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Administrative Pressure

By Tristan Hawthorne

WARNING: Kinks in this story include cock vore, urethral penetration, cockfucking, cum digestion, hyper insertions, and absorption post-vore. 


Ahnik dragged his pink tongue along the edge of one of the desks of the front row of the lecture hall, swallowing once he’d gathered up all the remaining seed off the sealed wood veneer. The reptile had remained hard for the entire 90 minutes or so it had taken him to clean up after the results of the wager he held with his professor.

Said professor was standing with his arms crossed in front of his powerful chest, half covered with his dress shirt still. The buttons were mostly undone, revealing his taut abdomen and the soft downy feathers of his coat down his legs. The crow’s own shaft was in a half-hard state, ready for use in moments but relaxed for the time being.

Ahnik and Edgar both perked at the sound of the lecture hall’s door opening, turning to look. Their bodies in various states of undress tensed up as they watched the door swing all the way open.

Standing in the doorway, expression inscrutable, stood an anthro aggron in a full business suit. The Pokémon turned, his thick banded tail entering the room behind him, and locked the door he had entered through. Continuing the rotation, the largest man in the room casually started down the steps of the lecture hall. The suit did an adequate job of giving the gentleman a softer appearance than his species was typically known for.

As the intruder removed his coat, revealing suspenders holding up his dress slacks around his ample midsection, Edgar stammered. “M-Mister Chron, sir?” The crow was baffled by this lack of a reaction to seeing a member of the faculty and a student in such a state in an unlocked room. Especially seeing as the pokémorph was the president of the college.

“I’m not sure what went on here, but I have some guesses.” The bass voice of the tallest in the hall resonated freely. He tossed his coat onto a desk as he passed, before casually putting his fat thumbs under his suspenders where they draped over his broad chest. A simple upward tug with his hooked thumbs yanked both straps over the flat panels raised from his shoulders. “And I have some ideas for where it can go next.” The aggron extended his arms to the sides and dropped the suspenders. He let his slacks fall, revealing to the other two what the loose fabric under his round belly had been hiding from view.

Wrapped in snug orange knit fabric, an immense mass of maleness just barely kept from smacking into his ankles. The white elastic in front couldn’t even cover the girthy root of the Pokémon’s clearly enormous shaft, tugged down from the pelvis by the sheer weight and distorting the ‘Beefy Boy’ branding printed on it. Chron twisted his tail to tug at the elastic above the protruding bubble of his mighty ass and, with practiced ease, worked the thick limb out from under it, letting the weight of his balls drag the strap down his glutes.

The lizard on the ground sat up onto his knees, his cock pulsing eagerly already. His eyes were locked on the orange-clad bulge as the black skin was gradually revealed inches at a time, his own tail swaying back and forth slowly as he waited to hear what the broad man ahead of him had planned.  

Edgar, on the other hand, was staring just as openly. His grace and confidence had faltered completely at seeing this new side of his employer. However, not made from stone despite the cut of his torso, the crow’s shaft was throbbing at a good forty-five degree angle from his taut abs, swollen larger from the excessive stretching it had gone through earlier in the day.

Chron casually raised one spiked foot out of his pooled slacks and hooked one of the conical silver claws that made up his kind’s toes into the strap of his jock, in the gap where it strained between the girth of his cock and the breadth of his balls. With just as much ease as with his tail he stepped out and forward. The Pokémon’s cock was freed with a lurch, the black cock tipped with a fat orange glans that matched his eyes and tongue. The plump oral organ was especially showcased as the college president ran it along the metallic bear trap of a muzzle that was the steel type’s teeth and lips in one.

Showing no sign of being encumbered by his balls dragging along the carpet or his cannon of a cock jutting another foot and a half in front of his round gut, the aggron anthro casually strode up to the kneeling lizard. Chron twisted his hips in a light lunge, rotating the barrel of the oncoming turret away from the reptile before impact, much to his disappointment. The Pokémon reached down with one claw and hefted the student easily.

