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Pendles is Friendles


Basic stats:

Name: Mortus
Species: Post-Liberated Heavily-Modified Vactyr
Serial Number: Q.45-c.131
Gender/Pronouns: Cis Male
Height: 13ft 5inches
Sexuality: No interest - Asexual
Romance: Low interest - grey romantic
Birthday: May 12th
Age: 21
Occupation: Once pilot and one-Vactyr tank for the Hirudian Empire, Mortus found himself lost after the Rebellion.  His specialized skills in navigating the Dark lands him a profitable gig running supplies for a black market gang under the leadership of Arum.  On his own, he seeks to save his dragons from the clutches of his previous masters, again. 

Weapons:  Mortus's great size and thick skin make him a particularly formidable foe.  His voice rumbles like an avalanche (he tends to mumble in normal conversation as he does not want to hurt others).  Mortus makes his own weapons by folding them by hand-- he prefers a spear and shield.  Most importantly, when he charges, he will not stop for anything and destroy any foe (or wall, or ship, or boulder) in his way. He shrugs off poison and venom without issue, but only after an ill-fated encounter with a grumpy Gavailian assassin. 
Personality: Much like his horns on either side of his head: Mortus is a cinnamon roll. His passion is making stories and figurines and his goal is to save the dragons.  Mortus struggles with living in such a violent world and finds himself lost, frustrated, and disillusioned with freedom.  He can come off as mean or brutish but warms up to a friendly face and good food.  While his speech can be simple, he will stretch his vocabulary if disrespected. 


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