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Testing Resolve

by Tristan Hawthorne

WARNING: This story features kinky weirdness such as cock vore, prostate vore, and defined abdominable bulges as a result of vore. If it's not your cup of tea, don't read it!


Edgar took another look around the classroom, his severe dark eyes taking in the two dozen students at their desks. The lecture hall had full desks on each steppe, so the class could comfortably take their exam without the restriction of the built in folding desks some of the other halls on campus used. The crow sat at his desk at the front of the hall, off to the side of the room. He was keeping time, as well as ensuring the exam was supervised.

Beneath the desk and behind the modesty board, however, a student of his from another class was hidden. Ahnik was currently taking his sweet time fellating the avian. The lizard rolled his thick tongue along the black head of his professor’s cock, the jagged shape of his lips occasionally brushing against the bird’s lighter foreskin.

Keeping his face stoic, Edgar exhaled, his fingers gripping subtly onto the pencil in his hand. He watched as a student folded closed their exam and packed up their things.

The ferret obliviously shouldered his backpack and walked down the steps to the professor’s desk. The short student set his exam down on the desk.

“Have a good weekend.” Edgar said quietly and measuredly to his student, who nodded, and turned to leave the hall. The crow fidgeted his hips a bit and squeezed his bare muscular thighs around the hidden lizard’s shoulders.

Ahnik smirked a bit, and brought the shaft into his jaws, curling his tongue to squeeze along the girth’s underside as he brought the blunt tip of his snout down towards the soft downy feathers around the base of the avian’s rod.  He pursed his lips and quietly squeezed his tongue up against his palate, savoring the earthy male flavor.

The professor spotted another student headed his way, curling his talons against the floor silently at the pressure around his cock. He continued to keep his face straight, as he felt the jaws retreating once again to focus on his tip.

With a naughty smirk, the lizard delved the fat tip of his tongue into the snug foreskin wrapped around the midpoint of the corvid glans before him. He slowly shoved until he felt his tip hit ‘bottom’ inside, and ground it around slowly.

Up above, Edgar quivered, continuing to watch the student getting ever closer.

The squirrel in question stopped in front of the desk and set his exam down on the first.

The professor cleared his throat as nonchalantly as possible and once again spoke. “Have a good weekend.”

Ahnik chose that moment to retract his tongue from the foreskin, waiting a moment, squirming his hips in the tight space beneath the desk in his mischief. Once he heard the footsteps moving away from the desk he struck. The reptile lodged the thick point of his tongue into the cumslit before him, stretching the member out from within.

Edgar jolted, shifting one hand from being pressed to the top of the desk to grasping the edge and squeezing tightly.  At the same time he clamped his legs together, pinning his hidden student’s head between his knees and lower thighs.

The standing student turned to look at the sudden sound, curious. A few others in the room looked up from their papers as well.

The corvid professor merely relaxed his grip on the edge of the desk and nodded stoically, forcing down the rising peak he’d nearly been driven to.

Ahnik didn’t mind getting caught by the crow’s legs and held in place, but he was a bit disappointed he didn’t taste cum rise to meet his taste buds. Exhaling silently, the lizard thought about the wonderful cock between his jagged lips, and what it felt like on the inside.

The instructor and student had made a wager before imparting on this illicit act during an exam. Both of them had to keep from being discovered, but Ahnik had a separate task. If he could get the crow off before the last student left the classroom, he would get his reward in the form of getting to dock and thrust down into the crow’s beautiful shaft. To fuck the cock he was sucking off was worth all the trouble he was going through to work quietly, in his opinion.

If Ahnik failed, though, the crow would show the lizard the inside of his cock in a far more complete way.

Edgar adjusted his glasses once he was sure his hand wouldn’t shake while he did so. The crow calmly wished each student who turned their exam in a good weekend, only minutes separating each as they reached the point most of the class would finish.

Soon, only two students remained, both flipping back and forth in their exam books and scribbling on their scratch papers.

The professor checked the clock, and wondered if the allotted time would run out before the pair turned in their exams. Being edged by Ahnik’s talented mouth for two hours was hard enough to deal with, but a third hour might be asking too much.