“C’mere, boy.”

Ahnik gasped and reached out to hold onto the president as he was lifted up. He braced his hands on the shoulder beneath one of the raised plates and the chest above the curve of the black belly. Beneath his fingers the suit hardly masked the feeling of the powerful muscles below, only a dense layer of padding cushioning the swollen chest and shoulder. The lizard blushed, swaying his tail, before he was just as easily manhandled out in front of the pokémorph, unable to reach anything but the broad arm.

Edgar watched intently, trying to discern his employer’s intentions. Despite his careful observation, the beefy bird was not prepared when the other claw wrapped around the student’s knees and the lizard was thrust powerfully towards the tip of his uncut black shaft. The crow gasped, dark eyes wide as the president of the college shoved the green scaly feet once more into his stretched cock.

Chron grinned broadly, the metal of his faceplate warping easily. “Oh, so you’ve done this before.” He teased, shifting his grip to carefully thread the student’s tail into the stretched out urethra. Once the tail was sorted, he placed both claws on the reptile’s shoulders, getting a good grip. The big Pokémon made eye contact with the smallest male as he firmly pressed downward.

Panting softly, the lizard met the steel type’s gaze, heated blush still at the height of his cheeks beside his eyes. His own jagged lips were left parted as his chest heaved with his excited breaths, eager to know what the powerful man ahead of him would do next.

The professor, on the other hand, was gripping the edge of the desk he was leaned against, curling his talons to dig into the carpeting. His stretched shaft was easily accepting the mass of the student who had already passed through twice already today, up the toned thighs and readily up to the fat sac and girthy pink shaft the reptile sported.

Once the student’s balls smooshed through the stretched black meatus, the aggron let go and stepped back. Chron ran his tongue along his jaws again and, with a casual air of routine, sat onto his massive sac, the hyper nuts cushioning his broad bubble butt easily. This left his own orange glans pointed right for the reptile jutting from the crow’s hips.

Edgar panted softly, flexing his pelvic floor to keep the weight from sending Ahnik from toppling free at any moment and keeping the precarious balance going. The avian panted a bit, looking between his superior and his student, not sure what to do.

It was clear to the administrator that the professor was unused to feeling out of control of the situation. He flexed his shaft, pointing as his own cum slit gaped open readily. “Now give my cock a good fucking, Edgar.” He ordered simply and clearly.

Ahnik gasped, eyes sparkling with excitement. He braced his hands against the fat crow cock’s glans, gripping the taut foreskin with his claws. The lizard panted and ducked his head forward, pointing his jagged muzzle right for the open, waiting cock ahead of him.

The muscular crow clacked his beak shut and swallowed, before nodding slowly. He carefully let go of the desk and stood, crossing the distance between craning cranium and receptive rod. As Edgar got into position, he found that he would have to keep taking steps forward in order to make this work.

Casually watching his employee, the muscle-gut Pokémon idly thudded his banded tail on the step behind him. His powerful chest released a bass rumble as he felt the jagged snout of the student press into his awaiting cum slit. “That’s it, thrust the runt into my nuts. He’s gonna be a good batch of cum.”

Ahnik’s blush flared up at the words, and needily tried to dive forward deeper, but was limited by the speed of his professor’s approach. He panted the musky air inside the hyper shaft, closing his eyes tightly as his hips wriggled and worked his cock at the inside of the crow’s own. 

Edgar pressed down on the back of his cock, bracing his claws in the damp carpeting below. This caused the beefy bird’s maleness to force the Pokémon meat to bend towards him in kind via the exposed, writhing torso and flexing arms of the lizard between. As they neared level with one another the exposed green scales dwindled, before the black crow cock bumped head to head with the vibrant orange of his superior’s own.

