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Pendles is Friendles


Basic stats:

  • Name: Vocatia
  • Species: Post-Liberated Vactyr
  • Serial Number: Q.79q-c.359
  • Gender/Pronouns: Ciswoman She/Her
  • Height: 7ft 6inches
  • Size Class: Medium
  • Sexuality: Demi-Straight
  • Romance: Straight and Picky
  • Birthday:  Dec. 26th
  • Age: 54

Occupation: Leader of the Rebellion of the Liberated and owner of the Sinful Bat. She uses the profits from the strip club to fund the rebellion and provide her people with resources to live and fight. Her focuses are primarily humanitarian (vactyritarian) and defensive but she will retaliate without mercy. She also takes the title of Vactyrmother seriously- she feeds, clothes, and teaches her new recruits until they're on their hooves enough to help.

Weapons:  Her golden horns, her teeth and her fists are her main weapons, but she has been known to wield a large gilded bat in larger skirmishes.  Vocatia fights with untamed brutality, she aims to end any battle before they've officially begun. 
Personality: She exudes confidence and holds her head up high.  At first, she is reserved as she evaluates whether or not she will trust any new being.  Vocatia will test new people to see if they're worthy: sometimes it's a challenge to dance publicly, other times it's to perform some favour for her. Once her favour is won, she is warm and gregarious.  She tends to mother others- always has food on hand to feed her 'kids,' will offer advice on problems big and small, will absolutely kill if one of her 'kids' gets attacked by another being.

Vocatia is also famous for her rage-- her life in the broodhalls never gave her anything to lose so she committed herself to tear the entire system down.





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