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Pendles is Friendles


Species: Vactyrs

Distinctive Physical Features: Large horns, bright glowing eyes, large arms, and striking pelts displaying bright colouration.

  • (Natural): Brilliant facial fins, thick shaggy fur under the chin and down the neck, fleshy covering over head crest reminiscent of a rooster's crest, larger eyes.
  • (Liberated): Lack of facial fins exposes teeth, typically lacks fur, exposed crest showing Flow channels, metal augments demonstrating infection of Hirudian parasite, younger individuals typically lack long tails (docked at a young age)
  • (Lost): Typically smaller, shortened legs and lengthened arms result in a quadrapedal-esque gait.  Lack of Flow lead to less powerful shine to eyes, crest and horns, but it is not entirely absent.  Parasite is absent, but scars from failed Liberation is apparent.

Sex-Based Dimorphism: 4 naturally occurring sexes, two consistent with mammalian reproduction (so male and female), one displaying an egg-laying organ similar to Delphteans and another with the egg-receiving organ similar to Delphteans. Males tend to have more striking pelts, females tend to be built heavier and have mammalian breasts. Third and fourth genders can exhibit either male or female body-types. Liberated Vactyres are never born with the third or fourth sex for unknown reasons.

Gender Expression/Understanding:

  • Natural Vactyr’s Flow allows them to shift their body-type to match their gender with relative ease. Even individuals without Flow (such as most Rebel Liberated) can access treatment from the Elders. 
  • Liberated Vactyrs know that Hirudians allow for transition as dysphoria makes for less effective servants.  However, it is common for trans individuals to hide their trans identity to avoid separation from their squads due to the separation of the sexes (females into the brooding hall and males into the service, non-binary individuals tend to specifically get banished to the mines due to not fitting in in either other place).
  • Lost seem to have their own version of gender expression based on body language and self-expression.  Trans individuals are rarely observed, noted by their rejection of their squad's form of expression.  Expression differences are wide ranging and is highly specific to their packs.  When two packs merge, the expressions tend to merge as well.  

Diet: Omnivorous, heavy protein-based diet.  

  • (Natural) High in meats and cheeses.  Easy access to freezing cold lends well to the preservation of food and many Flow users specialize in ranching or farming to produce enough food for their villages.
  • (Liberated and Lost) Fed a constant diet of soylent typically served in individually sealed plastic tubes.  Treats of real food kept a rare occurrence as Liberated tend to become very food aggressive afterwards.

Home Planet: Delphtea, but it is called Insamket in their language.

Preferred Habitat: High mountains but some villages are nestled into colder rainforests and deep valleys farther inland.

Current Planet of Habitation: 

  • (Natural): Delpthea
  • (Liberated and Lost): Hirud but are found all across the system.

Current Estimated Population:

  • (Natural): 50,000
  • (Liberated): 1,030,000
  • (Lost): 1,000,000

Government Structure:

  • (Natural): Loose coalition of several self-governed city-states, each ruled by democratically elected Elders.
  • (Liberated): Militaristic hierarchy artificially enforced by Hirudian overlords.
  • (Lost): Tight knit packs typically lead by Liberated Keepers or, in rare cases, Natural Keepers. They regard Hirudians with reserved caution and struggle to follow orders from them. 

Economic Structure:

  • (Natural): Commune-like system with capitalistic elements. Basic resources are shared freely, but specialized skills like art and woodworking are exchanged for each other.
  • (Liberated) Bare necessities provided by masters, favours and luxuries are traded between individuals. Those taking on the mantle of “morale boosters” are highly regarded and considered wealthy.
  • (Lost): Share resources freely, natural inclination to ensure wounded, old, or disabled individuals are well cared for. 

Societal Structure:

  • (Natural) Larger family units consisting of a few families with sprinklings of independent individuals mixed within.
  • (Liberated) Small squads assigned to work under larger platoons that work under even larger armies, all assigned by the masters based on pedigree and behaviour.  The head of the armies are Warlords and all Warlords report directly to at least one Elite. 
  • (Lost) The Lost tend to gather around each other but get assigned to specific non-Lost Liberated.  When left to their own devices, they select a worthy non-Lost to hang around. Decisions seem to be carried out by the most clever or communicative individual. 

Quality of Education:

  • (Natural): Sophisticated with a heavy focus on ethics, local ecology, and agriculture.
  • (Liberated): Almost non-existent for the average individual, house servants receive enough education to assist with managing the household (reading, writing, basic math) and be pleasant conversationalists.  They may also receive schooling in subjects like dance and etiquette.

Quality of Life of Most Vulnerable Citizens: The Lost are regarded with pity but treated with benign unease.  Some have formed small packs around individual non-Lost Vactyrs which get called Keepers. On Hirud, some live in small enclosures in preparation for their next breeding cycle, others are thrown onto hostile planets without regard for safety. Others are used for experimentation for exposure to the Other or other mutagenic materials. On Delpthea, The Lost have found homes among some of the Natural cities after getting separated from their squads during patrols. 

Quality of Life of Least Vulnerable Citizens:

  • (Natural): Elders get dibs on amenities but due to their strong ethical upbringing, they only take enough to be comfortable or store excess for lean times. 
  • (Liberated): Best case scenario is they live a long life and get retired.  Retirement does not necessarily mean being pulled from duty, it is typically reassignment to a less strenuous task. However, they are still subject to blood milking like all other Liberated.  Warlords are most likely to receive this treatment, but loyal soldiers can get selected. 

Description: Vactyrs are rarely seen in their natural environment, even with how titanic individuals can be.  Hidden in the high mountains, their villages create an emerald crown across the snowy white peaks.  Vactyrs have subtle control of the plant and animal life they tend, allowing it to grow despite the chill and rough rock face.  They are private and patient. Some believe they are violent and quick to anger, but this is due to interactions with the Liberated.

Affection is shown physically through horn-locking, headbutts, rough wrestling and biting.  Each act is handled with care related to their partner’s size and circumstances.  Natural Vactyrs rarely resort to violence to solve problems but can be stubborn and severe when it comes to issues. Some of the vocal Elders speak of a time when Vactyrs were an empire capable of conquering the solar system, but they uprooted their power-mad emperor soon after the extinction of another civilization on Delphtea.


Some Vactyrs.png

Vactyr anatomy.png

Natural Vactyr.png

Keeper with a Lost.png


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