Eventually, the two stragglers finished up, both looking a bit frazzled as one at a time they approached the desk.

Edgar kept his jaw clenched shut as he felt a warm swallow around the tip of his shaft and the thick tongue of his hidden student grind against his heavy balls. He pressed his pencil side-down against the desk. “Have a good weekend.” He calmly said to the mouse, keeping the quaver out of his voice.

The rodent groaned weakly in response, trudging out of the room.

The last student, a quail, flicked his signature head-feather back before slapping the exam down on top of the pile.

The crow gave his fellow avian a look, made all the more severe by his black scleras, and evenly intoned: “Have a good weekend.”

The quail shrugged and ambled out, occasionally blowing air from his beak to push the head-feather out of his face. The door finally closed behind him.

Edgar groaned, squeezing with his thighs again. “Alright, that was the last student.”

Ahnik pulled smoothly off his professor’s maleness. “Awwww…”

“No cock-fucking for you today.” The crow pushed back from the desk and stood, revealing his bare legs and still rigid shaft to the empty room. He took a couple steps away to give his student room to extricate himself from his hiding place.

The lizard grasped onto the warm chair and pulled himself up and out of the cramped spot he’d been in for hours. He groaned, stretching out his cramps and showing off idly.

Edgar seemed not to care for the show, meaningfully pointing to his cock. The slit at the tip gaped with every beat of his heart, ready to be fed.

Ahnik huffed, a blush filling his cheeks. He walked over, pressing his hands together as if preparing to dive.

The professor didn’t wait, however. He reached out and grasped the back of the lizard’s head, fingers meshing with the lizard’s dull orange head-spines as he pulled down, muscles straining the sleeve of his dress shirt. With deft ease, Edgar drove the blunt snout of his student right up against his cock as the opening at its tip gaped. With the momentum, Ahnik’s jagged muzzle was sunk into the length it had been servicing so recently.

The reptile mmphed in surprise, taken off-guard and now caught, with the glistening black glans stretched across the bridge of his muzzle, just beneath his eyes. His startled squirms told him that the cock already had a good grip, and there was no use trying to escape his side of the bet.

A simple thrust of the half-dressed crow’s hips and his hand met his cock. He pulled his fingers away before the folding fleshy spines could drag his hand in with the student and flexed his pelvic floor. His shaft squeezed around the lizard’s whole head, meeting the base of his broad shoulders. Glancing down his beak at this, he thought it might have been better to have his built student dive, but he could handle it.

Ahnik shifted, feeling off-balance on his feet, lunged forward into his teacher’s pelvis as he was. He walked his digitigrade claws forward to be under his hips a bit better, arms dangling towards the floor loosely.

The lack of engagement in the lizard’s shoulders made the next move fairly easy. Edgar grasped the base of the naked reptile’s tail and tugged towards himself while thrusting forward again. The crow groaned out as his cock spread, stretching out around Ahnik’s shoulders and forcing the dangling arms up against his sides. The side of the bird’s scrotum distended with the distinctly jagged jaws of the mid-consumption student, muffling a groan.

Giving a squirm of his shoulders in the tight, hungry shaft and flicking his tail behind him, Ahnik took another step forward to keep his feet beneath him. He licked at the heavy cream his muzzle was being steadily submerged into. A low happy growl escaped his throat as he made the best of his loss by savoring the crow seed.

Another thrust forward, and the lizard was in up to his hips. Shifting his grip once again, Edgar pulled on his student’s thigh, bodily hefting his feet from the ground and into the air. With the reptile’s center of gravity thoroughly flipped over above the feasting cock, the rest of the swallowing was a formality. With practiced ease, the crow’s sac stretched with more and more lizard, shoulders, and then arms pressing out the dark feathered surface.

Ahnik pulled his arms through as soon as he had the leverage to after he was upended, pressing his hands out at the elastic walls for some kind of support as the blood rushed to his head. Despite his efforts to stabilize himself, his weight was dragging his body down, knees sinking into the elastic cock. In his scramble to keep from just toppling into a mess in the sloshy chamber, he hardly had the chance to savor the inside of his instructor’s cock against his own. The lizard let out an annoyed groan as it popped into the sac with him, throbbing obliviously.