Chron meshed his claws behind his silver head, looking unconcerned with time or the taboo nature of the current exchange. He just used his massive balls as a seat, kept from toppling fully backwards by his powerful tail and the grip his dick had on the wriggling, fully hidden student. Without any visual sign of exertion, the orange tip of his hyper shaft gaped open, while deeper inside the muscles dragged at the lizard.

Said reptile moaned muffledly between licks at the inner walls of the greedy member, feeling his head spines getting dragged up towards the root of the president’s dark shaft. He flexed his claws where they lied pinned between the pair of huge glans, before he felt the slit atop his wrists spread open. As the tightness around his waist increased, Ahnik thrust his hips into the snug inner walls of the crow’s stretched cock, panting heavily at the heady musk inside the Pokémon’s cum tube.

The avian’s dark eyes widened as the hyper cock ahead of him practically yanked him forward, nearly throwing him off balance, before the stretched orange glans settled in behind the bird’s bunched up foreskin. Taking a moment to catch his breath, Edgar steeled himself and took another step forward, starting to properly work his cock down into the president of the college.

As the bulge of the moaning student’s head and shoulders started to sink out of view through the base of the aggron’s girth, he chuckled. “Almost there… then you gotta start thrusting.” He winked, orange scleras practically glowing with his lust.

Down inside, Ahnik felt his muzzle press through a tighter, warmer space, before his snout emerged into a vacant space. He extended his plump tongue to try to lick at the flesh around him again, but couldn’t quite reach anymore. The reptile flexed his neck to grind the side of his face more firmly into the inner walls of the mighty cum tube he was inhabiting. The lizard squirmed his arms at his sides, trying to find a hold to help press himself deeper.

Edgar took one more lunging step forward and grunted as he felt the fat orange glans press against his pelvis, the bird’s own arousal buried from view along with the shared student. He breathed deeply, and attempted to bolster his stoic appearance despite the compromising situation he was ensnared into.

The president’s massive maleness gave a powerful squeeze, starting from the base of the bird’s cock and rippling up its length and the three lizard limbs inside it up to his hips. The muscular contraction then continued directly along the student to where his nipples were just barely peeking into the dark open chamber of the Pokémon’s nuts.

The hidden reptile tried to pull his arms free from his sides, having so little in the way of leverage in his position. Managing to yank one free, he ground a hand along the inner wall of the open chamber and brought it to his jagged lips, slurping over his fingers. This position didn’t last long, however, before he felt the first cock around his legs and tail pull back, slowly dragging his head back towards the entrance to the administrator’s balls. He nuzzled into the nut walls and tucked his arm back in for the ride to come, writhing his hips to grind his own pink shaft into the tight flesh around it.

The professor, grasping both sides of the black skinned shaft, pulled back nearly half a foot, before thrusting back to the hilt with a grunt. His neutral expression twitched, brow arcing inward for a moment at the moment his hips slammed back into the cushiony orange head of his superior. The muscular bird repeated this motion, his chest heaving with the deep breaths he was taking, the chips in his unaffected façade falling a bit more with each step towards his mounting climax.

Chron watched this display, and at the right moment, flexed his cock powerfully again.

Deep inside, Ahnik felt the change first. Suddenly where there’d only been pressure from around his feet, there was mounting pressure on the soles. Shortly after he’d recognized this, it was surpassing the holding grip the crow cock had on his lower body. The rippling from the pokémorph’s greedy shaft just built the momentum, his head and shoulders emptying out of the fat cum tube, followed quickly by his waist.

After the widest part of the lizard’s body was surpassed yet again Edgar felt his climax finally hit and he was allowed release. This came in the form of pumping his student out into the greedy suction of his administrator’s cock and beyond. The muscular crow panted openly, his hands braced against the hyper shaft he was continuing to unload into, eyes unfocused.

The musclegut aggron sighed contentedly as he felt the student splash down into his balls, followed by a torrent of bird seed adding to the already deep pool within. Chron trailed his tongue across his jagged jaws idly, watching the professor ride out his intense high. Once the feeling of cum being force pumped down his rod slowed to a halt, he relaxed the hold his cock had on the crow’s own.

