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Abaddon's Black Mist (screenplay)

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Fade in:


LUPA, 27 years old, normal height, slim, and green-eyed. She attends a memorial service for her mother Luna. with other family members including SURI in her 40s, tall. They are at the Wadi AlMujib Stonehenge

Lupa frowns gripping hold of her arm. Her eyes, half-closed.



Abaddon has slain another member of the Luna's family with his black mist, a poison of sorts.

Lupa looks at the other family members.



Luna was a loving mother always taking care of her children.

dissolve to:

int. Lupa's house - dusk

Lupa views an old family photo on the wall at her place.

Lupa slowly takes the photo off the wall and moves it in the corner of the room.

cut to:

ext. Yatir Forest - Night

Lupa travels into the Yatir Forest showing remorse for her mother's loss with teary eyes.

Lupa lies down on the ground. Suri comes along to remind her about her mission.


(stern voice)

Get up!

Lupa gets up from the grass.



You have a mission to complete. More family members will die the longer time passes.

Suri places her hand over Lupa's shoulder, looking into Lupa's eyes.

dissolve to:

ext. dead forest - night (flashback)

Abaddon wears black leather armor surrounded by black fog with his sword out.

Abaddon kills innocent people during battle.



He will not stop until he kills each of us. Your parents prophesied you will be the one to defeat him.

dissolve to:

ext. dead SEA SHORE - NIGHT

Lupa and Suri stand on the sandy shore, covered in dark fog, and the water pitched black.


Help me get the raft sailing.



Lupa helps Suri flip the wooden raft over and sets it in the water, so they can sail.

cut to:

ext. dead sea waters - night

Lupa and Suri travel into the Dead Sea on the wooden raft. The raft SLAPS the water, the wind ROARS, and the raft CREAKS.

Suri looks into Lupa's eyes.


Anything living this water touches will dissolve.

Lupa shakes and grabs hold of the raft.


I do not want to be a warrior anymore. Violence does not bring peace.


There is no peace when Abaddon is out there murdering innocent lives.

The raft travels deeper into the thick black mist.

dissolve to:

INT. dungeon - NIGHT

Lupa hallucinates, causing her to remember she is inside a dungeon chained up. ELIZA,average height, is on the stone sacrificial table, unclothed and bruised.

Abaddon stabs Eliza repetitively in the stomach causing her to scream.


Another life shall end tonight. Someone you truly love shall die in agony.

Lupa wiggles and tries to break free.



Unless if you are willing to become an escort and sell your body for sex.



I will do as you say, just leave her be!

Dissolve to:

Int. BROTHEL dining room - night

Lupa, wearing a corset, in a dimly lit room.

Lupa serves a man some wine.


Hey beautiful, wanna get dirty?

Lupa dizzily collapses.

cut to:

int. brothel stage - night

Lupa passed out on the stage of the brothel. The word slut is written on her stomach. Everyone else appearing dead.

Lupa wakes up. Looking straight ahead at the dead bodies. she looks down at the writing on her stomach. SIRENS and YELLING from the outside can be heard.



This is the police! Open Up!

Lupa runs out of the place through the backdoor.

cut to:

ext. brothel - night

Lupa outside of the brothel investigate what has been going on.

Lupa sprints around the building sneakily looking at the sign that was changed to Lupa's Slut House and the police trying to break in.



Find Lupa and detain her.

cut to:

ext. forest - night

Twila, the owner of the brothel wearing makeup such as mascara and lipstick in a carriage with her crew.

Twila drives the horse carriage along a small rocky road into the Gilo Forest.

Twila laughs


We made Lupa appear to be the owner of the brothel, so she will be sent to prison when she wakes up.

Lupa runs out back into the Gilo Forest to escape persecution.

dissolve to:

EXT. Dead Forest - dusk

Lupa in a hallucination sees her father, Deligares, at the dead Hoia Baciu Forest. Deligares is a tall muscular man with a scar across his right eyelid.



How dare you take away our home and kill people for your own devise, Abaddon!

Deligares throws a rock into the distance.

Lupa comes forward slowly.


Father Deligares, what are you doing here?

Deligares pulls out his purple staff with a crescent top. He slashes Lupa.


You are too damn weak to even pick up your sword. Abaddon will just kill you in an instant.

dissolve to:

ext. dead sea - night

Lupa wakes up from the hallucinations. She is the only one on the raft.

Lupa crawls around the raft.


Suri? Where are you? Suri! Please! For the love of God, don't leave me here all by myself.

cut to:

ext. dead sea island - night

The raft travels to an island in the dead sea, having a tree with a skeleton chained up, a tan shed, and the sand with an orange tint.

Lupa walks over to the door. She tries turning the doorknob, only to find its been locked.

Lupa then walks over to the skeleton chained to the tree, holding in its hand a scroll.

Lupa suddenly picks up the scroll.


I traveled far into the sea by myself, wondering if I would ever find peace. Mist surrounds as I travel deeper into the waters, feeling deceased. I woke up only to find chained to the tree; fear has taken me. Questioning if I will ever find my answer while stranded in the dead sea.

To be continued...

Fade out:

Abaddon's Black Mist (revision (c) Lupaspirit.pdf

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