Edgar smirked at the sound, casually pressing a hand down on the pair of claws jutting forth. The stretch grew more extreme as the added pressure took the consumed lizard by surprise, and his arms slipped.

The student moaned muffledly as he face-planted into the bottom of the sac, before starting to curl up on himself.

At this, the crow flexed his pelvic floor again, dragging the last of those feet out of sight into just a distinct bulge in his elastic flesh, just a foot or so of tapering lizard tail left to slurp in. He stood steadily, savoring the sensations of enveloping his student with his masculinity.

Finally, Ahnik felt the last of his tail leave the open air, tugging his legs down with his arms by the back of his thighs, ending up lying on his back, curled up; as his tail drained down to join him. The lizard huffed a bit, fidgeting and pressing around. Sure there was all the cum he could drink, but he didn’t get what he’d really wanted. He perked up as a thought crossed his mind, however.

Edgar sighed, casually stroking along his shaft as he felt the writhing inside. Although he had edged for hours already, it was nice to savor having someone in your balls for a while. His breathing hitched as an odd feeling pressed into his core. His shirt was fitting even less well than it usually did just stretched around his broad chest. Carefully, from the bottom, the crow undid his shirt’s buttons, and then pulled it open. A familiar muzzle was bulging just above the root of his erection rather than down in the balls where he was supposed to be.

The lizard hummed to himself, nuzzling at the inside of his professor’s prostate, before carefully pressing his hand up against his throat to work it in ahead of himself, carefully wriggling in place to make the process easier.

Panting heavily at the unusual sensation, the professor watched, curious as to what the reptile had planned. His toned abs were being supplanted by the form of an outstretched arm, pressing around in his belly. A second was soon joining. Edgar grunted, involuntarily squeezing his scrotum around the lower half of the student.

Ahnik groaned as the tension around his legs just helped shove his torso upwards, into the buried sex organ. He lowered his arms in front of his face, and then pressed down on the pelvic floor, working his waist up through the various tubes in the crow’s loins.

Edgar dug his talons into the carpeted floor of the lecture hall’s stage, his shaft leaking pre profusely at the intense sensations his student was giving him. He thought he might have to shove men into his prostate on purpose sometime. He saw the back of the lizard’s head bump up against the bottom of his shelf of pecs and not make it any further up.

The trapped reptile grinned to himself, stuffing one hand back down into the tubing between the prostate and the balls, grasping at his still throbbing erection. Sticking his tongue out the side of his jagged snout, Ahnik enacted his plan fully, pulling his hand away as soon as he was sure he had lined up properly. Bracing both hands out into detailed bulges, he thrust his hips forward and let out a blissful groan as his cock slotted right into the crow’s own from within.

The professor cried out in pleasured shock, wrapping his arms around the form of the lizard inside him tightly. He could feel his cock stretch out from inside, from the base to just behind the glans. It wasn’t a hand, or anything else that would indicate an escape attempt. Edgar’s eyes narrowed as the pistoning sensation tipped him off to what had just happened.

Ahnik merrily was fucking away at the cock he’d been denied from the inside, crooning in pleasure.

The crow huffed in annoyance at this turn of events, before he too got an idea. He lowered his right hand around the shape of the thrusting lizard, and waited for the moment Ahnik hilted again. With expert timing, Edgar grasped the base of his cock and squeezed tightly.

The bulge of the lizard’s head just beneath the heavy down of the professor’s chest-fluff  tilted back in an open mouthed moan, the distinctive jagged edges of his jaws showing well through the taut flesh.

“Thought you could cheat, well, this is what you get.” Edgar chuckled, starting to stroke firmly on his cock while a firm clench of his pelvic floor kept the trapped student from thrusting. He squeezed and dragged his hand back and forth, squishing his foreskin forward and pulling it back across his glans, feeling the twitching cock inside getting compressed.

