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                                      They Deserved Better


                                                        By: A.X. Bueno


They deserved so much better

The trans people who’ve passed along the way 

The trans people who have come and gone even so close as just yesterday

Today we remember them and the strength that they had

There’s so many out there who shouldn’t have to feel so bad 

The friends and family that mourn when it shouldn’t have to be this way

They deserved to be happy, they deserved to feel loved 

They didn’t deserve the bullying and abuse from those who feel they were above

There’s just too many people who won’t let anyone trans just be 

Which leads to too many to feel like there’s nothing worthwhile in them that they can see

All they want is acceptance but they usually receive society’s scorn

All while some only love them when they provide good porn 

But they deserve better, they deserve so much more 

They were all loveworthy human beings who should get more than somber remembrance only after they reach death’s door

They deserved truly accepting, loving families 

They deserved warm, caring friends

It’s just not fair their lives came to such abrupt ends

Of course there’s so much that could do someone especially a trans person in 

Their lives seem to be shorter thanks to the unfair conditions they’re given 

It’s unfair that to be who they are they’re put through so much

But despite it all they don’t simply settle for misery and such

Many continue to live and thrive

Though sadly there are those who just couldn’t survive

Whether it was by their own forced hands or thanks to petty hatred too disturbingly well known 

Today we mourn their tragic losses and feel regret for their too early gravestones

We failed them and for them we should have done more 

They deserved to be here now but we all know that’s not possible anymore

So I guess the next best thing is to celebrate the trans people who are still here

If you’re trans know that you’re valid, you’re loved and you don’t deserve to live in fear 

We should be doing so much better by you and, maybe someday we will

Progress has been slow and difficult but we’re certainly climbing that uphill

Hopefully someday we’ll reach a point where acceptance and love can be achieved and it’ll all be chill


They Deserved Better.pdf

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