciousness, the world began to drip and melt into a strange red twilight. Shadows moved in the corner of his vision, and he turned his head. What he saw was the perfect form of Ylluurieth crawling over him, a twisted shape with massive purple horns sprout from her dermal-plated skull. Six breasts hung from her chest and jagged spikes crowned her hips. She was not human. She was something darker, something older... something evil...

   "I will always be with you, my little pet," she cooed in a strange voice like the cacophonic whispers of a thousand sultry virgins, "Go. Go and slay in my name. Make them pay. Make them suffer. The more you destroy the closer we will be. If you need me or my body, you know how to find me. Bleed for me, Jinx, and I will come."

 The scent of lilacs overpowered his senses. The world went black.






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