Ahnik whimpered with pleasure, but didn’t object. This way of being caught was fine by him if it felt so good. He gasped as another flex around him squeezed his legs up against his rump, while forcing his head to curl down against his chest. He weakly tried to thrust again, but his hips couldn’t make any headway back or forth while he was held so tightly. His edge was already rushing towards him.

The crow kegeled with a low caw, continuing to stroke up and down his filled shaft. Each flex inside his hips squeezed down on his prey. He kept it up until the steady, aroused twitches beneath his fingers became a jolt, and tensed up with his abs as well, squeezing firmly.

The trapped lizard cried out muffledly as his torso was pressed down, the bulges of his upper body receding partially back underneath the powerful abs of the professor. Ahnik’s peak hit him like a brick wall, his cock swelling and gushing out into the crow’s own.

Edgar watched with amusement as the first shot of spunk gathered as a lump just up against the crux of his glans, a few dribbles leaking out from the black cock’s head as the rest of the pressure backed up around the trapped member. The next shot overpowered the corvid’s shaft and splattered forth from the tip. A third shot followed, and a fourth, the trapped lizard pumping himself dry by the liter. The professor waited a moment for the lizard’s climax to end, before carefully flexing his inner muscles, relaxing his abs.

Ahnik was awash in afterglow as he became dimly aware of his cock being pulled back out of the crow’s own. It took him a few seconds to figure out that the reason why was that his hips were pulled fully up into the prostate. The lizard squirmed, blushing as his upper body was being forced to curl around once again, as the tubing within the professor’s groin transferred his legs and tail upward with powerful contractions.

The avian reached down past his shaft, around the increasingly large bulge in his belly, and shoved on the pair of foot claws still bulging his dramatically contracted scrotum. Pulling upward, he grunted, rubbing over his balls as he felt the tail inside gradually getting slurped up and out as well.

The tip of the tail hadn’t made it all the way through before Edgar’s cock jerked. The crow cawed aloud as the hours of intense stimulation finally took their toll. His whole body tensed up as his sac contracted even further and his abs reasserted themselves fully. The result of this powerful flex along with his cock working to pump every drop it could free was easy to predict.

Ahnik was launched feet-first back out into the lecture hall, the lizard riding a wave of spunk and collapsing to the floor at Edgar’s feet.

The blockage dealt with, the crow’s cock kept jerking and firing, able to make much wider arcs across the space unimpeded.

The lizard rubbed his eyes clear of spunk and licked over his fingers, watching the glossy white ropes soar overhead and splatter onto desks and chairs in the front row. Swaying his tail around in the pool of spunk he was sprawled out in.

The professor noticed, pressing down on the root of his shaft, pointing his gushing cock right at the student. A thick rope of spunk splattered across Ahnik’s cheek.

The reptile blushed, but opened his mouth to catch the next, eyes drooping shut as he took in that luscious flavor once again. The following shot merely splattered across his chest, as the orgasm waned.

Gradually, Edgar came down from his peak, panting heavily, before adjusting his glasses back into place. “Ah… I’ll have to shove you in my prostate again sometime, Ahnik.” He stated matter-of-factly as he ground his left hand’s fingertips along the ridge of his urethra on the underside of his cock, working out his post-cum in a thick blob that splatted down into the mess beneath him.

Ahnik slowly sat up, and then carefully stood, his claws digging into the carpet for grip against the slimy crow issue coating his form.  He grinned tiredly, flicking his tail behind him as he looked to the professor.

The crow began nonchalantly buttoning his shirt back up, having miraculously kept his clothes from getting a speck of genetic material splattered on. He flexed his tail feathers idly as he looked around, and then glanced over to the clock. “There’s still two hours until anyone else needs to use this lecture hall.”

Perking up, the lizard turned to look at the clock as well, and then around at the mess he had been mostly responsible for.

“You’d better get to cleaning, then.” Edgar smirked, planting his hands on his hips, spent shaft still mostly hard in front of him.

Ahnik saluted, and made his way over to the nearest desk, and bent down, licking the splattered cum from the top.

His professor watched idly, confident the lizard would complete his task.

Edited by Ahnik


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