Once he’d had a chance to get his bearings, the lizard began to eagerly lick and rub his claws out against the inner walls of the college president’s sac. Ahnik pushed at the deformation at the top of the chamber and felt the mighty weight and firm tone of the Pokémon’s ass.

Once Edgar slipped his tender shaft free, clenching his beak tightly to prevent showing just how much that affected him, the crow looked uncertain what would happen next. After all, he’d just effectively fucked his employer’s cock.

Chron finally unmeshed his claws from behind his head, grunting as he got back up onto his claws, massive balls swinging not a centimeter lower despite the added, visibly squirming weight within. “Now, Edgar. Turn around and raise those tail feathers.” As the bird opened his beak to object, the Pokémon grinned. “Professor, as President I must insist.”

Ahnik couldn’t be bothered to listen to the drama up above, only having a small air pocket left. He didn’t seem to mind that at all, however, given the way he was rubbing around, thrusting and feeling the mixed heavy seed swirl around his foreskin and around his balls. The lizard swayed his tail in the mess, sending up eddies of spunk. He kept this up until he found he was getting worn out from moving against the resistance of the viscous essence, slumping into a comfortable position and delving his claws down to touch himself beneath the surface.

The crow faltered and closed his beak. With a nervous swallow, he gave a curt nod and turned around to face his desk, grasping the edge once again. Slowly, he flexed his tail feathers, raising the fan away from his sculpted glutes until his own puckered entrance was just barely visible.

The aggron wasted no time. Almost before Edgar had finished moving, the college president had rammed his fat cockhead against the displayed entry point. “Now, just exhale and relax…”

In the swinging tanks of spunk, the lizard sputtered and gulped as the sloshing kept submerging his jagged muzzle. Even as he jerked his hands, he felt his lower legs tingling warmly, blissfully. He remembered what the steel type had told him, and panted heavily, knowing what was coming next.

Edgar froze up at the sudden contact, but did his best to relax, closing his eyes and leaning his weight a bit more onto the desk. He’d taken things that size before, but usually he’d been in charge of the process and wasn’t sure what the pace would be.

Whatever the crow had thought it would be, that was obliterated by the massive male grasping onto his dress shirt and pulling back. Chron thrust forward at the same time, his hips powerfully flexing as his grip kept the bird from being driven away from his force.

The crow cried out in surprise as feet of hyper cock just poured into his body. His belly, which so recently was full of moaning lizard, now showed the shape of the powerful pokémorph’s cock. It kept going, grinding up through where the taut abs had been and starting to push up further, forcing the mostly parted dress shirt up to make room. By the time he felt the larger man’s dome of a gut press into the small of his back, the professor’s torso was distended from hip to clavicle, his powerful pecs forced apart to accommodate.

With the sudden lunge, Ahnik was submerged again, but didn’t seem to care, just thrusting into his claw needily as less and less of his body felt like what one would recognize as a coherent body.

Chron ground his hips against the bird’s own, humming idly to himself, before pulling back hardly a foot and thrusting forward again. “Nice and tight, but accommodating. You really have been practicing…”

All Edgar could manage was an embarrassed squawk. Despite the intense stretching, the overwhelming sensation was unrelenting pleasure. His poor spent cock was already up and leaking, ready for one more release. It drizzled his pre against the front of the professor’s desk as he took the cock as big as his broad, powerful torso again and again to the hilt.

The lizard below, settled into the repeated sloshing, felt his whole form churn and rebound between the inner walls of his testicular prison. He’d long since stopped feeling his cock, or his hands… All he could feel was his delightfully fluid form splashing and glorping over itself, intermingling with the crow and Pokémon cum filling the chamber.

The college president squeezed at the crow’s shoulders through the taut fabric of the just barely holding on shirt. “You really should bottom for me more often, going forward. You’re a natural at taking all I have to give.” He winked as the bird’s head turned just enough for the black scleras to come into view.

