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Pendles is Friendles


Basic stats:

  • Name: Lieutenant Torqueonus aka Torque
  • Species: Cursed Vactyr
  • Serial Number: K.24-c.236
  • Gender/Pronouns: Cis Male, He/Him
  • Height: 10 ft 2 in
  • Size Class: Small Titan
  • Sexuality: Tired Gay
  • Romance: Also Tired Gay
  • Birthday: Aug. 25th
  • Age: 57

Occupation: A once decorated Lieutenant fighting in the off-world invasions and dispatching turncoats, traitors, and enemies with gruesome ease, he has since been put out to pasture as the leader of homeworld security on Hirud.  Compared to his life of violence for the specific purpose of expressing his utter devotion and loyalty to his masters -- sitting in a tiny desk surrounded by screens is a light, but dull, duty.  His assigned Elite, Argiope, grants him free time and little supervision under the guise of a reward for being a diligent servant.  However, he has begun to suspects that no one really cares about the goings-on of an old Vactyr.

Weapons:  He was granted an ornate bardiche fitted with an extra-long blade.  His armour cuts a terrifying figure and he is wily when given the chance.  Oddly, Torque's helmet flips down to cover his eyes which enables him to fight more effectively.  At times, he turns into a Thrallbeast which is titanic.  With four legs, massive claws, and titanic horns-- he could devastate a city block with ease. Once he has settled into his new form, he is sapient but unable to speak due to musculature. The beast is an uninhibited version of Torque.  It cannot be killed but can be easily driven off due to Torque's deep-seated fear of death and lack of invulnerability. However, Torque is weakened by gold which is a shame since his teeth are gold. 
Personality:  Torque... is not happy with his lot in life, but believes he is too old to do anything about it.  He tends to drink to numb his many confusing feelings.  He had been serving his master's motives his entire life, he was made to drive back the dark so the system could be bathed in light.  Then, the Hirudians started consorting with the Other and Torque cannot stand it.  Sober, Torque is stoic and passive - he has grown used to the vicious rumours his brother spread about him and the lack of respect is just not worth addressing. He keeps to himself mostly.  When he is drunk, he is an emotional mess that lashes out at anyone and everyone that comes near.  Waking up in a ditch with a black eye and sore horns is a common occurrence. He is rude, stubborn and aggressive once he has started drinking.  He is unable to gauge opponents which leads him into fights he had no chance of winning. 



Edited by Pendles is Friendles
removed image as header, it focused on the wrong part, added missing pronouns and size class


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