Catching that gesture in the corner of his peripheral vision, Edgar cawed needily. A blush finally showed through his dark feathers on his face as he glanced back, before he quickly turned his head forward, trying to hide his expression.

Ahnik felt the balls around him compress powerfully, and sloshed about eagerly. The fluid student tried to get any part of himself up into the entrance he came through while still a lizard, but he could hardly make any shapes escape the surface of the powerful aggron spunk. Luckily for him, the balls did the work for him immediately after.

Chron grunted, and felt his pelvic floor twitch with effort as the powerful mix of heavy goop started to bulge out the underside of his shaft, just increasing the stretch inside the buff crow in front of him.

The professor’s eyes widened at this telltale stretch, and grasped the shape of the head in his chest, pressing against it while flexing his pecs powerfully. It didn’t go out, but rather forward, distending his stretched belly even further while giving his chest a reprieve. Not a moment later, the shape of the tip suddenly burst forth a bloom. Each shot of potent pokémorph seed was strong enough to force the black feathers of the crow to warp outward before the tautness of his already stretched insides forced it back down. The added volume accumulated and obscured the lower parts of the cock’s bulge, though there was no hiding the tip.

The former lizard was disoriented. On one hand, he felt as though he was finally having his release he sought but was denied by losing his claws. On the other, he was feeling part of himself still sloshing in the broad balls of the president, while other parts of him were siphoned up and away by powerful muscle contractions, and yet others splattered and drained down to fill up another chamber. He vaguely had an idea of what was happening, but any attempt to make a concrete decision was thwarted by another contraction transferring more of himself from one prison to the other and the corresponding wash of pleasure cresting across his mind.

Edgar cried out, a gravelly tenor cry as his body was wracked with the intensity of being filled by such a large cock. Below his swelling lower belly, his own hooded shaft jerked, and started to pump cups of his spunk across his desk with each thick rope released from his depths.

Once he felt the last of the student gush from the tip of his shaft, having taken a good deal of crow and Pokémon seed with him, Chron relaxed his flow. He allowed himself to crash down into afterglow, a content smirk across his muzzle. The administrator sat back onto his balls, unsurprised that he took the still cumming muscle bird with him in the action. While Edgar shuddered and tensed around his spire, the college president used the tip of his banded tail to grasp the hem of his trousers and tugged them over to himself.

Ahnik sloshed a bit, feeling his own afterglow settle through his liquid form. The former lizard gurgled lazily, unsure just what would happen next, until he felt the inner walls around him starting to vaguely pull. If he could have he’d blushed, sloshing about and giving a little happy churn.

Edgar panted heavily, arms crossed atop of the bulge of the aggron’s hyper shaft as he felt a pleasant warm tingle awash through his core in the aftermath of his intense peak. The professor blushed a little deeper as he thought of what might have happened if the president hadn’t locked the doors, and raised his head to look towards the clock. Was it time for the next class?

The black and silver male dug his phone out of his slacks and flipped it open, tapping in a phone number with a conical claw from his other hand. He held it to the armored side of his head. “The rest of Edgar’s classes are cancelled for the day. Furthermore, Lecture hall C is closed for cleaning. Please let the faculty and students know promptly.”

The liquid lizard could definitely feel the changes happening, wishing he could watch from the outside as vaguely he started to feel powerful muscle groups. He knew they weren’t his own, but it would be a wonderful visit for a while…

The crow perked, feeling his broad chest slowly bulking up. Edgar reached down to feel the bloat from all that lizard spunk in his belly gradually shrinking down, as his deltoids and biceps started to strain the sleeves of his dress shirt, threatening to tear the already taut fabric. Stretched around the base of the college president’s cock, he could feel his glutes padding out, and his neck was growing more corded.

As Chron hung up his phone, he chuckled. “The runt looks good on you, Edgar. But do be sure to reform him before his next class, right?”

Edited by Ahnik


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